Elliptical Marquee Tool: Making Selections in Photoshop

We covered how to use the rectangular marquee tool in a previous tutorial. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the marquee tool to make elliptical selections. Both these tools are largely similar, albeit with a few differences. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to create complicated selections easily with the marquee tool.

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College vs. University: Key Differences in American and British English Usage

college vs university College and University: two words with similar meanings that are often used interchangeably. However, a college and a university can often mean very different things depending on the context and the country. This article will clarify some of the questions about the differences between a college and a university, both in terms of their dictionary meaning and their use in colloquial speech.

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Marginal Social Benefit: Basics of Microeconomics

Marginal Social BenefitMarginal social benefit is an important concept in microeconomics that describes the net social value of any product, activity or service. Understanding how this concept affects the price, production and consumption of any product is one of the fundamental problems in microeconomics.

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Rectangular Marquee Tool: Making Basic Selections in Photoshop

The rectangular marquee tool counts among the most often tools in Photoshop. Whether it’s making a selection, cropping out an image, or adding a color fill, you’ll frequently find yourself turning to the marquee tool. Fortunately, mastering this tool is dead easy. Even a complete beginner can attain professional grade mastery within a few minutes

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Correlative Conjunction: Basic Grammar Rules Explained

correlative conjunctionsEither…or, neither…nor, so…as – you have probably used these extensively over the years without actually knowing that they constitute a class of conjunctions called correlative conjunctions. This article will teach you everything you needed to know about them and how to use them properly.

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Binomial Probability Formula: Understanding Bernoulli Trials and Probability

binomial probability formulaIf you have ever taken a class in statistics or probability, you have likely run into the concept of binomial probability (even if you didn’t know it by that name). This is one of the most fundamental concepts in probability and finds extensive use in statistics analyzing stock prices and valuing options. This tutorial will give you a basic grounding in binomial probability and teach you how to use the binomial probability formula. For more in-depth tutorials on a numerical approach to valuing options using binomial probability, check out this course on call and put options. [Read more…]

Median of Triangle: Definition and Essential Properties

median of triangleCalculating the median of a triangle is one of the fundamental problems in geometry. This tutorial will teach you what the median is, how to calculate it, and how to solve problems relating to it.

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Install Git on Ubuntu: A Quick Start Guide

install git ubuntuAfter months of deliberation, you’ve finally taken the big leap: you’re learning how to program through one of our amazing programming for beginners courses. Things are going great – you understand the syntax, you’ve worked through dozens of examples, and you’ve even created a few simple programs on your own. Encouraged by your progress, you’ve even decided to install Ubuntu and code like a real programmer.

Except now, the course asks you to install Git on Ubuntu and you have no idea what to do. Whatever you know about Git is through stories about GitHub on TechCrunch, and through conversations with your programmer friends who can’t stop raving about it. [Read more…]

Real Estate Slogans: How to Write Your Own Memorable Slogan (With Examples)

realestateslogansAlong with the logo, the slogan forms the core part of your brand’s identity. A strong logo is crucial in the world of real estate where standing out from the intense competition can make or break your brand.

Below, we’ll look at some real estate slogan examples and share some tips on coming up with your own slogan. You can learn more about writing great slogans and taglines in this course on crafting a marketing message that sells. [Read more…]

Photoshop Clipping Mask: How to Use it Effectively

photoshopClipping masks are among the most powerful, yet most misunderstood features in Photoshop. While most people are familiar with layer masks, clipping masks are still woefully underutilized, despite their flexibility. You can attribute much of it to a basic misunderstanding of how they work and how they differ from layer masks, and a general reluctance among designers to try out a (relatively) new tool.

This tutorial aims to solve that. Below, we’ll first learn how clipping masks differ from layer masks, then we’ll move on to a short tutorial that will demonstrate the power of these masks. [Read more…]