10 Chihuahua Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Chihuahua factsGood things, they say, come in small packages. Ask Chihuahua owners and they’ll totally agree: these small, feisty dogs have huge personalities that makes them the most fun, loyal companions. They count among the most popular dog breeds in the US and have featured in everything from TV commercials to Hollywood movies. These 11 facts about Chihuahuas will help you learn more about this weird and wonderful dog breed.

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17 Facts about Asia That Will Blow Your Mind

facts-about-asiaFrom the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the endless steppes of Mongolia, Asia is a vast continent full of incredible wonders, both natural and man-made. It is the birthplace of the world’s oldest civilizations and its biggest religions, its highest peaks and its most populous cities. There are hundreds of things that will surprise, astonish and delight you in this continent; these 17 mind-blowing facts is just one sample.

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17 Facts About Peru You Probably Didn’t Know

facts about peruPeru is one of the most fascinating countries in the world with breathtaking natural landmarks and a distinct culture. From the mysterious Machu Picchu to the humble ceviche, there’s tons to do in Peru.

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18 Interesting Facts about Spain You Probably Didn’t Know

interesting facts about spainSpain is one of the world’s oldest cultures with a rich heritage that has influenced entire continents. It is the birthplace of the Spanish language, Pablo Picasso and Miguel Cervantes, and attracts millions of people every year.

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4 Problems with YouTube and How to Solve Them

problems with youtubeAs I write this, over a hundred hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube. Every month, over a billion people from across the world – nearly half the worldwide internet population – will land on YouTube to watch film trailers, fail compilations and, of course, cat videos. Altogether, they’ll consume over 6 billion hours of video every month.

Which is to say, YouTube is a pretty big deal indeed.

Despite its popularity, YouTube does have its share of problems. Even though it is owned by Google, which definitely knows a thing or two about running insanely popular websites, it isn’t uncommon to run into video playback, sizing and display issues while watching a video on YouTube.

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Backup Drivers for Windows 7: How to Create a Backup Copy of Your OS Drivers

backup drivers windows 7Thanks to the tireless efforts of computer experts, virtually everyone and their grandma knows the importance of backing up crucial data. But even the most fastidious of computer users usually overlook backing up their OS device drivers, even though it’s nearly impossible to get a system up and running without them.

Part of the reason is the ‘how’ of backing up drivers. Unlike regular documents, creating a copy of your Windows drivers requires a bit more work than copy-pasting files onto an external drive. Which is why we’ll devote this article to understanding how drivers work, and how to create a backup copy of them on Windows 7. [Read more…]

Search Box CSS: How to Create a Great Looking Search Box

search box cssThe search box is one of the most important UI elements on a web page. Explaining its purpose is a rather moot point; anyone not currently living under a rock is already familiar with Google and search engines in general. A search box on a webpage performs a similar function and allows the user to find specific content on your website. It is an absolute necessity for most websites and does much to improve user-experience.

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Proxy VPN: Understanding the Differences Between a Proxy Server and a VPN Service

Proxy VPNWith the NSA, MPAA, RIAA, Google, Facebook, and a seemingly endless array of startups and advertising agencies vying for your private online data, using a proxy or a VPN service is not just recommended, but necessary.

A proxy or a VPN network can do a lot of things. It can protect your online identity, prevent outside agencies from snooping in on your online activities, help access region-locked services such as Netflix, and help you fake your geo-location. Although both proxy and VPN are largely similar in function, they differ in their implementation and capabilities.

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Fat Burning Heart Rate Gets You Fit Quick

fat burning heart rateTo know if you are training at the right pace, you need to know your fat burning heart rate. There are a few methods to find out what your heart rate should be for fat burning to take place. [Read more…]

PayPal Integration in PHP

paypal integration in phpPayPal has become the most popular method of online payments in recent years due to the fact that it is safe, convenient, and reliable. Because of its ongoing popularity, it has become a necessity for online retailers to utilize this payment method on their websites. In order to successfully use PayPal, some online merchants must first integrate PayPal with PHP.

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