GRE vs GMAT comparison: Which One Is Harder?

GRE v. GMAT Thinking about getting an MBA? Bet you already checked out schools and your company’s educational financing. Odds are the one thing keeping you from getting started is a graduate admissions exam. The good news is that you now can choose the exam that works best for you, but you still have consider GRE v. GMAT.

Princeton Review reports that most business graduate schools are accepting both the GRE and the GMAT. Make sure to double-check your university’s preferences. Here are some questions and prep courses that will help you move from being that person always thinking about graduate school to that terrific MBA student. [Read more…]

Interpersonal Communication Skills: What They Are and How to Improve Them?

Interpersonal communication skills are an important part of everyday life – personally and professionally. However, not everyone is naturally good at it and for most people, they need to learn and practice over time before they can communicate with ease.

principles of communication

Communicating at the Basic Level

To learn how to develop your interpersonal communication skills, you must first understand some fundamental principles of effective communication – what we can call the Greek philosophy of communication or influence. This is a three-level communication approach: ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos denotes ethics. In other words, your credibility as a communicator. How trustworthy are you and what do you know that your audience should trust and listen to you?

Pathos means empathy, the feeling or understanding you have of the person listening to you.

Logos stands for logic and it has to do with the strength of your thoughts and the power of your presentation.

This means to communicate effectively, you must first have credibility, understand your listener and then coherently present your thoughts. [Read more…]

Java Interview Questions: How to crack the TOP 15 questions

interviewUpdated on February 27, 2014

“What is the difference between Throw and Throws in Java Exception Handling?”

You stare at the person asking you that question and think, I should know this! But at that moment, you can’t quite remember, and then kick yourself mentally for not preparing for your interview.

Good thing that’s just a fake scenario and you’re definitely going to be able to answer that question and more when the time comes! [Read more…]

PHP Gettext: Quick Start Guide to Creating Translations Using gettext in PHP

php gettextWouldn’t it be nice if you could create local language versions of your web app for all your international users? gettext, an open source internationalization and localization system makes it possible. It works with multiple languages, including PHP, and makes the entire translation process easy to manage and maintain.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install, set up and create simple translations using PHP gettext. Check out this course for a more in-depth tutorial on internationalization (i18n) with PHP and gettext. [Read more…]

PSD to Magento: The Basics of Theming Magento

With over 240,000 users, Magento counts among the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. This open source software runs in PHP and supports extensive visual and UI customization. We will learn the basics of converting PSD templates to Magento in this PSD to Magento tutorial.

New to Magento? Check out this course on getting started with Magento. [Read more…]

Chief Information Officer Job Description

chief information officer job descriptionTo say that technology has become a part of our everyday lives is to state the obvious; from cell phones to cars, there is little that is not influenced by, or utilizes technology in some way.

This influence is all the more apparent in the business realm where technology now forms the core of every enterprise’s fundamental structure. It manages and mediates everything from inter and intra-organization communication to employee management and finance. In this context, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) – the person responsible for a company’s technological direction – has become all the more important. [Read more…]

Magnetic Lasso Tool: How to Make Precise Selections in Photoshop

Making selections in Photoshop is hard work. The Magic Wand is too inaccurate and the Polygonal Lasso tool far too imprecise. The Quick Selection works only with certain kind of images and the Lasso tool requires a great deal of precision. The Marquee tool, of course, is good enough only for the roughest of selections.

However, there is another tool that is not only precise, but also (relatively) easy to learn. It can create highly accurate selections with just a flick of the mouse. It works with almost any kind of image. Moreover, it requires just a few hours of practice to achieve complete mastery. [Read more…]

Comparative Market Analysis: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Comparative Market AnalysisAs a prospective home seller (or home buyer), you’ve probably heard of comparative market analysis. This tool has long been used by realtors and homeowners to gauge the value of their properties. This tutorial will teach you how to carry out a competitive market analysis of your home.

For more detailed lessons on real estate analysis, check out this course on the fundamentals of real estate valuation. [Read more…]

College Life Essay: Tell Your Story and Get Accepted

college life essayWriting is hard. Especially when you are the subject.

The personal or life essay counts among the most dreaded parts of the college application. Study a bit hard and you can tackle SAT. Play your cards right, and you can easily land a few juicy recommendation letters. Even netting a strong GPA is relatively straightforward – put your head down and work hard. [Read more…]

Quick Selection Tool: How to Make Highly Accurate Selections in Photoshop

It does not matter whether you are a Photoshop wizard with years of experience under your belt or a complete newbie just testing out the waters, you will turn to the Quick Selection Tool time and again to make selections in a jiffy. This tutorial will give you a brief primer on this tool and the different ways of using it.

Check out this course for more detailed tutorials on making selections and creating masks in Photoshop. [Read more…]