Marketing Strategy Examples: Choose Your Own Adventure

marketing strategy examplesLet’s not waste too much time ticking off the numberless specific considerations for this or that type of marketing strategy- you’re the one who knows your budget of time and money, you know what it is you’re trying to promote and who you need to promote it to, and given a list of various marketing strategy examples you can pick out the areas that are most appealing to you. So, enough said. Here’s a quick list of some current marketing ideas; you decide what fits with your needs. Need even more ideas? Check out this marketing strategy course for businesses.

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Weight Training for Beginners: Lifting Basics

weight training for beginnersWeightlifting is not just for body-builders…regular people can also benefit from these muscle training exercises.  By adjusting the weight, repetition and techniques, weightlifting can be scaled to an appropriate level to suit anyone’s exercise goals.  Including the proper use of weight training in your exercise regime provides unparalleled ability to increase strength and target particular muscle groups, but it is important to know what you’re doing because it is also an easy way to injure yourself.

Excessive weight, poor technique, and inadequate warm-up are all serious risks, and far from improving fitness, they can contribute to the kinds of chronic injuries that prevent people from exercising at all.  But this is no reason not to take advantage of weightlifting, with a few basic guidelines and the appropriate equipment you can safely enjoy the benefits of lifting weights.

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Present Tense Exercises for Teachers: Mastering the Four Major Forms

present tense exercisesUsing present tense correctly can be a tricky thing to teach effectively because the students need to master how and when to use several specific tenses, understand that present tense is used to describe more than just present time, and that it can also refer to the past and the future in certain situations. After a brief review of the fundamentals of the present tenses, we will provide ideas for various exercises that you can use with your students to help them master English present tense.  If this is just the tip of your iceberg of teaching troubles, then check out these classes on how to teach English abroad or teaching English as a foreign language.

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Book Review Writing Template

bookreviewtemplateWriting a good book review is an art in and of itself, with the lofty goals of entertaining the reader, offering thoughtful opinions on the value of the book, and backing those opinions up with careful analysis.  The best book reviewers are well respected professionals, whose opinions guide curious readers to new books that they’ll love but would not have otherwise picked up, or help them steer clear of those books whose covers and titles catch the eye but whose content ultimately disappoints.  Book reviews are also an effective assignment for teachers who want their students to learn the skills of reading.  It can help students focus on comprehension and critical thinking.  Or maybe you are a graduate student trying to assess the breadth of existing research in your field and you want to do a better job reviewing the literature while you read it.  Whether you are writing a review for school or you are interested in reviewing books professionally, the fundamentals of the book review are the same, and taking the time to consider the template of a book review before you begin reading can help you focus on and extract the information that will be essential to writing a useful and entertaining book review.

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Fashion Careers That Fit

different elegant summer dressesThe wild world of fashion allows for intense personal expression and offers a potentially lucrative and rewarding professional life. There are many options for people with different personalities, skill sets and passions to become a part of this unique culture, cultivate a network of connections with likeminded individuals, and pounce on opportunities that may allow you to make your unique mark on the world. Because fashion is a fast-paced and forward-thinking field, you have to love the industry, own a relentless sense creativity and develop a high degree business acumen. If you are looking to break into the world of fashion here’s a description of some of the potential careers you should consider:

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Exercise for Beginners: Enjoying the Workout

exercise for beginnersThis article not about the exercise you haven’t been doing – this is about the exercise you are going to start doing.  It is about time that you made time for your health, time for elevating your heart rate, toning muscle, and working up a sweat.  The real key to exercise is regularity, and the key to regularity is finding ways for exercise to be engaging and enjoyable.  The best way to do this is to consider the countless options for exercise you have around you, figure out what motivates you to get out and take advantage of those options, and be mindful of your participation and your expectations so that you continue to enjoy exercising, instead of letting it become an obligation and a bore.   The only way to stay fit for life is to maintain your interest and commitment to regular exercise. [Read more…]

Eye Makeup Tips: Mastering the Basics


Whether you’ve got a big event or just want to put your best foot forward at work, great eye makeup can complete your look and give you an extra boost in confidence. But, with the countless variations in color, technique, tools and products, the possibilities can seem endless and overwhelming. So here are a few simple tips you can use to master the basics and look great. [Read more…]

Simple Present Tense Exercises

simplepresentexercisesThis quick grammar guide will review the basics of simple present tense and then provide some useful exercises so you can test your understanding of this verb conjugation.

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Strategy Formulation 101

strategy formulationAt the far side of any endeavor is an outcome, and every outcome will be measured somewhere on the continuum between success and failure.  The goal of forming and executing a strategy is to maximize the odds that the outcome of your endeavors will be success.  Knowing how to properly create a strategy is an invaluable resource, no matter what you are endeavoring to accomplish.  This is a brief introduction to the purpose and steps of strategy formulation, but there are also resources available for in-depth strategy training, such as this class from former General Electric CEO Jack Welch: Creating Winning Strategy. [Read more…]

Metacognitive Strategies for Expert Learning

metacognitive strategiesEveryone can benefit from keeping their mind sharp; being able to think faster, focus longer, and remember more are huge advantages in life, whether you’re studying for a test, learning a new skill, applying for a job or just entertaining friends. Metacognitive strategies include any methods and techniques used to improve your ability to think, learn and problem solve. We all have good days and bad days; the idea is that by developing the right habits it is possible to increase the number of days per week and hours per day that you feel motivated, clever and bright. The goal is everyday mind mastery; understanding the behaviors and beliefs that affect your ability to think and developing techniques to improve them. Metacognitive strategies range from simply recognizing the mental benefits of exercise, sleep and diet, to elaborate techniques such as the method of loci, information acronyms and cognitive reframing.

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