Low Carb Grocery List

low carb grocery listIf you’re new to low-carbohydrate eating, you may find it confusing to walk into the grocery store and figure out what you should be shopping for first. Avoiding carbohydrates can be frustrating because practically everything in the grocery store has carbohydrates in it, and sometimes those carbohydrates are hidden. Knowing where to look, and which carbohydrates are safe, is part of the trip. Before you start, it can be a good idea to take a class like this one in healthy eating.

The thing to remember about grocery shopping is that going with a list is probably the safest way to avoid the foods you’re trying not to eat, while making sure you’re well supplied with all of the foods you need to have in your kitchen in order to make cooking and eating low carbohydrate foods easier. Everybody’s list will be different, but there are a number of staples that you should have in mind every time you go to the grocery store if you’re eating a low-carb way. These are the things that are going to go bad quickly, the things you’re going to run out of fastest, and the things you may not be used to having on hand. [Read more…]

SSH: Example, Explanation, and Tips

ssh exampleConnecting to other computers over a network always means a certain amount of risk. In order to keep your connection is secure as possible, a number of techniques have been developed to keep what you’re doing private. One of the most popular is SSH. SSH stands for secure shell, and it’s a way of encrypting the connection between your computer and a remote computer, so that anything that sent over the network is delivered as garbled code that only your local machine and the remote computer you have authenticated with can understand. If you want to learn more about data security, a course like this one is a great place to start. [Read more…]

Agile Working for Productive Development

agile workingEngineers and business people alike are enthusiastic about the benefits of creating an agile workplace. Not only is communication improved, and transparency increased, but the ability to produce and iterate on products in a cleaner and more efficient manner can also come out of this work approach. If you’re not familiar with agile in the workplace, you may want to take a course like An Introduction to Agile to learn what agile is how it can work for your company.

If you’re considering adopting agile for your work environment for your engineers, it’s important to understand why people would be attracted to this way of working. In many engineering companies, agile is becoming the norm, but it hasn’t been that way forever. Older approaches such as waterfall development have typically provided engineers up front with complex and detailed product requirement documents, which they then went off and developed in isolation. In an agile environments, product owners and engineers work closely together to refine and develop the features of the product as it is being developed.
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The Scrum Master Role: Keeping Things on Track

Shepherd with sheep on green landscapeOf the defined roles in scrum, one of the most critical to match for personality and skill is the scrum master. If you’re just learning about scrum, and want to find out more about how it can help your company move beyond old-fashioned waterfall project management, you should start by taking a course like this Introduction to Scrum. But in a nutshell, scrum is a system for managing the workflow of a team, usually in a technology field such as software development, to develop a product with specified features that meet the expectations of a product owner.

A strong scrum master has to balance the skills of a negotiator, a writer, and a project manager, and do so with the strength of personality it takes to get people motivated and shepherd them along their path through good times and bad. The personality of the scrum master needs to be strong and charismatic, yet very approachable, so everyone on the team feels confident that oversight of the project is in capable hands. [Read more…]

Normalization in Database (With Example)

Normalization in Database With ExampleDatabase normalization is the process of making the data in a database available in the most organized way possible. It is one of the first concepts you will learn when studying database management, as you might in a course like SQL Database For Beginners.

When you’re normalizing a database, there are two things you need to consider: whether the information in the database has internal redundancies, and whether the dependencies across the different tables in the database are logically organized.
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7 Photojournalism Tips: Fundamentals for Visual Impact

Photojournalism TipsPhotojournalism may seem like a commodity these days. Everybody has a phone, and every phone has a camera. Those cameras are good enough to take a picture that can be published on the front page of the New York Times, and much more easily on the homepage of a website. So what’s differentiates the true photojournalist and the guy who happens to have a camera and happens to be on the scene at the right moment?

Photojournalism means more than being in the right place at the right time. At its core, photojournalism is serious journalism, with a focus on the visual impact of a story. If you’re serious about photojournalism, you should take a course like this Journalism Masterclass to more about being a journalist, and keep in mind these tips that you can keep in mind to help move yourself in that direction. [Read more…]

5 Sports Photography Tips for Beginners

Sports Photography TipsSports photography combines the thrill of action with the science and precision of photojournalism. As a sports photographer, you’re capturing something that is near and dear to the hearts of your viewers, and also trying to make a point with your image.

With thousands of people shooting pictures of their favorite sports every day, what can you do to distinguish your photography from the crowd. You can learn how to capture the moment with this course right here at Udemy. True sports photography captures the decisive moment, and brings it into sharp clear focus for everybody to see. When you prepare to go to a sporting event as a professional photographer, there are some points to keep in mind that can make your sports photography the most exciting. [Read more…]

Online Business Ideas: 8 Options for Digital Entrepreneurs

online business ideasIt’s 2014, and if you’re thinking about starting a business, it’s almost redundant to say that it’s going to be an online business in one way or another. So much of what’s happening in the business world is happening online, and so much of consumer attention and money is being funneled directly into the computer screen, that practically every business these days has to have an online strategy.

However, creating an online business can mean venturing into new territory for many people. The online marketplace is huge, and it can change dramatically very quickly. Creating a business structured around online opportunities means being aware of the potential for everything that you’ve built your business around to change at a moment’s notice. You need your business to be flexible and versatile, and focused on real customers with real needs. [Read more…]

17 Singing Tips and Tools to Improve Your Voice

singing tipsWhether you’ve been singing all your life, or are just starting out learning the basics from an online course, it’s important to approach singing with as much respect as you would approach any musical training. As my own vocal coach is fond of reminding me, there is no difference between musicians and singers. We are all musicians. Singers simply carry our instruments inside our throats and vocal cords. We also may not have to oil and maintain our instrument the same way that musicians with physical instruments do, but there are many good practices we can incorporate into our lives to maintain the flexibility and agility of our internal vocal instrument.

Singers have the advantage of being able to sing anywhere they are, and not having to carry anything with them. However, we must care for and maintain our vocal cords just like any instrument. There are ways we can do damage to our voices simply by using them incorrectly. And just like proper positioning for playing an instrument, there are ways that we can improve our posture and refine our movements to get the best performance out of our voices. [Read more…]

Meditation for Anxiety: Peace of Mind with Meditation

meditation for anxietyAnxiety is a common complaint in modern society. Life moves at a rapid pace, and all of us have to deal with unexpected changes that make us anxious in our daily lives. When these stresses build up to the point that we start having physical anxiety attacks, it’s necessary to do something to retrain the mind, and learn how to control anxiety like you can with this course.

Meditation can be an effective tool for learning how to cope with anxiety. Meditation teaches us to connect with our true inner selves, and focus on what stays constant in our lives, despite the rapid change around us. By meditating on a regular basis, we can create a living sanctuary inside our heads, where we can achieve a degree of objectivity to help ourselves. Check out this course for more information about coping with anxiety. [Read more…]