How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Staying Healthy for Life

how to live a healthy lifestyleYour body is the only one you have for all of your life. Knowing that you’ll have to wake up and be yourself, day after day, should be enough to convince anyone to live a healthier lifestyle! The more you take care of your body, the happier and healthier you will be. Living a healthy lifestyle is not as difficult as it may seem. While it takes a bit of planning and determination, the results are well worth it. With a combination of a healthy diet, consistent exercise and uplifting activities, you’ll be reaping the results almost instantly.

If you’re looking for a course on how to live a healthy lifestyle, Udemy has you covered. Maximize your energy and positive outlook with our course on The Perfect Health!

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Black and White Portrait: Seeing the World Without Color

black and white portraitOur eyes see in color, so it can be difficult to try to take successful black and white photographs. Since color isn’t relevant, you’ll need to focus more on the lines, contrast, pattern, texture and shadows. By understanding how to think in terms of black and white instead of color, you’ll be able to take successful black and white portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Here, we’ll be focusing on taking a beautiful black and white portrait.

If you’re ready to pick up your camera and begin shooting, check out Udemy’s course on transforming snapshots into beautiful, professional quality black and white images!

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Drawing Comics: Turning Ideas Into Reality

drawing comicsIf you’ve ever thought that you’d be interested in drawing your own comics but weren’t sure where to start, have no fear. Drawing comics is a lot easier than you think, and all it takes is a bit of creativity! Whether you’re creating a short comic strip or a long epic story, many of the rules are the same.

If you’re worried about your artistic skill, head on over to Udemy’s course on anatomy for comics and you’ll be creating flawless characters in no time!

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Fine Art Photography: Turning Snapshots Into Works of Art

fine art photographyWhen you think of the phrase ‘fine art’, I imagine the scenario you conjure up in your mind is walking through the Louvre, staring at beautiful, priceless works of art by da Vinci, Delacroix and Caravaggio (or maybe that was just in my own mind). In the world of digital photography, ‘fine art’ means something a bit different. It is simply the distinction between an unplanned snapshot and a photograph with creative intent, meaning a particular intent or concept behind the image.

If you take a camera to your great-aunt’s birthday party and run around with it snapping photographs like crazy, odds are they’ll end up being just that – snapshots. However, if you take the same camera to the same birthday party and think conceptually about each image before taking it, strategically placing each person and prop, you may be more in tune with fine art photography than you originally thought. [Read more…]

Portrait Photography: The Relationship Between Camera and Subject

portraitphotographyHave you ever taken a photograph, looked at the final image, and thought “man, I thought that was going to come out so much better than it did”? You’re not alone. Portrait photography is not a simple and straightforward as it may seem to be, although with a little bit of knowledge under your belt you’ll be snapping professional-looking portraits in no time!

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Short Term and Long Term Goals: Ready, Set, Achieve!

short term and long term goalsSetting goals is easy, but actually achieving those goals is a whole different story. How many times have you told yourself you were going to stop snacking on chocolate all the time, or finish your work the night before it’s due, or quit biting your nails? You can set a goal, you can imagine yourself achieving that goal in the future, but the steps to actually reaching achievement seem long and complicated.

The trick is understanding the relationship between short and long term goals. Let’s say you wanted to stop snacking on chocolate all the time. This would be considered a long term goal. While you could consider it a short term goal and just force yourself to stop buying and snacking on chocolate, you could also slowly wean yourself off of it. By setting smaller, short term goals that help lead you towards your long term goal, you can feel as though you are slowly moving further and further towards achievement instead of just running around in circles.

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How to Count Menstrual Cycle Days: When Are You the Most Fertile?

how to count menstrual cycleDo you know how long your menstrual cycle is? You may know that your period comes once a month around a certain date, and lasts for a certain amount of days, but do you know when the other phases occur? Do you know that there are other phases? There’s a lot to learn about a woman’s body, and understanding your menstrual cycle is a good first step. It’s important to know how to count menstrual cycle days in order to understand what is happening to your body at any given point in time.

Ready to dive right in? Udemy’s helpful course on learning your menstrual cycle will give you the ins and outs of all the happenings down there.

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Chakra Stones: The Healing Powers of Crystals

sacral chakraThe body is made up of seven main chakras; from the bottom up, they are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. It is believed that each of these chakras has their own specific color, each representing a color of the rainbow. These colors are energy, able to be used to balance the body, mind and soul. By understanding your chakras, their colors, and the chakra stones that can be used in healing, you can tap into each individual frequency to cure negative symptoms you may be experiencing.

The seven different chakra colors represent seven different layers of our aura. If any specific chakra is blocked or drained of energy, we experience either physical or emotional symptoms that represent that blockage. It’s important to keep all chakras perfectly balanced, which will result in your body’s perfect harmony.

Reiki is another way of balancing out your body’s energies, and you can learn how to become a certified Reiki practitioner through Udemy’s comprehensive training course!

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ADHD and Autism: Is It One, the Other, or Both?

adhd and autismYou may be familiar with the term ‘autism’ – a word commonly thrown around in relation to childhood developmental disorders. But do you know exactly what autism is, and how you can tell if your child is affected by it? Many people have heard the term yet aren’t aware of exactly what it means. Do you know that there are actually three different types of autism, and that they all fall under a big umbrella category of autistic spectrum disorder? And what about ADHD? How do the symptoms of ADHD and autism relate to one another, can the two be present at the same time, and why are they so commonly misdiagnosed? You’re about to learn the answers to these questions and so many more.

If you want a more in-depth look at autism and the different forms of treatment, Udemy has a course that will remove any remaining mystery behind the disorder.

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ADHD and Anxiety: Is There a Correlation?

adhd and anxietyIf someone is diagnosed with ADHD, it is highly likely that they also suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. This could be anything from obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, another specific phobia or simply general anxiety disorder. It’s important to first understand what ADHD is – since it is so commonly misdiagnosed these days. It is then important to understand exactly what constitutes an anxiety disorder; it can be difficult to determine what symptoms point to a real disorder and what point to normal, every day anxiety.

Still want to learn more about ADHD and what makes it different from everyday restlessness and forgetfulness? Udemy has a great course that is taught by someone who lives with the disorder and has learned to manage it.

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