Chakra Cleansing

guided meditation scriptChakra is a powerful word in Hinduism and Buddhism as well as tantric, yoga and other systems of belief. It refers to dynamic energy points, which are located in key areas throughout our body, near branching networks of arteries, veins and nerves. We have several chakras in all, but there are seven main ones, which are key to expressing our vital life’s energy.

Where does the name chakra originate? It is Sanskrit (the primary sacred language) spoken in Hinduism. Chakras send and receive energy, which is then converted into psychic, emotional and physical energy. If you have too much or too little it can throw off your body’s balance. Just like most things in life, balance is the key to keeping everything flowing smoothly. When the energy flow in one or more chakras is blocked, your chances of developing something physical or mental increase. [Read more…]

Colorful Italian Slang

italian slangThe language of Italia belongs to the illustrious club known as the Romance group of the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family. Although it’s considered a single language you’ll find a great degree of variance in dialect from one area of the country to the next. There are over 65 million people in the European Union alone who speak Italian and that speaks volumes. It’s very similar in structure to Latin, that’s one thing you’ll notice right away.

The popularity of Italian spans far and wide. In Switzerland, it’s one of the four official languages. However, it’s only the fourth most taught language here in the U.S., after Spanish, French and German. The modern Italian of today is the product of three Italian masters who spoke a certain dialect in the 13th and 14th centuries in Florence. Although it has evolved through the years, it flourished back when art was also starting to take flight.

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Consumer Awareness

consumer awarenessThe general marketplace of goods and services as we know it is a crowded and often confusing dimension for the average consumer. What makes one product seemingly leap from the shelves into a shopping cart while a competing product sits idle? That would be the by-product of great branding.

Brand awareness, brand development and even brand extension all play a role in creating the blueprint that will guide a consumer from curiosity to closing the sale.

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Creative Presentation Ideas: Audience Pleasers

presentation skillsYou don’t have to be Don Draper to put on a dog and pony show that will wow even the most skeptical client, business partner or angel investor. You just need a formula you can follow for success and some award-winning tools that will ad punch to your next presentation. Steve Jobs once said, “every new business pitch should do three things: inform, educate and entertain.” In short, you should design your presentation for engagement.

Good creative presentation ideas take time, require a great deal of thought and planning and take disciplined practice to pull off. Here are a few good starting points when you’re in the planning phases of a creative presentation.

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How Much Money Does a Dentist Make a Year?

"how much money does a dentist make a year"Choosing dentistry as a career comes with some serious perks. You get to work with people one-on-one. You are personally responsible for helping others enhance the quality of their life and achieve better health and wellness. You get to work with your hands. So what could be better than that? A six figure paycheck. Dentistry is a field that will always flourish, as long as people keep consuming massive amounts of sugar and forget to floss at night.

These days in particular, the financial gains from a career as a dentist can even eclipse those in other types of medicine. That’s partly because dentistry is not subject to the managed care issues and federal funding reductions facing primary care medicine that has increased costs and deflated profits. The path to dentistry however is paved with hard work, serious academics and a time and money commitment. But why not start a business you love?

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Manage Customer Expectations and Win Business for Life

shutterstock_125451557Marketing books are filled with theories on ways to meet or exceed customer expectations. So why do so many companies fail miserably when it comes to keeping people happy? It’s simple — they don’t really know their customer. Studies say that marketers at 80 percent of brands lack the customer data to drive effective marketing campaigns. 80 percent! That means they don’t even have the basic information available to send the kind of personalized, targeted campaigns that solidify brand loyalty and return business. That means companies are spending way more marketing dollars than they should be continually chasing after new business simply to get ahead.

Roy Hollister Williams said, “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations. So how do you get to know your customer? Here are a few simple ways:

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Competitive Intelligence: An Insiders’ Guide

competitive intelligenceKnowledge is power, particularly when it comes to outsmarting the competition. Remember that famous line from the movie The Godfather? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That’s never been more evident a need than with rival companies who are vying for the attention of your customers. Having the right information at your fingertips drives an enterprise forward and helps solidify a business strategy with a clear advantage.

Competitive Intelligence by definition is the collection, analyzing and distributing of information about products, customers, competitors and anything else useful to executives and managers making key decisions within an organization. It’s about stepping out of a person’s immediate surroundings, to look for clues that will help gain insight into competitive challenges of the external business environment. When you can’t see the forest for the trees that means it’s time to step outside your world and look around.

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Organized Living: Clear Your Space and Clear Your Mind

organized livingWho doesn’t want or need more organization in their life? Today’s technology fueled, fast-paced world keeps everyone moving at such a lively pace, there’s little downtime to even ponder ways to bring more organization home. Often it’s the small things that create the most havoc and throw off our balance. Those small things start to add up and pretty soon it’s as if everything feels out of control. Staying organized isn’t just about the space around us, it’s also about time management — those annoyances many can’t say “no” to that take up extra space in our lives. It’s only by addressing physical space and emotional space that true organization can begin to break through, making everything in life easier.

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1950s Makeup

1950s MakeupThe 1950s followed the end of the second-world war. It was an era where the collective world took one long, deep exhale and looked ahead with optimism. Rock-n-roll took center stage, and greats such as Fats Domino, Little Richard and Elvis Presley quickly rose to fame. The American folk music revival became “a thing.” European Cinema experienced a renaissance due to the former dark days of the war and a longing for new inspiration. In fact, everything was starting look and feel more upbeat, and the fashion and beauty world took its cue and followed suit.

It’s hard to believe now but The Fifties was also a time when television viewing really hit its stride. In fact, by 1950 4.4 million families in American had a TV set. What did we ever do before Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad? Other technologies also took off during this time. The Chevrolet Corvette premiered a slick, all fiberglass body — the first of its kind. Jonas Salk invented and introduced the polio vaccine. The first plastic Coke bottle appeared.

In Hollywood and elsewhere in the entertainment world, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and more were setting the silver screen on fire. The beautiful and glamorous women of the 1950s were style icons for women all around the world. In fact, their 1950s makeup looks defined this era. So how does one get the look? It all starts with picking the right color.

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Experiential Marketing


Experiential MarketingThe term is the talk of marketing circles and boardrooms everywhere, but wasn’t it always about the experience when it comes to marketing? Yes and no. In the pre-digital days of the print ad or radio or television spot, clever marketers went about the business of showing or telling people the very best features and benefits about their brands. However, that sort of conversation is very much like watching a play — it’s a one-way dialogue with the audience. Although traditional marketing does build brand awareness,  experiential marketing allows companies to truly design their user experience.

When a company really wants people to live and breath their brand — touch it with all five senses — they practice a number of experiential marketing techniques that provide a full, immersive experience. It’s really just next-generation guerrilla marketing if you want to get technical. The end result is giving customers an emotional connection with the brand, one that is meaningful and memorable — a reason to return.

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