Peer to Peer File Sharing: Share Your Documents Over a Trusted Network

peer to peer file sharingThere are several ways you can connect your computers, but the main models are peer-to-peer and server-client structures. A server-client setup is usually much more costly and not necessary if you have a small home office. Peer-to-peer models make it more convenient to share files, but you generally have much less security. However, you don’t normally need to worry about security when you have a group of computers in your home. If you want to share files between your computers on a small home network, Windows has a way to manage folders without requiring you to know too much about complex networking and security.

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How to Respond to an HTTP Error Code Generated by your Server

http error codePicture this: A visitor to your web site is browsing through the site. He clicks on a link and suddenly comes face-to-face with the following error message:


The above is an example of a default or generic HTTP error page generated by most servers. It contains an HTTP error code (404 in the above example) and a brief description of the error (“Not Found” in our example). An error code, such as the one above, is generated by your web hosting server when it faces some problem or glitch with the transfer of web pages or other resources to your visitor’s web client (browser). There are different error codes for different problems. The 404 error code we see above is generated when the visitor clicks on a broken link (i.e., a link that points to a non-existing resource or page), or when the visitor types the address of a non-existing page while accessing your site. We’ll see some of these HTTP error codes in a later section of this article. You can learn more about HTTP and HTTP error codes in this tutorial on the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

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Network Security Solutions: The Basics and Common Solutions

 Cloud Network on digital backgroundWhether you have a computer network that you use for personal or professional purposes, its security is of the utmost importance. As soon as you set up your network, you will need to have some security in place to protect the information contained within it, whether it is account info, inventory, or interdepartmental communications. Once you understand how network security solutions work and why they matter, it becomes easier to develop or find the right one for your needs. You can take this course to learn everything you need to know about general CCNA security for your system and network.

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Pros and Cons of a Hosted CRM

hosted crmOne of the most popular tools to keep track of sales and marketing activity has been the spreadsheet, most notably Microsoft Excel.  Although this can be a good tool to use, what if you are dealing with multiple campaigns and hundreds of potential customers you are trying to reach out to? Obviously, a spreadsheet would be very laborious and time consuming to use in this instance.  As a result, the next tool of choice becomes the Customer Relationship Management System, or ‘CRM’ for short.

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How to Create a Database in MongoDB

mongodb create databaseMongoDB is one of the “NoSQL” types of database solutions used to store and query big data. Old SQL developers might find Mongo a bit counterintuitive. With normal, relational databases, you create a database, then tables and then insert your records. MongoDB and NoSQL databases are completely different. In fact, you don’t need to create a database in Mongo. Mongo automatically creates the database when you insert a new collection, so technically there is no “create database” command when you’re working with NoSQL.

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Open Source Proxy: Using Other Servers to Browse the Internet

open source proxyProxy servers used to be common in businesses. All users would connect to the proxy server and use its resources to browse websites. The proxy server cached pages, so it sped up browsing and it was also used to block certain sites on the corporate network. Admins could also use the proxy server to automate browser settings across the network. Now, there are a number of open-source proxies you can use for both internal networks and for people on the Internet.

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What is a Firewall in Networking and How They Protect Your Computers

firewall in networkingYou probably don’t realize it, but even your home cable or DSL router uses a firewall. Firewalls are one of the most integral parts of security for any network. Whether you have a small or large network, you need a firewall. Firewalls can be software such as the Windows firewall for the operating system or hardware such as filtering set on a router. To better secure your network, it’s best to understand the functionality of a firewall in networking and computing.

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Create an App: How to Get Started with Mobile Development

custom web developmentStatistics show that people prefer tablets and smartphones when browsing the Internet. What was once a luxury is now a basic part of home office electronics. Tablets and smartphones run apps that are different than a typical desktop application. If you want to enter the programming industry or just hire a developer to create an app for your business, you’ll need to know where to get started. App development has some similarities to desktop programming with some differences that depend on your goals.

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Making Comparisons Using the C strcmp Function

c strcmpComparisons are fairly common while using the C programming language.  There is code used to compare if a given integer is less than, greater than or equals some other integer or input.  There are also comparisons that can be used as a method of security.  For example, when users enter their passwords, there is a comparison done to ensure that the username and password combinations are valid so that only those with proper credentials are able to access information.  You may ask, “How could computer code provide security by simply comparing words?”  There is a simple answer to that question.  If you only need to compare two words you can use the C “strcmp” function.

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JSON Array: Passing Array Objects in Your Web Apps

json arrayJavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a convenient way to pass values back and forth between your website pages. JSON takes over where XML left off. While XML is still popular for some legacy applications, JSON is the newest format and useful to know as a developer. JSON is becoming the default when passing values from APIs, so you’ll need to know how to parse the information in your own applications. A JSON array is just one type of variable, but they are a bit more complex than a regular JSON value.

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