Brazilian Portuguese Phrases

brazilian portuguese phrasesBrazilian Portuguese is a fun language, and learning some common Brazilian Portuguese phrases can give you insight into Brazilian culture, which is a lively one. Learning Brazilian Portuguese phrases and expressions that are used every day will also prove useful when traveling.

Portuguese is a Latin language, and its grammar is similar to Spanish and Italian. While Brazilians may understand some Spanish – such as those living in areas that border Spanish-speaking countries – it is best to learn Brazilian Portuguese phrases to communicate while abroad.

Learning Brazilian Portuguese phrases is pretty straightforward, as long as you know learn a few basic rules. Let’s get started!

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Portuguese Grammar Explained

portuguese grammarDo you want to learn Portuguese, but not sure where to start? Try by learning Portuguese grammar with a step by step approach.

While learning vocabulary and pronunciation is essential to learning any language, becoming familiar with the rules of grammar will help you learn to speak the language. It may seem daunting at first, but learning Portuguese grammar need not be difficult! There are, of course, exceptions to the rules in every language, but if you understand the basics of Portuguese grammar, you will develop a good foundation for becoming fluent in the language, and be able to pick up the intricacies later.

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Portuguese Pronunciation Explained

portuguese pronunciationPortuguese pronunciation may at first glance seem difficult, but it is actually quite straight forward. Learn how to pronounce Portuguese words in no time with a few tips that are easy to remember!

When learning Portuguese pronunciation, pay attention to:

  1. Vowels
  2. Consonants
  3. Where a word is stressed.
  4. Word endings.
  5. If a word has written accents (little signs on top of a vowel).
  6. Keep in mind you typically pronounce every letter, except if a word begins with the letter H.

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Serbian Alphabet Made Easy

serbian alphabetHave you wanted to learn Serbian, but did not know where to start because the alphabet is different? The standard script of the Serbian alphabet in Serbia is Cyrillic, and though it may seem intimidating at first, if you know the Latin alphabet, you can quickly learn to decipher the Cyrillic Serbian alphabet with a little help and practice.

In fact, the Cyrillic script used as the Serbian alphabet was developed to be read as we speak.

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