Calling All Photography Teachers

Our first photography course came onto our platform a little over a month ago and the results speak for themselves:  over 300+ subscribers and a bunch of 5-star reviews in the process. So we here at Udemy doubled down on photography, and users are responding by signing up in droves.  However, our users want even more great photography courses and that’s why we need you wonderful people come in and fulfill our students desire.
Have a look at the complete list of courses we are looking for, and if you feel that one of these tickles your fancy please contact
Looking forward to seeing your photography course on Udemy!


Courses we need:

  • Night Time Photography
  • Animal Photography
  • Astro Photography
  • Baby Photography
  • How to Buy a Camera
  • Basic Photography Tips
  • Optimal Lenses
  • How to Publish Photos
  • Photos and Social Media
  • How to Photo Blog Well
  • How to Take amazing Profile Pictures
  • How to use your Nikon D5100/D3100
  • How to use your Canon 5D MKIII/D800
  • Tips for taking great photos with your iPhone/Android/webcam
  • How to Use iPhoto
  • Making the most of Instagram
  • Photoshop CS6 for Photographers
  • Camera Raw CS6 for Photographers
  • Bridge CS6 for Photographers