6 Tips to Improve Public Speaking

Speaking in public is one of people’s biggest fear. Few situations are more intimidating then getting in front of a group of people and speaking and/or presenting. With a few simple tips and humor techniques you can be make the jump from nervous wreck to a commanding presence.

1. Maintain eye contact.

2. If you have an opportunity shake hands before the speech. It gives a personal touch.

3. Keep your sweating under control. Wear cool comfortable clothes, and don’t ever forget deodorant or antiperspirant.


4. If you have glasses, wear them. Studies showed that speakers are seen a more knowledgeable and authoritative when they wear glasses.



5 .Always be confident. An audience picks up on nervousness. Believe in yourself and they will as well.


6. Use humor throughout the speech to make it engaging and interesting.

How many times have you had to sit through a boring speach? Even great speakers slow their  momentum by failing to include elements of humor as one of their tools to create audience interest.  7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better Speaker will equip you with tools from the world of stand up comedy, and help you become a more engaging speaker.


What Not to Say On Facebook

Over the past decade social media has exploded. With billions of people connecting over several different platforms it is now easier then ever to check on current events, chat with old friends, and see whats going on in the world. With this comes an opportunity to brand and market yourself. However, many people out there just don’t, “get it.” Here are a few things you should never say on Facebook.


1. Don’t make yourself look silly.




2. Don’t let the world know that you obviously need a geography lesson.




3. Don’t prove that you can’t read a map.



4. Don’t ask for a job you know nothing about.



5. Don’t question indisputable historical events.

With seemingly endless opportunities to express yourself on Facebook their is plenty of room for mistakes.  Don’t be that person that makes a fool of themselves. The New Facebook for Brands Workshop, with Web Friendly course gives you to tools to get more engagements and conversions going; while avoiding pitfalls and mistakes. Don’t wait! Your path towards a better online Facebook brand starts today!

7 Signs Gym Class was Totally Awkward For You

Gym class growing up is awkward. Unless you were freakishly athletic, physical education was something you loathed. Here are some signs you were not the local champion of dodgeball.


1. Your hand eye coordination was a little lacking.



2. You never took gym class seriously.


3. You looked awkward doing any kind of exercise.


4. Running was out of the question.


5. Soreness was unbearable.


6. Your gym class teacher was just awful.



7. Ultra competitive people drove you nuts.


Gym class was the absolute worst, but you don’t have to be that odd uncoordinated kid anymore. The journey to fitness is long and arduous. It takes time, dedication, and grit. Luckily with the help of “No Bull Fitness Course – Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Be Healthy” you will be fitted with the right information to embark on your fitness journey. Remember, perception is reality.








4 Unavoidable Issues You Encounter When Starting Yoga

       In the pursuit of health and wellness there are many options. From Zumba, to Crossfit, to other organized classes. The options are almost endless. Like many, you may have been bitten by the yoga bug. Yoga is an age old form of exercise that combines stretching, static holds, and achieving a higher understanding through intense thought and meditation. However, many people encounter a similar set of issues:

1. Sweating excessively. [Read more…]

How to Prepare for an Interview

Now we know you’re nervous.


However, nailing an interview is within your reach.

1.Make sure and dress professionally.

The opposite of this.

The opposite of this

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