Bookkeeping Job Description: What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

bookkeeping job descriptionBookkeepers play a vital role in the maintenance of financial records for businesses.  The exact scope and duties of a bookkeeper could vary based on the size of the company and its financial needs.  You will find a bookkeeper position plays the main accounting role in smaller businesses that do not have their own accountant on staff.  Don’t count bookkeepers out of the staff that can also be found working for larger companies, however.  They may be hired to perform data entry, accounts receivable and accounts payable for medium to large companies that may also have an in house accounting department that handles payroll for employees and vendor payment accounts.  Bookkeepers do a lot of the same type of work that accountants do, but they usually do not need to have an accounting or business degree to find a job as an accountant.  Whereas, accountants do need to usually have a degree in accounting, math, or business in order to obtain employment in the accounting field.  Although you can gain employment as a bookkeeper without a degree, it could limit you in terms of advancement within a company.  Join thousands of others who are interested in learning more about bookkeeping, and enroll in our Introduction to Bookkeeping course today.

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Adapting to Change: It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Hard

adapting to changeChange, it’s a word that rolls out of the mouth so easily.  It’s not multi syllabic and can be uttered in a single breath, change.  So, why is it that the word change evokes panic in the hearts of some when it is heard or said?  Change is all around us and is constantly occurring.  It is something that we deal with daily, we may just not be as aware of the changes occurring until someone points them out to us.  Instead of feeling assured by one of the few things in life that are certain, many of us get thrown into a panic when we stop to think about how we will be impacted by change.  Since change is inevitable, it is something that no matter how unpleasant we have to learn to deal with.  Learning how to manage change and navigate new processes can be challenging, but will pretty much guarantee that you get through life feeling a lot less stressed.  We all feel stressed at times, learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way by enrolling in our Stress Management course. [Read more…]

Vulnerability Assessment Tools: Tools to Keep You Covered

vulnerability assessment toolsWith the evolution of technology comes the inevitable threat to the data that is being passed through this technology.  Unfortunately, an impenetrable system has yet to be created and there are vulnerabilities in every part of every software and hardware system currently available.  Operating systems, programs, databases, networks are not full proof.  If you expose any services to the internet, penetration testing is essential to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any threats.  All areas of a network are susceptible to attack when exposed and unfortunately there are people whose job it is to try and find a way to penetrate even the best firewalls and program security.  Now, before you begin to worry if you’re home machine is being loaded with a malicious virus, the good news is that these attacks have decreased and there are tools that you can put in place to prevent or at least identify when you may be vulnerable to an attack.  IT Risk Management is a great way to manage IT risks oftentimes associated with use, ownership, operation and adoption of IT.

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Guerilla Advertising: Low Budget, Big Impact

guerilla advertisingThe term Guerilla Advertising was originally coined by author Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book ‘Guerilla Advertising’.  Guerilla Advertising, also known as Guerilla Marketing, is a new age way of advertising to consumers using low budget, big imagination type advertising campaigns.  Previously, the main goal of advertising had simply been to educate consumers on products and services that were offered by specific brands.  Now, the goal of guerilla advertising is to surprise consumers in the hopes that they can get them to think outside of the box, use their imaginations and be intrigued by a product or a brand.  It can be thought of as an alternative way of marketing, freeing up brands who may not have a big advertising campaign budget.  It gives these brands the freedom to be creative with their marketing campaigns, the freedom to move away from traditional 30 second television commercials or boring print ads that may end up lining their cats litter boxes and compete on a new level with companies that may have a large advertising budget.  Guerilla advertising gives them the freedom to be different since the goal is to stand out from their competitors and wow their audience with the ultimate goal of connecting and making an impression on potential consumers.  The ultimate goal of guerilla advertising is to connect with consumers on a personal and memorable level.  You want people to feel something when they say your campaign.  If you don’t have the money to spend on a big budget advertising campaign, and want to learn some tools that you can use to grow your product, Growth Hacking for startups will teach you the right marketing and technical skills to get you started in the right direction.

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How to Start a Property Management Company: What You Need to Know

how to start a property management companyProperty managers keep track of hundreds, if not thousands, of details on a day to day basis.  Property Managers take care of and manage buildings and other real estate properties for individuals, or group owners.  Their role is to play the middle man that connects the tenants and the property owner, and they also are responsible for the care and maintenance of vacant properties.  Property managers are also responsible for maintaining thousands of records, tenants, rooms, inspections and utilities are just a few of the items that they need to keep track of.  That’s a lot of data and the more properties that you manage, the larger the amount of data that you will be responsible for keeping track of.  Creating an Excel spreadsheet and using the information that you enter to produce reports can be a helpful way of maintaining this data. Learn more about how to create amazing interactive Excel Dashboards that you can use to produce reports and help you manage properties. [Read more…]

Project Management Methodologies: The Framework for Success

project management methodologiesProject management methodologies provide users a guide that can be used to successfully complete their project.  I’m sure by now we have all realized that being organized allows us to complete our work faster and more effectively.  Project management methodologies work in the same way.  They help to guide us through the project process by giving us controls that can be used to guide us through each step of the project.  If you have never managed a project before, check out the intro to project management course to learn the principles of project management, having a good grasp of these will help you to grasp project management methodologies more efficiently.

Project management methodologies consist of five process groups and a control system.  There are several terms for the different types of project management methods that are around, we will review the most popular shortly.  But, for now let’s review the processes that each of the methods use.

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Business Process Improvement: What’s The Point?

business process improvementNo one goes into business to fail, on the contrary people go into business with the hopes that their business will succeed.  The goal of most entrepreneurs is to be the best at what they are doing, have a strong business model that will grow repeat business and give them some financial success.  You have to have more than a strong business model and a drive to succeed in order to be successful in business.  Business management and the understanding that client needs will evolve over time making it necessary for your business to evolve to survive necessary as well. [Read more…]

Management Consulting Salary: Discover How Much You Are Worth

management consulting salaryAs a management consultant you will be in the practice of helping businesses and organizations improve their performance.  You will be tasked with reviewing how organizations currently perform and helping them develop plans to improve their performance and better their margins.  Organizations that are wanting to grow, or have realized that they can do better and just aren’t sure how will usually be the ones searching out your expertise.  Some of the skills that you will be expected to teach these organizations how to implement include organizational change management, coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation and strategy development.  They aren’t expecting you to teach them what they already know, or use the processes that they may have tried to put in place.  They will however, be expecting you to bring new ideas to the table, your own proprietary methodologies or frameworks to help them identify areas of weakness within their organizations.  These findings will also serve as the baseline for useful recommendations that will teach these organizations how to put more effective or efficient business processes in place. [Read more…]

Financial Tools: Know Your Worth

financial toolsAmericans are working longer hours, taking fewer vacations, and retiring later in life than ever before.  Retirement, savings, and credit accounts may still be recovering from the economic down turn we are slowly creeping out of.  This is why, now, more than ever it’s important to be aware of your financial health and take the steps that you need to ensure your and your families financial security and stability.  Personal financial well-being, learning what it is, and how to apply it to your life is a great course that I highly recommend if you are trying to get a financial plan in place. [Read more…]

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

project management examplesProject management has got to be one of the hardest and most satisfying jobs in any industry, in my opinion.  Project managers are often times seen as the projects leader and visionary.  They are tasked with ensuring that a project idea becomes a reality.  Project managers are the chameleons that are able to successfully adapt their management style and approach throughout the project to ensure the success of their team and the projects at hand.  The most successful project managers know how to keep their cool under pressure and are great communicators.  Improve your communication skills and unlock your career potential by enrolling in our Effective Communication: 7 Tools to Communicate Tactfully course today. [Read more…]