Kriya Yoga and the Eight Limbs of Yoga

kriya yogaHere in the west, we’re not actually that all familiar with the seven other aspects of yoga – did you know there were 8 limbs to yogic practice? Instead, what we go heavy on are “yoga abs”, $100 stretchy pants, heated rooms, “yoga butt”, and detox retreats . Which are all fine and good, but all of these are actually aspects of a single limb of yoga called “asana”. Asana is the practice of the yoga poses, the exercise portion of yoga. You may have thought this was all there was to yoga, and trust me, you wouldn’t be alone! But there are 7, 7 other limbs. Which makes Asana just 14% of the total practice.

Kriya yoga is a practice that’s light on asana and heavy on pranayama – one of the 7 other limbs of yoga to be explained below. If yoga appeals to you for the athletic benefits (increased flexibility, yoga butt), you’ll want to start with something more like Introduction To Power Yoga or Get Fit In 10 Days With Yoga . If you are on a spiritual quest wanting to “fast-track” your enlightenment, read on to find out more about the practice of Kriya Yoga.

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Workout Programs For Men: Targeted and Smart

workout programs for menWorkout programs for men are abundant. These programs are usually put forth on TV and the internet from individuals who look like they’ve been  spending 6 hours a day working out for years.

Don’t have those Hollywood-excellent genes and certainly don’t have a spare 6 hours per day? Don’t couch your workout dreams. You can still find workout programs for men that will get you results. The key is to do your research properly, be smart, and be efficient. You can start your foundation here with How to Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership. [Read more…]

Vietnamese Pancakes: Easy and Delicious Banh Xeo Recipes

vietnamese pancake

What makes cake even better? When it sizzles!

Of course we are talking about savory cakes in the Asian cooking tradition, and Vietnamese pancakes, or Banh Xeo, can be some of the best.

And that’s “bawn-say-oh”. The translation is “sizzling cake” Can’t get it right? Learn to Speak Vietnamese Like a Native! Obviously named for the sound that they make when they hit the pan, vietnamese pancakes are a savory, healthy meal that can be packed full of a variety of ingredients. You can easily make them at home – here’s how!

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Heart Chakra: The Power – Literally – Of The Fourth Chakra

heart chakraHave you ever wanted speak more clearly and directly from the heart? Have you, at some point, looked at your relationships and seen some not-so-easy-to-look-at parallels? Do you have an outsized reaction to any sort of rejection? Do you want special powers?

And can you make the short jump from science to the science of spirituality?

Then getting to know your heart chakra might be a good way to spend some time.

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Rope Exercises: Battle Ropes for Everyone

rope exercisesIt’s a fairly trendy workout. It does take up a lot of space. It’s hard for people not to look at you while you’re doing it – though if you really have an issue with people looking at you in the gym, you should probably get over that. Confidence Booster is the way to go – and it’s noisy.

So why jump on the battle rope bandwagon?

Because it might just be the best quick workout you can do.

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Halal Recipes and Halal Basics

halal recipesHeard the term “halal” and wondering what it really means? Thinking that rules surrounding halal sound a lot like kosher and wondering what the difference is? Having Muslim guests and need to whip up a halal meal? Help is here!

The best place to start is Islam for Busy People. A great online resource for people needing information about Islam in a nutshell, Islam for Busy People  can help you navigate everything from the basics of Shari’ah law to the proper Halal cooking rules. It’s a great course to educate yourself with in a world full of confusing and conflicting information about the 3rd strand of Abrahamic religion (you may find many more similarities with Christianity and Judaism than differences!).

You can read on for a brief overview of halal, for cooking halal, and for some basic halal recipes.

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Zucchini Spaghetti Recipe and Other Paleo Pasta Recipes

zucchini spaghetti recipeReady to make your pasta . . . without pasta? These Zucchini Spaghetti recipes and Paleo Pasta recipes will help you hardly miss the real thing.

Now, if you were just interested in gluten-free pasta, you wouldn’t be looking up pasta made out of vegetables. You’d be searching for things like “Online Pastry School’s Gluten Free Bread-Baking Course”  or “How To Navigate A Gluten Free Lifestyle”. Or maybe you are one of the thousands of people who are on the gluten free train without really knowing what gluten is. Before you, embarrassingly, get called out on that, please take “Gluten Demystified“. [Read more…]

Ladder Exercises: Speed and Agility for Everyone

ladder exercisesFeeling sluggish? Bored in your workouts? Unsure if you could win a race with your two year-old?

Jump on the ladder! Ladder exercises are fun, high-energy, and leave you feeling like you really pushed yourself. After 4 weeks of bi-weekly ladder workouts, you should feel increased energy, drastically increased cardiovascular capacity, increased coordination, and an uptick in fast-twitch muscle response. In short, ladder exercises can make you feel quicker and younger. [Read more…]

Starting A Russian Squat Program: An Incredible Butt

russian squat programAlright, ladies. Did that photo get your attention? This article was about to outline the benefits of a Russian Squat Program for women, but this picture speaks directly to issue.

Your butt.

The second most popular plastic surgery procedure these days? Butt implants! Why are women (and men) doing this to themselves when they can squat (into plastic surgery? better start with Botox ). A Russian Squat Program will tighten and lift your glutes, strengthen your quads and hamstrings, and slim your hips. What woman doesn’t want that?

Some particularly wonderful side effects having nothing to do with vanity include better, more confident posture and a new way of moving while doing everything from walking to chores.

There is – literally – no downside to a Russian Squat Program. Let’s begin.

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Fundraising Letter Samples: Get That Cash!

fundraising letter sampleAs a parent, you might feel that fundraising season is year-round. Whether your child attends public or private school, the fundraising demands can seem constant.

If you’re just jumping in to raise funds for a special event, and especially if you’re entering the world of VC financing, being able to write a good fundraising letter is a key skill to have these days.

If the stakes are high and it’s important to hit it out of the park, or if you’re looking to be a master of fundraising, it’s important to take “Fundraising Masters: The Ultimate Resource for Raising Money.” It is a short online course, but you will feel the ROI for years to come!

For the shorter-term goal of raising funds, it’s best to take a look at some fundraising letter samples and briefly outline some techniques. A note that these apply to both traditional letters and email correspondence.

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