5 Famous Mediums to Connect to Your Loved Ones

famous mediumsLosing a loved one is one of the hardest things someone can go through. Many people wish that they could talk to the one they cared about just one more time. If this is ever happened to you, that you’ve lost someone you care about, you may have looked into talking with a medium.

There are many famous mediums that you could consult with in order to connect with someone who is passed away. The idea of being able to receive a message from a loved one to find out that there okay is very comforting. Many people just want to know that their family and friends are at peace. They may be learning more about spirituality, and trying to learn how to become more spiritual themselves. It is important to surround yourself with supportive friends and family when you’re going through the grieving process. If you feel like you need more closure from the passing of your loved one. You may want to check out some of these famous mediums. [Read more…]

Pencil Drawing Techniques for Beginners

shutterstock_123770368Are you constantly doodling on the side of your notes during meetings at work? If this sounds like you, consider learning some basic pencil drawing techniques to improve your skills. Learning new techniques could help you unlock the artist inside. You may have thought those doodles were nothing special; however you can learn to develop your skills and grow as an artist. Those simple doodles may turn into cartoons or even realistic life drawings. Having more pencil drawing techniques will also help you figure out what drawing style you like to create. Every artist is different and develops a drawing style all their own.

There are many different drawing styles you can study to help you develop your own. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start learning new pencil drawing techniques. Take a look at other artists work and use it to help you learn all of the different techniques they use. It’s important to know how to critique other artists work and your own. Seeing the different pencil drawing techniques in pictures will help you figure out the best way to apply them to your own works of art. Don’t forget when you are critiquing your work that it should be fun and relaxing. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you are learning. Everyone has to develop their skills with practice. [Read more…]

How to Draw Manga Eyes in Two Different Styles

shutterstock_170813579Manga is a major part of Japanese publishing representing billions in the Japanese market. Many people in Japan of different ages read manga. Manga is an art style of comics that was created in Japan. The term manga refers to the words comic and cartooning in Japanese. Many manga influenced comics exist all over the world and have influenced many different styles of manga.

If you are an artist who enjoys reading this style of comic, you can also learn to draw them. With a few tips and tricks you’ll be drawing manga characters in no time. Follow these easy steps to learn how to draw manga eyes. [Read more…]

Pencil Portraits: How to Draw Realistically

pencil portraitsThere is a wide range of styles when it comes to pencil portraits. They can be quick gesture sketches, cartoons, or even highly detailed and shaded; it all depends on what the artist is trying to convey. Artists have been creating portraits of people for ages. Some artists are commissioned to create a portrait, while other artists were able to choose their own models. Throughout history they have created portraits of noblemen, kings, and deities. Art of the 19th and 20th century gave way to new artists with new ideas and art styles, like Impressionism, and Cubism. It’s important to know your art style in order to figure out your drawing process.

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6 Jazz Instruments For Beginners

jazz instrumentsDo you finally have the time to learn how to play an instrument? Are you having trouble picking out a jazz instrument to play? Many people have to pick instruments to learn when they are in grade school. For various reasons a lot of people end up not having the time to practice anymore and stop playing. Sometimes kids pick an instrument that they don’t enjoy so they don’t keep up with practicing. If you have decided to pick up playing an instrument now, you have many choices to pick from. Sometimes being able to grow up, and learn more about yourself, and what types of music you like, helps you figure out what instrument you want to play. Jazz instruments are perfect for any music lover to learn how to play. It’s a good idea to pick an instrument that fits the style of music you like and your personality. That way it will be more enjoyable for you, and you won’t feel like you have to practice, you will want to practice! [Read more…]

Jazz Chord Progressions: Information For Beginners

jazz chord progressionsHave you just started to play jazz guitar, and want to learn about jazz chord progressions? Learning to play a new instrument is an exciting challenge. Having a thorough understanding of jazz chord progressions will help you accomplish your musical goals.

Once you have picked out what kind of instrument you want, you can dive right into learning how to play. It’s important to learn how to read music, and understand music theory, in order to become a great jazz player. Learning how to play jazz chord progressions will help make jazz guitar quick and easy to understand.

One of the best ways to learn how to play guitar is with jazz chord progressions. Because they are so common in many songs it will be easier for you to learn them. They could be part of a song or the whole thing. Even though many different selections of chords can sound good together, there is usually a numeric arrangement that is followed. These arrangements should help you learn to play a lot faster. It is also a good practicing tool to help with your finger placement.  [Read more…]

Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners!

easy woodworking projectsHave you ever fallen in love with a piece of furniture only to go into sticker shock when you look at the price? This is a common occurrence when shopping for new furniture. Because furniture pieces are so big you always see the beauty in them and then have to hunt for the price tag on it. There is a solution for some items, especially if it has a simple modern design. You can build it!

That’s right; you can learn how to build your very own furniture! The first thing to do it to start with some easy woodworking projects to get the hang of it. If you have a friend who has built their own furniture before, ask them to come over and help you on your first attempt. It’s always a good idea to learn new things from a professional. Especially, if that professional can give you some good woodworking tips to help things go smoothly. Remember start with easy woodworking projects first and then dive into more challenging projects when you have some of the basics down. Here are a few good projects you can start with. [Read more…]

7 Fishing Knots That Will Make You a Better Fisher!

fishing knotsHave you ever been fishing and realized your hook had fallen off sometime after you cast your line? If you have ever pulled in your line only to find there is no hook on the end you may have tied the fishing knot wrong. It is important to know how to tie strong fishing knots in order to actually catch a fish!

You don’t want your line going slack when you are pulling a fish in because your knot came undone or snagged on something. Before you decide fishing knots seem too hard, and decide to create an aquaponic garden instead, give these knots a try! [Read more…]

Moxibustion Can Help With Your Pregnancy!

moxibustionHave you ever heard of moxibustion and what it can do for your body? It is part of traditional Chinese medicine practices most commonly practiced with acupuncture. Research has shown that it is very helpful for pregnant women when their baby is in a breeched position approaching her due date. Acupuncture it a great idea for every stage of pregnancy. It can help with morning sickness, aches and pains, and even breeched babies. If your baby becomes breeched they can use moxibustion to help encourage the baby to turn. This is especially helpful for women who are trying to have a homebirth. Let’s take a closer look at moxibustion and what it can do for you.

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5 Boating Knots You Need to Know When Sailing

boating knotsFeeling the wind rush through your hair as salt water sprays up from below the boat is exhilarating. As Bask in the warm glow of the sun and enjoy being outdoors on the open water. If this sounds like a great Sunday afternoon to you, check out these important boating knots to prepare yourself for the open water. It would be a shame is you arrived in a new port to go exploring, only to find out that your boat has drifted away when you return. Hopefully learning these boating knots will keep you safe and secure on your adventures.

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