Oracle vs. MySQL vs. SQL Server: A Comparison of Popular RDBMS

oraclevsmysqlvsoraclesqlSince their introduction in the 1980s, relational database management systems (RDBMS) have become the standard database type for a variety of industries. As their name implies, these systems are based on the relational model that organizes data into groups of tables referred to as relations. This post explores the history and features of three popular RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. The comparison should help you understand the differences between the systems, and if considering implementing a RDBMS, provide you with information that will help make a decision. If you are interested in learning more about how RDBMS work, there are many courses available. For example, an Oracle getting started course can introduce you to this platform and teach you detailed information about how it works.

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Java If Else: An Exercise in Flow Control

javaifelseA Java program executes sequentially unless you add code that breaks up this natural flow, and makes it more dynamic. For example, a section of your program may execute code that prints a specific message if the user is younger than 65 years old , and present a different message if they are over 65. You would handle this in your program by adding decision-making logic in the form of control flow or conditional statements. For this tutorial we are going to explore how to control the flow of Java programs using if else statements. This concept is considered a basic concept of the Java language. If you want to enhance your knowledge to include other core concepts, a course in Java fundamentals is recommended. [Read more…]

Oracle/SQL Tutorial: Get Started Quickly

OracleSQLtutorialThis Oracle/SQL tutorial offers a quick way to learn how to use SQL to interact with an Oracle database. Newcomers to programming often consider learning a new programming language to be a difficult process. The best way to learn a new language is to start with the basics and then move to more advanced topics. If you’re interested in demystifying the concepts relating to programming, an introductory course designed to teach non-programmers the basics is a good place to start. [Read more…]