Mixed Media Art, An Overview

shutterstock_64037938In the visual art world, mixed media refers to artwork that is created using more than one type of medium.  The term mixed media art is often confused with the term multimedia art. While mixed media art is a visual art form created using multiple mediums, multimedia art encompasses other, less conventional, mediums such as video, audio, dance and literature.

History of Mixed Media

While the practice of creating mixed media art forms is as ancient as art itself, the use of the term mixed media is relatively young by comparison. There are examples of artwork that incorporates more than one medium dating back to the third century of the Byzantine Empire. Artists of that era regularly incorporated gold leaf into mosaics and even paintings.

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Mixed Media Techniques: Art for All Ages

Somebody is painting some picture with paintbrush, isolated on wDo you find that restricting yourself to just one artistic medium stifles your creativity? Maybe mixed media is the way to fully express your artistic vision. Mixed media art is basically any form of art created using more than one medium.

Is it Mixed Media or Multimedia?

Mixed media art and multimedia art may sound like the same thing but in fact the two are quite different. While mixed media art uses multiple media types to create art, multimedia art adds in video, audio, dance, literature, and other types of “art” to create a single work.

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Unusual Instruments Even YOU Can Learn to Play

unusual instrumentsMusic is ancient. Humans have been making music with their voices and with instruments for approximately the last 37,000 years. During that time, musical instruments have evolved from cave men banging rocks and sticks together to the Zeusaphone. The Zeusaphone is an instrument based on Nicola Tesla’s invention the Tesla coil. This instrument uses high frequency, low voltage electricity to create both music and a spectacular light show.

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Creative Birthday Gifts That Even Beginners Can Tackle

creative birthday giftsAre you searching for the perfect creative birthday gifts for friends or family members? This can be very frustrating if you are out of ideas. You can go the usual route and fall back to the standard birthday card with cash or a gift card. You can also get creative and give a gift that is thoughtful, original, and will mean so much more to the person you are giving it too. With a little bit of creativity and some effort, as well as some guidance from an expert, you will be well known for the best birthday gifts ever! [Read more…]

Celtic Knot Designs: History, Meaning and Uses

celtic knot designsThe use of knots or knot work design is a practice that began early in human history. In the third and fourth century AD knot work designs were used in floor mosaics in the Roman Empire. Celtic knot designs developed from plait work, which was an unbroken, woven cord design used in many cultures around the world.

The true unbroken and interconnected knot work that is characteristic of Celtic knot designs began around the 7th century in northern Italy and southern Gaul. These designs were likely created by Coptic monks from Syria or Egypt to illuminate manuscripts. The style that would eventually give rise to Celtic knot design was then spread to Ireland and England. Although this type of illumination is most often associated with the Celtic people, it was also used extensively in England as well as the rest of Europe, where Irish and Northumbrian monks utilized knot work to illuminate religious manuscripts.

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Representativeness Heuristic: Understanding Decision Making Bias

representativeness heuristicDecision making is an integral part of every person’s day. There is no way to avoid this, as even the act of deciding not to make a decision is, in fact, a decision in and of itself. Life also presents us with many opportunities to solve problems.  By understanding the cognitive processes involved in decision making and problem solving, we can analyze our own actions and the actions of others.

This analysis can improve the results of our problem solving and decision making, both personally and professionally. Representativeness heuristics defines several fallacies and cognitive biases, but it can also give us the ability to make decisions quickly when the situation calls for fast action.

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Versatile White Wine Pasta Sauce Recipes

white wine pasta sauceWhite wine pasta sauces are so versatile and delicious that you can use them to create literally hundreds of dishes. This sauce can be varied to complement chicken, pork, veal, soups, shrimp, and vegetables. With slight variations you can create a garlic white wine sauce, lemon white wine sauce, buttery white wine sauce, or a simple creamy white wine sauce. There is even a way to make this rich, decadent sauce with less saturated fat and lower calories while keeping the rich, creamy texture and wonderful taste.

Which White Wine should I Use?

If you have decided to create a dish using a white wine pasta sauce, the first question to answer is “which wine should I choose?” First we will avoid cooking wine at all costs. Any wine labeled as cooking wine is usually not fit to drink. If you wouldn’t drink the wine you shouldn’t cook with it either. Most recipes call for less than a full bottle of wine so you should also be able to have a glass or two left to drink with your meal.  This makes the choice of which wine to serve with the meal a no brainer. The flavors in your sauce will complement the flavor of your wine flawlessly. Dry white wines should be used for cooking when you don’t want to add sweetness to the dish. As you cook using wine the alcohol will evaporate which will extract the flavor of the wine and add it to the dish. Do not add too much wine to the dish because it will cause it to be difficult to reduce.

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Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake Recipes

chocolate lava crunch cakeWarm chocolate cake, crunchy on the outside, moist underneath and molten in the middle, it just does not get much better than that, now does it? From Domino’s to Long Horns, chocolate lava crunch cake has been a hit in restaurant chains across the country. It seems like every chocolate lover has a version of this decadent treat. Although the idea of baking may look, and taste, complicated, read on to find a couple of easy effortlessly gourmet recipes ready to satisfy your every chocoholic whim!

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Decision Making Styles: How Do You Decide?

decision making stylesWe all make decisions every day. Some are only of minor importance such as; “Which socks am I going to wear today?” Some of the decisions you make will have an impact on your life for a long time to come. Some decisions will not only affect you, but will have far reaching implications for others, as well. If you are a business owner, or you manage employees, it is important to be aware of personal decision making style and how it affects the people you work with each day. Understanding how your decision making style affects others will help you to make the serious leadership calls that define a successful leader.

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Learn Hiragana: The Foundation of Learning Japanese

hiraganaThere is no denying that choosing to learn a new language is daunting. Japanese is one of the more challenging languages to master, especially in the written form. That’s largely because the Japanese language has four major writing systems: hiragana, romajj, kanji and katakana. It is largely recommended that you learn hiragana first. [Read more…]