Lean Startup your team with bestseller author Eric Ries


You don’t need to be a startup to apply the lessons of lean startup within your organization. You can now find lean aficionados virtually everywhere- lean Fortune 500, lean nonprofit, lean services, even lean government.

What is lean and how is it different than old approaches to launching new products and services?

The old product launch paradigm demanded that you perfect every inch of your creation before releasing it to the market.

The lean startup methodology espoused by New York Times-bestselling author and Udemy instructor Eric Ries, proposes a different approach.

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A church’s journey: from television to the internet


Long gone are the days when people drove all the way to church to go to Sunday mass. Today, churches broadcast entire services on their private TV channels, reaching thousands of congregants in the comfort of their own homes every day and every hour.

While television has been an important medium for many large ministries and megachurches, new video technologies and the internet bring video creation and global distribution within easy reach of smaller churches.

How can churches use the internet to spread their word?

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If a tree falls in the woods… (or how to get way more out of your team’s corporate training)

shutterstock_127171412Picture this: you’re walking down a busy street; and, before you have time to catch yourself, you dive face first into hard concrete. You avoid hurting yourself, but your face still turns bright red as you wait for the wave of laughter in response to your not-so-graceful fall.

But, today is your lucky day, and you escape unscathed. No one saw your misstep – not even the birds in the trees tweet differently. You stand on your feet, lift your chin up, and feel no embarrassment at all.

Like falling on the street, many things seem more embarrassing in front of a crowd. Have you ever emailed a colleague or manager a question you prefered not to ask in front of the group meeting? Would you feel comfortable asking for multiple clarifications during a corporate training with your boss and colleagues in the audience? Have you gone along with the crowd even when you didn’t agree or needed more information to make a decision?

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What’s the best way to get new hires up to speed?


According to the US Department of Labor, 25% of all workers in the United States have worked at their company for less than a year. The average American also switches jobs about ten times before the age of 37.

As these statistics show, onboarding and training new hires is a huge part of corporate life in today’s world. Properly training a new hire is fundamental to your organization’s well-being, and a failure to do so results in both job dissatisfaction and low work performance for that employee.

Yes, training new employees is important. But the big question is: who is going to do it? And how?

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