Easy Backtrack 5 Tutorial Designed For Total Beginners

backtrack5tutorialWhen it comes to learning how to perform penetration testing with Backtrack 5, you probably know how tough it looks. Hopefully, with this Backtrack 5 Tutorial, we’re going to change that for you. What if you don’t even know what penetration testing is? Well, before we get started, we’re going to tell you. In a nutshell, penetration testing is a way for an individual (or company) to test the security of a network. It sounds a lot like hacking, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! It’s perfectly legal as long as you are using it with good intentions such as exploiting your own network and using the tool to make your network more secure. [Read more…]

QTP Tutorial: Various Types of Checkpoints Made Easy

qtptutorialLearning how to do Python Programming can prove to be quite the daunting task but unlike that, QTP (Quick Test Professional) is relatively easy to use. With this QTP tutorial, we’ll be going over some of the bare essentials in regards to performing checkpoint operations. If you’re familiar with QTP at all, you know how vital it is to learn the ins and outs of checkpoints. These will range from Table Checkpoints to Bitmap Checkpoints. Regardless of what checkpoint operation you’re struggling with, by the end of this tutorial, you’ll be much more efficient at it. So, with that being said, I hope you’re ready to start. [Read more…]