Yoga Online: How to Do Yoga Exercises Online

yoga onlineWe all have busy lives, and trying to factor in a workout or an exercise after an 8-hour workday, errands, and meal prepping can be a tough commitment to make.  However, there are plenty of sites online and courses that you can sign up for via the internet to make practicing yoga online convenient and flexible.

Here at Udemywe offer a plethora of yoga courses taught by professional yoga instructors and yogis.  Read on for a list of other helpful sites, as well as how you can make learning yoga online work for you. [Read more…]

Beginner Yoga: Top 8 Beginner Yoga Poses

beginner yogaBeginning any new form of exercise or physical routine can be intimating.  With beginner yoga, however, you will find that it can provide the peace and tranquility that your life desires.  Whether you are a child, adult, an athlete, or pregnant; yoga is a great way to enhance your exercise routine by providing you with both physical and mental benefits for body and mind.

Even if you have some yoga experience or a few yoga classes already under your belt, these 8 basic yoga poses will help you gain the strength and flexibility that you need to get you started with yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training: How to Choose a Yoga Teaching Program

yoga teacher trainingWhen it comes to fitness instructors, trainers, or exercise teachers, some are better than others, and the good ones are usually the ones who have had great training.  So you want to become a yoga teacher; great idea!  To get started on with teaching yoga, you will need to look into different yoga teacher training programs to be able to understand and teach all of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects that make up yoga.

Yoga is quickly becoming very popular in all parts of the world, and that only means that the need for yoga teachers will continue to steadily increase as time goes on.  Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for selecting the right yoga teacher training program for you, as well as the steps you need to take to become a great yoga teacher.

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Candid Photography: Top Tips For Capturing Natural Moments

shutterstock_159161105Have you ever been in the middle of posing for a photograph when the photographer told you to “act natural”?  It can be tough to act natural when you are told to, and even tougher when you have people staring at you.  In this situation, the photographer’s goal was, most likely, to try to achieve a candid photograph.

If you are anything like me, then you probably feel like you’ve won the lottery when you are able to capture a good candid photo.  Candid photography is the act of taking pictures of people in their most candid form, or when they are acting the most natural.  This means that they are in an “informal” or “un-posed” state.  If you need some tips on capturing your subjects in their most raw and pristine form, read on for 8 of the best tips for candid photography.

Get the quick and dirty basics of photography here, an essential for all beginners.

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Wedding Program Ideas: How to Create A Wedding Program

wedding program ideasWhat is one of the first things your guests will look at when they sit down at your wedding?  Most likely it will be the wedding program for your ceremony.

As the stars of your wedding, you have the freedom to be as creative, classic, or funny as you wish with your wedding programs.  However, because the cost of a wedding can really add up these days, there is always the option of making your own wedding programs.  To get you prepared with all the elements of your wedding day, we are going to go over some of the best wedding program ideas, as well as how to make a wedding program on your own.

Get the complete guide to planning a wedding and other special events today!

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Retail Assistant Job Description: What Retail Companies Are Looking For

retail assistant job descriptionWhen you walk into a store, who is the first person you usually see or are greeted by?  That would be a retail assistant.  A job in retail is unique, rewarding, and very interactive. Just like any type of job, there are people that can thrive in this environment and others who are simply not fit for a retail experience.

If you are looking to get an assistant’s job in retail, you are probably looking through dozens of retail assistant job descriptions to see which one is the best fit for you.  For a better understanding of what a retail assistant job entails, we are going to help answer some of your basic questions about a retail assistant job description, the skills required, and how you can excel in your  job with the right sales persuasion skills.

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How to Draw: Top Tips For Drawing

how to drawSummer time is the perfect time to learn how to draw.  Picking up a new and artistic skill is a great way to get your creativity to shine while exercising parts of your brain that can easily get overworked during the year.

Whether you are a child, adult, or a budding artist, these 6 steps below will help you build up your drawing skills and provide you with the basics that you need to know and concepts that you can attempt to master.

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Cardio Workout Routines: Best Cardio Exercises

cardio workout routinesOur bodies are made to move, and our hearts are made to beat.  Getting our bodies moving and our hearts beating regularly can be as simple as adding in 30 minutes of cardio workout routines into our daily schedule.

Regular cardio exercise has been shown to decrease cholesterol, improve mood, and reduce body fat, among other things.  If you are wondering how you can easily make cardio workout routines a priority, then read on to check out a complete list of the best forms of cardio out there to help you achieve an active, long, and healthy life.

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Comic Book Covers: How To Design A Comic Book Cover

comic book coversSure, comic books are great for reading and entertainment, but they also serve another useful purpose — art.  Since the 1930s, comic book covers have given art a major boost.  By providing a great combination of superheroes and creativity, it is as if comic books have become their own literary genre.

Great comic book covers can serve as both an advertisement for a comic as well as being their own works of art.  Additionally, they can convey a character’s mood, personality, and even movement.  To satisfy your superhero and artistic fancy, let’s take a look at some of the best comic book covers, as well as how you can go about creating your own comic book cover.

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Cardio Workout Plan: Best Cardio Workout Plans

City running couple jogging outside. Runners training outdoors w Most people do not do cardio because they want to…I know I don’t.  Instead, a majority of exercisers incorporate cardio into their workout routine with the hopes of burning calories or blasting away fat from their problems areas in the most effective and fast manner possible.

If you are looking for the best cardio workout routine, we have some great and easy strength and cardio workouts that you can do on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or using no equipment at all. Enroll in this course for a complete at home cardio workout without the excuses, and read on to for more ideas for the best type of cardio workout plan to fit your lifestyle.

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