Master the JavaScript Location Href Property

validation in javascriptThe window location object and its href property are important entities that make it possible for web pages to exist. Part of the Document Object Model, or DOM, the location object contains and the href property contain information that lets you know the current web page’s URL. Your JavaScript program can read and access this location information in a variety of useful ways.  New to JavaScript and web programming? Let Udemy teach you the basics quickly.
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Jumpstart Your Productivity Using JavaScript Array Splice

javaBuilt-in JavaScript methods can often help you solve many JavaScript programming problems without writing a lot of code. Arrays, like strings, consist of a sequence of items that you can access and update. Arrays may also need rearranging before you can use them to perform certain tasks. Learn to use the array splice method and you can add and remove items from an array using a single line of code. Want to learn JavaScript quickly? Visit Udemy for great tips. [Read more…]

How to Build Powerful JavaScript Contact Forms with Validation Functions

javascriptbasicsIf people find your web pages informative or entertaining, they may offer to give you their names, email addresses and other valuable data. A user-friendly contact form makes that possible by enabling your readers to send you that data right from their browser.  It’s always a good idea to let code on your web server validate information that visitors send you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use JavaScript to verify data before users submit contact information. Client-side validation helps everyone by warning people of problems such as these:

  • Missing data
  • Invalid phone numbers
  • Invalid email addresses

There are many ways to identify errors and display them. The best method is one that makes it easy for site visitors to fill out your contact form quickly and submit it.   Want to pick up JavasScript quickly? Let Udemy help you. 

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