How to Improve English Pronunciation in 8 Easy Steps

how to improve english pronunciationWhether you’ve been speaking it for your entire life, or you’re just now learning for the first time, correct pronunciation of the English language is very important in how you come off to those around you. People that speak the English language may have many different accents, be it a deep Southern drawl, or a proper British intonation, learning to correctly pronounce the language doesn’t mean getting rid of your accent, but simply smoothing out some of the rough edges that others may have been too polite to tell you that you have.

If you happen to know where some of your weaknesses lie in your pronunciation, and would like improve upon them, then you’ve come to the right place. Polishing the way you speak can help in countless ways, not least of all, your confidence, and can also help your chances of getting a job, landing a date, and just generally make you sound intelligent and refined. But don’t polish too much, you still want to hold on to any of the charming quirkiness in your diction that makes the way you talk unique, but you do want to learn how to pronounce any new or difficult words correctly. If this is a something you’re serious about taking care of, then you may want to also check out this course on English pronunciation, and this article on American pronunciation if you really want to blend in.

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Vietnam Visa Requirements: Ensuring a Smooth Voyage

Halong Bay,VietnamAnytime a trip overseas is being planned, there are tons of things to consider and be ready for. There’s plenty of time to worry about all the small stuff, such as what kind of outfits to pack, and whether or not you should bring outlet adapters for your electronics, but the really big, important things should be taken care of as soon as possible, because more time may be required to process and receive certain documents. These more time-consuming affairs include getting any necessary inoculations, getting a passport (or updating the one you have), and getting a visa for your destination, if it requires one.

A visa is basically official permission granted to a person by a country, allowing them to enter, leave, and stay in this country for up to a certain amount of time, and each country has its own rules and regulations regarding these visas. If you’re from the U.S., you’re able to visit most European, many South American, and other countries around the world without a visa, but some require this special permission, and one that does require it, which we are discussing today, is the southeast Asian country Vietnam. If you or someone you know has plans to visit this exotic land in the future, this article will explain everything you need to know about obtaining a visa to Vietnam. For those out there that plan on visiting this, or any other foreign country sometime soon, and are a little intimidated, this course on how to travel with confidence, and this article on knowing what to pack will help out a lot.

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Polish Wedding Traditions and the Meanings Behind Them

polish wedding traditionsAs we all know, a wedding is a joyous ceremony in which two lives are officially joined in many different manners, not only in the eyes of friends and family, but also to the state, and usually under the auspices of the religious traditions practiced by the couple getting married, as well as their familiy. When attending one of these special gatherings, between the dancing, drinking, and general revelry, it’s very easy to get caught up in the celebratory nature of everything, and not pay much attention to the actual ceremony. But a deeper look at the goings on of any wedding will drop you into a living, breathing snapshot of the past, revealing the traditions of the families involved. Whether it’s the rice thrown at the newly-married American couple, the Indian groom riding in on an elephant, or a Polish couple eating salted bread, these traditions may be lost on some, but integral to the narrative that’s been playing out for centuries.

Today, our discussion is about Polish wedding traditions, and what to expect if you’re attending a Polish wedding sometime in the future, you happen to be of Polish descent, and would like some ideas about how to include your ancestry into your nuptials, or just curious about Polish weddings in general. Some of these traditions may seem off to you at first, but throwing a bouquet backwards over your head probably looked weird to the guests at the first wedding that that happened at. If you fancy yourself an ace photographer, and would like to try your hand at nuptials, this course on the basics of professional wedding photography, and this article on 6 tips for taking better wedding photos may help you find a new career.

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HD Ready vs. Full HD: Find the TV That’s Right for You

hd ready vs full hdWhen it comes to buying new technology, there’s two types of people. There are the “early adopters”, who camp out at their favorite electronics store the night of a new product’s release, just so they can be one of the first people to own the new mp3 player or smart phone. Then there are the other 90% of people who will wait to purchase it, when it becomes cheaper, or after some of the glitches are ironed out.

Not only are these early adopters the first to get their hands on this coveted new piece of tech manna from Heaven, but they also tend to learn all of the relevant lingo and terms associated with their gadget du jour. This article is for the 90% of people who aren’t that concerned with terminology, but may need a few things cleared up, specifically the terminology surrounding high-definition TVs: HD ready and full HD. If you’re confused about what these terms actually mean, there’s a good reason for that, which will be explained below. To learn how to become a smart shopper, not just in electronics, but in all areas, check out this course on shopper psychology.

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Humidifier vs. Vaporizer: Ease Your Nose Woes Today

humidifier vs vaporizerFor the millions of people that have issues with their sinuses, or any other nasal problems brought on by allergies, dryness due to arid surroundings or cold weather, or you just have a cold, you might want to think about investing in either a humidifier or a vaporizer to make life enjoyable again. These machines can be a godsend to those prone to these issues, but you’ll want to buy the one that’s right for you and your particular situation. Sometimes these machines are recommended for babies, but great care should be taken, as the one that may be best for them may also be potentially quite dangerous.

So take a seat, pull out a hankie, and get ready to learn all about these incredibly helpful machines. Besides these two machines, there are other natural ways to attack a sickness, and these courses on acupressure, part one and part two, can help to relieve headaches and back pain, in addition to allergies.

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PRK vs. LASIK: 2 Incredible Ways to See Clearly

shutterstock_140368687If you’re like me and have trouble seeing the nose on your own face, then there’s a good chance that you’ve thought about throwing your glasses and contact lenses into the trash at least once, along with the various cases, solutions, and eye doctor bills that come with them. There are obviously worse problems to be afflicted with (at least we can see a little), but it’s something that we’re always reminded of, whether falling asleep with our contacts still in, resulting in red, irritated eyes, or losing our glasses, then groping around the apartment on our hands and knees looking for our all-important spectacles.

Luckily for us poor-sighted people, we now live in an age of modern science and technology, and if we happen to have good insurance, or have saved up several thousand bucks, we blind can see again, all through the magic of lasers! There are two specific procedures that are the best options for the nearsighted, farsighted, or otherwise optically challenged out there, and they are the subjects of our discussion today: PRK and LASIK. We’ll compare the technologies of the two procedures, as well as cost, effectiveness, and other aspects of these modern marvels. If the idea of lasers curing your vision is a bit too much to handle, then check out this course on eye exercises to enhance vision to take a less invasive route.

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Dandruff vs. Dry Scalp: Identify Then Eradicate

Horrified Young Woman Looking In The MirrorA person’s hair is one of the most defining aspects of how they present themselves to the world and it can bring out many different emotions in the owner of the hair: it can be a great source of pride,or it may be a source of shame, and one of the causes of this follicular mortification is flakes. These embarrassing little white specks that appear in hair, in combs and brushes, and on the shoulders, may be caused by either dandruff, or a dry scalp.

Today, we’ll be discussing these two hair issues, such as how to tell which one you have, and how to fix it. For the women out there with one of these issues, read on to learn how to fix them, then check out this course on braiding and twisting your hair, and this article on prom hair for ideas on how to style your flake-free hair. [Read more…]

IFRS vs. GAAP: How These Sets of Accounting Standards Differ

ifrs vs gaapThe accounting industry is full of guidelines, regulations, and oversight committees that dictate how transactions should be recorded and reported. Entities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) have been set up to keep a watchful eye on financial proceedings, and specific rules have been laid out that dictate how accountants should do their jobs. While all of these rules and restrictions may seem overly strict or arbitrary, especially to those outside the accounting world, they’re actually quite necessary when you stop to consider the repercussions of (criminally) incorrect accounting practices, the most egregious of those being the Enron/Arthur Andersen scandal of the early 21st century.

Because accounting plays a huge role behind the scenes of practically any and every operation, be it a multi-national corporation, a local hardware store, a charity, whatever, entire textbooks could be written about the various rules of how they should operate. Today, we’re just focusing on two of the major sets of accounting guidelines and how they differ: the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). If the worlds of accounting and finance are totally new to you, check out this intro course on financial accounting, and this article on the basics of finance to learn more about these complex industries.

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Business Slogans: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

business slogansFor better or worse, the advertising industry is a part of all of our lives in much deeper ways than you might think. It’s commercials and jingles are all ingrained into our memories and our psyches. Whether it’s the catchy “Byyy Mennen” that’s been in your head for decades now, or the millions of people that flock to YouTube to watch commercials from their childhood, the power of a good ad is undeniable, and no matter what the medium is, the part we tend to remember the most, besides the music, is the slogan. It’s the “Just Do It”s and the “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”s of the world that really get into the brain stake a claim to a small part of our consciousness. Today, we’re talking about slogans, and what makes a good one, and if you’d like to learn more about this industry, check out this course on advertising and promotions.

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Oxygen Facial: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

oxygen facialWhen Madonna, the stars of Sex and the City, and other A-list celebrities partake in a new beauty trend, you know it’s going to reach the stratosphere in terms of popularity with the rest of the world, and that’s exactly what has happened with the trend of oxygen facials. Many of the ladies out there are probably already very familiar with regular facials, where the skin is analyzed, cleansed, exfoliated, extracted, and otherwise stripped of every last impurity, but this oxygenated alternative is not quite the same experience, and offers different results.

Much like any other new medical or beauty treatment, the jury is still out on the actual effectiveness of the procedure, as well as its safety, but that doesn’t seem to matter to people when it comes to looking like their favorite stars. Though not as terrifying as a Botox treatment, or some of the other extreme beauty procedures out there, oxygen facials do have their detractors, along with their proponents, both of whose points we will be discussing today, in addition to some of the other aspects of this new trend in beauty. If you’re a woman who hasn’t yet discovered the world of makeup and beauty therapy, you might want to peruse this article on makeup for beginners, as well as this course on facials, eyebrows, and eyelash treatments.

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