Iyengar Yoga: Is It Right For Me?

shutterstock_59845732If you are new to yoga, or are looking for a change up to your usual yoga practices, you might have run across several mentions of a form of yoga called Iyengar.  When looking for different forms of yoga, there are dozens of approaches, each with their own merits and challenges, and sussing out which one might be best for you can be a little confusing or overwhelming.  Part of the reason you have seen Iyengar yoga mentioned so frequently is because of its popularity with beginners, and with those looking to perfect the poses they already know.  Do not mistake this class for “easy”, however.  While it’s meticulous approach to each individual pose is extremely helpful for those just starting out, it is also a means of gaining vast improvement, even in those who have been practicing for years. [Read more…]

Weight Loss Programs for Men: A Gimmick Free Guide

weight loss programs for menIf you have ever stood in line at a supermarket, and glanced at the tabloids, men might get the distinct impression that weight loss programs are not “for them”.  There seems to be an avalanche of print, television and even radio commercials aimed at women, many of them complaining that the weight just seems to “fall off” men with the slightest effort, whereas women have to fight for every pound.  If you are a man struggling with weight loss, you are probably feeling a little confused right now.  You have been trying to lose weight, and it is going incredibly slow.  You might be finding it difficult to stick to prescribed plans, or to make healthy eating a part of your busy day.  With everything out there telling you that this ought to be effortless, you may be sitting here, convinced you are doing it wrong.

A total body transformation without dieting for both men and women is right here. [Read more…]

How Much Cardio Is Too Much? 4 Warning Signs

how much cardio is too muchIf you have ever seen a commercial trying to sell you a pair of sneakers, or a sports drink, then you have seen someone engaged in what most would consider to be “extreme cardiovascular exercise”.  Ignoring the fact that it took an entire production, lighting and makeup crew to make someone look even remotely attractive when sweating that much, these ads have done something else that might be a little more deceptive.  They have normalized the look and activity level of someone near exhaustion.  Gyms and local running tracks are full of people picturing the commercials they saw, or the highly stylized gym posters, or the magazine ads for some fitness product or other.  Trying to match the output of the people in fitness related images is misguided at best, and harmful at worst. [Read more…]

Spiritual Psychology: How it Can Help You

spiritual psychologySpirituality is a deep, personal set of beliefs that are often extremely important to the individual holding them. It can form a foundation every bit as important as physical health or financial success.  For that reason, when a person finds themselves in a spiritual crisis, they may begin to seek out a professional adviser who can help them through this troubling time.  That is where the role of spiritual or transpersonal psychology comes into play.  A spiritual psychologist is a type of counsellor uniquely suited to addressing the needs of those finding themselves seeking guidance, reassurance or simply to work through the meaning of their own spiritual lives.

Find your own spiritual truth here. [Read more…]

Female Psychology: Coping with Challenges Facing Modern Women

female psychology copingWhen I first began researching this blog post, I was a little surprised by what I was reading.  When you search under the terms “Female Psychology”, or “Feminine Psychology”, what you mainly get in return are strange and misguided lists of tips on how to win dates.  Reading over these suggestions, and more to the point, reading over the comments in these articles is pretty eye opening.  Whether you are siding with the author of the original post, or disagreeing passionately, the common theme across all of these posts was that people were trying to describe women as a single entity.  “All women want to be showered with attention,” or “Never try to pick us up,” or “You need to remember that they cry more than men”.  Each of these sentiments are inherently untrue, because you can not describe all women in generalizations like that.  In fact, you can not even describe individual people in generalizations like that.  That’s when I decided how I wanted to discuss female psychology. [Read more…]

Homeschooling Programs: Is This the Right Choice for My Family?

homeschooling programsDeciding how to educate your child is an intensely personal and sometimes intimidating decision process.  All too often, people are happy to offer their opinions on whatever choice you are considering, clouding your ability to think about this rationally.  If you have no prior experience with home schooling, hearing other people talk about the imagined drawbacks, or the “weird” homeschooled child they knew growing up might be enough to dissuade you from giving it a try.  Something to remember here though, is that you were considering this in the first place for a reason.  At the end of the day, what is more important: being a strong, educational advocate for your child, or getting your friends and neighbors off your case?

If you are considering homeschooling, do yourself the favor of at least researching it as best you can, before making this decision.  The education of your child is too important to allow for emotional, or knee-jerk decision making.  Taking some time to really sit down and consider the basics of homeschooling can help you decide if this will be a proper fit for your family.  In the end, you may realize that homeschooling is not the best choice, due to a number of factors you might not have considered yet.  Then again, there may be benefits to homeschooling that you also had not considered, and want to explore further.  Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of this plan that you may want to think about, before deciding either way. [Read more…]

How Long Does it Take to Lose 20 Pounds? The Math Behind the Mystery

how long does it take to lose 20 poundsWhen it comes to weight loss, there just seems to be something magical about the number 20, doesn’t there?  It’s a nice round number, it represents at least a jeans size or two (depending on height, etc.), and while it’s more challenging than 10 pounds, it’s not as daunting as the big five O.  But how long will it take for you to get there?  As with everything in this world, the answer is “It depends”. As you have probably noticed by now, there are a large number of companies out there willing to sell you something that should make those 20 pounds go quickly and quietly.  Since you are already here researching, I probably don’t need to tell you that you shouldn’t trust those promises.  The way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in.  It is a simple solution, but an incredibly difficult one to stick to – hence all the gimmick sales pitches.  If it were easy, everyone would have done it by now, right?  There are absolutely a few tips and tricks you can use to help you on your way.  Let’s take a look at a few slow and steady methods for weight loss success. For a 21-day to success program, check out this fitness course on mastering your mind and will to lose that excess weight. [Read more…]

How to Get a Book Published: Avoid Rookie Mistakes, Get a Book Deal

how to get a book publishedBook stores are structures so immense and imposing, they often anchor entire shopping centers of smaller stores around them.  Some stores have multiple floors and levels, some have set aside tremendous floor space just for children, and some figure you are going to be there for so long, they might as well feed you.  Book stores have restaurants, web access, sitting areas, restrooms, special events, and it is always hard to find a parking place.  With all the enormity of a book store, and all the business and culture it seems to generate, surely there has to be room for your book, right?  Yet so many aspiring authors feel as though they have hit that invisible but well known brick wall standing between your book, and the mysterious world of publishing. [Read more…]

Beauty Tips for Girls: Easy, Natural and Fun Basics For Everyone

beauty tips for girlsIf you are new to the world of makeup, hairstyling and overall beauty, you are not alone.  There are hundreds of thousands of girls out there feeling just as unsure and confused as you are (some of them are just a little better at hiding that confusion than others).  As you begin to make the transition from childhood to adulthood, it is totally normal to want to take better care of yourself, and to look your best.  Still, it’s easy to feel intimidated by all those beauty ads.  It seems like everywhere you go, suddenly everyone is trying to sell you makeup and hair products.  Is this all really necessary?  How do you use it anyway?  What if it doesn’t end up looking like the commercial said it would? [Read more…]

Career Planning and Development: You Can Get There From Here

career planning and developmentWhether you are in high school, and trying to figure out which career path sounds like the best for for you, or 40 years old, and looking for a total career change, one thing you will most definitely want to have before proceeding is a plan.  It goes without saying that this is a big decision – potentially one of the biggest decisions you will ever make – so going into it with a strategy and a degree of confidence that comes along with having a solid plan in place will be extremely helpful.  Where do you see yourself in a year?  In five years?  Is this the career you wish to retire from, or is this a stepping stone on the way to a greater goal?  Do you have an honest assessment of how this industry will fare over the coming decades?  These are all important questions to consider when deciding which path will be best for you. [Read more…]