A Camtasia Alternative for Every Gamer

camtasia alternativeHave you decided to start streaming your gaming live? Many people stream or record their game play and upload it online for others to watch. The gaming community is large, and people are always looking to learn new tips, or watch funny game clips. There are so many options out there for screen recording software it’s hard to know what to choose. One of the most popular is called Camtasia. It has a lot of options that allow you to record a video of your computer screen and edit it. Many people use this program to create presentations, tutorials, and promotional demos for their company. It is a powerful tool to edit and create premium videos.

Because it has so many features it also comes with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a Camtasia alternative there is other software you can try. Many give you must of the same features you would get with Camtasia. Depending on your needs, you may not even need recording software with a lot of extra options. The first step to finding a good Camtasia alternative is figuring out what you want to record. [Read more…]

Best Game Recording Software for the Professional Gamer

best game recording softwareAre you an avid gamer who is ready to take their gaming to the next level? Gamers record their games for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s to catch a funny moment, or to make sure there is no cheating in a match. It’s important to find the best game recording software for your needs. That way you can record your games to play back later to see if you made any mistakes. Using the footage you can learn how to improve and change your strategy for the next game.

Even sports teams record some of their games to see what went well and what they need to improve. It’s an important tool for any sport. With the rise of Major League Gaming (MLG) many people are becoming professional gamers. Besides hours of practice they have tools they can use to help them master their games. They may even watch the games of other professional gamers to learn new strategies. In order to start recording your games you will need to find the best recording software for your system.

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Sensory Activities for Children

shutterstock_95252419Did you know that messy play can help a child learn? You should make a mess together! Sensory Activities help children develop new skills and retain more information. Children learn more when they use multiple senses together. Your baby’s first learning activities in life are all related to their senses.

When your baby uses their senses, their brain makes connections to process and store the information. It is important to start helping your child make those connections from a young age. As people get older it becomes harder to learn new things and retain the information. Although, there are ways to help adults improve their memory and learning experience, it is best to start early. [Read more…]

3D Logo Design for Beginners

3d logo designAre you an artist that is ready to try their hand at 3D logo design? Logos are an important design aspect for any business. 3D logos can be exciting, flashy, realistic, and convey a complex idea better than a 2D logo may be able to do. Many design firms fail to stress how important it can be to have a 3D logo created. Impress your clients by letting them know how important it is to have a 3D logo and that you can provide this service for them.

As an artist you know how important it is to understand the creative process. As a designer you will need to have an understanding of the basic logo design process in order to create a stunning 3D logo. You are not just planning a 3D logo design for your client. You are creating an identity for the company. You need a logo they can use for all sorts of online media and printed materials. Mastering these design basics will help you create stunning logos that stand the test of time and your clients are proud to display.

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