French Lifestyle: Flirting, Food, and Fun

french lifestyleThe lifestyle and culture of France is completely unique and was formed by time, geographic location, politics, wars, major historical events and more. Both domestic and international groups have merged and created a culture based upon traditions that are a combination of new and ancient, foreign, exotic, quaint and homespun. French people have an attitude of live and let live, have fun and stay relaxed but learn and do as much as possible.

Younger generations of French people are rather unconcerned with judging the lifestyles of others, whereas older French people are involved in preserving the traditional Catholic life of yesteryear. Older generations prefer to always speak French and fully expect visitors to speak enough French to survive while on vacation, which you can learn in this course. Younger generations enjoy showing off their knowledge of the English language and are almost always willing to playfully flirt with foreigners on vacation. [Read more…]

Types of Addiction – From Food to Heroin

types of addictionAddiction is a crippling chronic disease that causes physical, emotional or mental dependence upon substances or behaviors. There is always a root cause for addiction, such as abuse or trauma, though not all patients are able to identify their dependency triggers.

Addiction comes with numerous consequences in both personal and professional lives. Once an addiction is formed, refraining from the substance or behavior is a lifelong battle. Getting help with addiction is imperative to a successful recovery.

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Vedic Math Tricks Makes Mental Math Easy

sutraVedic math has been increasing in popularity in the United States and other Western nations. For more than a thousand years, alternative methods of solving math problems have been used. However, ancient history has recently been uncovered, and amazing mathematical discoveries have been made.

Vedic math was developed in India thousands of years ago. It is an extremely efficient and congruent way of solving simple and complex equations. In fact, Vedic math can be used to solve just about any math problem facing students from elementary school through graduate school.

Knowledge of Vedic math was lost centuries ago due to unknown circumstances. About a century ago, archaeologists and religious historians were able to translate ancient documents that contained mysterious sutras. In totality, 16 different sutras have been translated and tested. These sutras, which are listed below, are instructions for students trying to learn how to solve math problems. Udemy is offering a Vedic mathematics class that teaches students how to use the sutras and what they mean.

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Hungarian Alphabet – Pronunciation, History and Useful Information

hungarian alphabetHungarian, or Magyar as the native speakers say, is a language that approximately 15 million people of Eastern Europe use to communicate. Hungary, Romania-Transylvania, Slovakia, Croatia and Yugoslavia are all countries speaking Hungarian dialects. Hungarian speakers have spread throughout the world, and now this language may be learned in the American and Western European schools and universities. New generations of foreign speakers want to learn this rich and unique ancient language, as it is a boon for international businesspeople.

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has three dialects of the language spoken. There are at least five more dialects spread throughout neighboring countries. Hungarian speaking people are involved in many different business ventures and international trade in the mining, metallurgy, machine and steel production sectors, energy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineer, automobile industry and agriculture. If working in these trades, it is wise to learn to speak, read or write in Hungarian.

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English Conversation Practice: Tips and Ideas

english conversation practiceWhen trying to learn how to speak and understand fluent English, repetition, exposure to the language and practice is imperative. Everyone has a different learning style, so each person will have more or less success than average with any of the following tips and tricks to learning English:

  • Make a friend that speaks English as their native language. This friendship may be formed in person, over the phone or text or even online. There are numerous chat forums, blogs and social media outlets that can help assist in meeting new people. Take advantage of readily available resources, and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger.
  • Choose a dialect to learn and stick with it. There are many different dialects of English, including but not limited to: Australian, British, American, Scottish, Irish, etc. Each of these dialects has its own sub-language, called slang, which is used in everyday situations. Learning more than one dialect at once is inadvisable, as it can lead to confusion and hampered communications. Take an English course that is focuses on one dialect, such as American English classes.

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Korean Vocabulary and Phrases

korean vocabularyThe Korean language is one of the most difficult in the world to learn. According to the Foreign Language Institute, the Korean language is among the top tier of difficulty for native English speakers to learn. Other Category V languages include Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

To reach an acceptable level of fluency, at least 2,200 hours of study must be dedicated to learning. Throughout these hours of study, students will be required to listen to and use the Korean language in class.

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Russian Salad – A Delicious Tradition

russian saladThe most traditional of all Russian dishes is the Olivie Salad, or Russian Salad. This dish was made for family holidays, family reunions, national holidays, religious holidays, church gatherings and other special events. Young girls in Russia learned how to make this perfect comfort salad during the holidays while they assisted the women of the family in the kitchen. Men were usually out hunting or chopping firewood and tending to guest’s horses.

Recipes for the Russian salad are passed down from generation to generation and are guarded jealously. During the New Year’s holiday Russian Salad is on nearly every table throughout the nation. Often times, leftover poultry or wild game eaten for the Christmas day meal is stored and used for the New Year’s Olivie Salad.

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Persian Calligraphy – A Complex and Mysterious Art

Persian CalligraphyHoly men of the Persian realm used calligraphy type of writing to record the Koran and many other important documents, and the ancient art of calligraphy dates back at least 1400 years. Persian calligraphy is used to record several different languages, though all of those languages use the Arabic Alphabet: the 2nd most popular in the world.

The art of decorative writing using the letters of the Arabic alphabet is referred to as Arabic calligraphy, and is one of the world’s most respected artforms. Also known as Islamic calligraphy because it was developed to write the holy book of Islam, calligraphy is, in fact, the highest form of visual art in the Islamic world. People from many different countries and religions practice the art form, not all of which are Islamic or Arab.

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Korean Phrases for Better Communication

korean phrasesFor non-native speakers accustomed to the Latin alphabet, learning the Korean language is challenging. It is every bit as difficult to earn as Arabic or Chinese. Keep in mind that it takes an average of seven years to learn a new language such as this one, and that is with heavy usage and regular lessons. Learning to read and write in Korean is a valuable skill, so the efforts expended are a good investment.

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Shyness Quotes

shyness quotesShy people are often overwhelmed by crowds, and unwilling to subject themselves to the stress of going to parties or social events that are packed with people, loud music and too much noise. They prefer to be with one or two good friends in a quiet cafe, spending time alone reading or participating in hobbies or just escaping to the wilderness in order to have a good time. This may seem lonely to extroverts, but it is deeply pleasurable to those who are shy and introverted. In fact, experiences like these are enlightening and can help expand their minds.

Shy people experience pleasure in ways that are different than extroverted, outspoken people. They do not enjoy shocking others with boisterous behaviors, but rather with brilliant, seldom spoken deep thoughts or insights. Shy people are simply introverted, and there is nothing wrong with being that way.

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