Importance of motivation for employees and some strategies for achieving it.

importanceofmotivationMost managers understand that a motivated workforce is critical for the performance of their departments.  However, judging by recent research, very few companies currently have an employee population that feels great about their jobs and are driven to achieve results for their employers. [Read more…]

Java vs .Net: Reviewing the frameworks for students of programming

javavsnetLearning the ins and outs of software engineering, you are introduced to a wide range of options for languages and frameworks. And if you have been looking to learn development for large-scale applications, you have likely narrowed your decision down to a couple of the major players commonly deployed in that category. Often, programmers make the decision between .Net and Java for these types of projects, depending on certain criteria. [Read more…]

Time management apps: 5 cross-platform tools you should try

timemanagementappsYour personal computer or mobile device is a tool that can be used for either good or evil. Certainly, you can find entertaining apps aplenty that will easily suck unproductive hours from your day. But if you get yourself set up with some of the best productivity and time management tools, you can fly through your to-dos, get them done right, and have fun doing it. This brief guide to cross-platform time-management and productivity apps will take a look at 5 top recommendations. If you’d also like to boost your productivity with a complete strategy, you might consider a course in productivity mastery and time management. [Read more…]

Build Your Own Computer from the Ground Up

buildyourowncomputerIf you are hoping to get exactly what you want from a PC, and nothing that you don’t, you may be considering building your own personal computer, rather than buying one already assembled from an electronics retailer. If that is the case for you, you may be glad to hear that this is a possibility that’s completely do-able! With a basic understanding of PC components and how to put them together, anyone can build their own, well-running personal computer from the ground up. [Read more…]

Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu: Which is the better operating system?

linuxmintvsubuntuIf you are a little tired of the operating system you currently use or, perhaps, frustrated with the changes made to the Windows 8 desktop environment, you may be looking in to Linux distributions as a new alternative. Good choice! Switching to Linux can definitely breathe some new life in to your computer and deliver a highly satisfying experience.

Currently, the two most popular Linux distributions are Canonical’s Ubuntu, whose latest version is 13.10, and Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu and soon to be released in version 16. You might be wondering which of these operating systems is your best bet. And to attempt an answer to that question, this review will look at a few important attributes of the software for comparison and contrast. [Read more…]

Excel Subtotal Function: What It Is and How It can Save You Time

ExcelSubtotalRunning multiple calculations on your Excel tables can sometimes feel a little bit messy. You want to maintain a nice reporting format for your information, but you don’t need to keep your formulas separate from your tables, so that information doesn’t get double counted.  You end up looking for places to put in your calculations without their getting in the way.

This comes up often when you want to prepare multiple subtotals for your data.  And what you may not have realized is that Microsoft has included a function that will allow you to easily include those calculations directly in your table without causing any inaccuracies. [Read more…]

Excel Tutorial: An In-Depth Guide to Working with your Data, Building Formulas, and Using Functions

excelbasicsUnderstanding Microsoft Excel is a skill that is both in high demand for most employers and valuable in most professions. It’s a must-have tool for virtually any small business and a necessity in research- and statistics-related professions.

Long story short, no matter what you’re doing, you can most likely benefit enough from the program that it is worth your time investment to understand it well. And you can easily undertake learning it, front to back, with convenient online resources. This guide will take you through the basics of manipulating data and constructing formulas and functions in the program. It will offer tips along the way about how to get the most mileage from the program. [Read more…]

Excel If Then Statements: Getting the Most Out of the IF Function

excelifthenWhen you really get to know the advanced functions in Microsoft Excel, one function that you will no doubt begin to use frequently is the IF function.  In automating your calculations and data manipulation, the IF function will give you some of the same features that professional developers often use to design programs. In other words, you will essentially use If…then logic statements to build powerful processes that solve your real-life business problems.

If you would like to begin learning this and other advanced features of Excel, a good place to start is an advanced online course in Excel. In this guide, we will learn more about what the IF function does, how to use it, and how to get the most out of it by including it within larger formulas.   [Read more…]

Beginner Guitar Tabs: Pop/Rock Songs for Learning Tab and Technique

beginnerguitartabsThe guitar has a rich cultural history as a folk instrument. It is designed, laid out, and tuned to fit the human hand nicely, making it simple for most anyone to pick up and play basic chords and melodies without too much trouble.

So it makes sense that you can learn to play well without a working knowledge of Western musical concepts. [Read more…]

Excel Substring Functions: How (and Why) to Use Them

excelsubstringWhen you have a column of some 500 text entries in Excel and you want to remove the same characters from all of those entries, what’s the best way to do that?

If you said “backspace” you need to read on. [Read more…]