Career Anchors: Understanding Who You Are and Getting the Job You Want

career anchorsIn today’s world it is important to manage your career so you can reach your career goals and thrive in your work environment.  The companies and organizations that you are employed by are charged with making the company profitable and successful, which does not always mean an attention to employee development.

Managing your own career means having the knowledge to know what is best for you – what sets you apart and what you need in a work environment in order to succeed and be happy. When you are successful in your career and happy, the company you work for is happy and the benefits multiply. [Read more…]

Analytic Philosophy for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

demographic transition modelWhat is happiness? Can you have happiness without sadness? Are some actions always right or always wrong? Is there a situation where it is okay to steal? Are miracles possible? What is truth? Why do I do the things I do?

If you have ever asked yourself questions like these you have entered the world of philosophy. Philosophy aims to consider the deeper questions about life and the world that we live in by thinking through the possibilities, the repercussions, the facts, and the experiences that people have in order to define knowledge, reality and existence. Since philosophy came on the scene, we have seen many changes in the way we analyze and think about meaning from the thinkers of ancient Greece and up until modern thought. Analytic philosophy represents one of those changes. The discipline of analytic philosophy focuses on logic and an evaluation of language to attempt to define questions, analyze definitions and determine what is true about the world.

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The Demographic Transition Model and our Economy

demographic transition modelOver the course of world history there has been a shift in the ratio of birth to death rates. This shift has significantly impacted the total population of the world and impacts the structure and economy of our nations. These shifts are best represented in the demographic transition model which graphs the shift in a series of stages that generalize the changes seen as countries develop. These changes in the ratio of birth to death throughout the life of a developing nation are significant factors in determining how our economy and capitalism work and giving insight into proposed solutions for economic strain or stagnation.

Understanding the Demographic Transition Model

The demographic transition model is split into four to five stages that countries pass through as they develop. These stages help explain the change in birth and death rates and the causes of these shifts, generally speaking. The speed at which countries can pass through these stages differ as their economy, industry, health and education and technology develop at different rates.

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Action Research Methodology for Organizations and Teams

action research methodologyThere are many research theories that attempt to help us solve problems. Often, they look from the outside in and try to observe, note and manipulate contrived situations in order to understand how people think and act in those situations. These research methods have helped us understand a person’s approach to authority, how animals respond to conditioning and how the brain works. In contrast, action research methodology is a different type of research that involves real people, in real situations, evaluating and attempting to decipher what works and what doesn’t work from the inside. Rather than scientists and researchers controlling the process, those inside of the process help determine the changes and set the outcome.

An important way that action research methodology is used is in developing work teams that have experienced unproductive dynamics in the past. Organizational behavior studies take a practical approach to developing your professional team by evaluating motivation, decision making, team building, communication and more.  Action research methodology can provide a framework within those teams to identify weaknesses, provide a platform for feedback and initiated needed changes.

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Nursing Diagnosis for Depression: Symptoms and Strategies for Coping

nursing diagnosis for depressionThere are moments in everyone’s life where the pressures and stress around us can get to us, causing us to feel unhappy, moody or sad. These feelings are acceptable and normal in those situations and are to be expected and worked through over time. But, there comes a point when the gloomy, unhappy feeling doesn’t go away and we are left wondering why we just can’t snap out of it. In some cases those feelings can increase in intensity and make our thoughts skewed, our perceptions inaccurate and affect our physical body. When the feelings begin to interfere with daily life one may be diagnosed with depression and be advised to seek additional medical, psychological and self care treatments in order to attempt to remedy their condition. [Read more…]

Georgian Wine: From Wine Discovery to Modern Tasting

georgian wineWhen you are wandering through the store as you get ready to have company over or have a special dinner you can get overwhelmed with the many wine choices that are available. How do you choose? What type of wine goes best with the meal you are making? Which region of the world produces the type of wine you are looking for?

These questions are made possible because of the one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. Georgian wine, from the Southern Caucus region of Central Asia, is believed to be the source of the first cultivated grapevines and wine production dating back over 8,000 years. You can learn all you need to know about wine regions, flavors and pairing for any occasion and be able to make the best choice for your meal.

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Telephone Conversation: A Guide to American Etiquette and Sales

telephone conversationTelephone conversations can be difficult. Even in our native languages it is hard to navigate not being able to see a person’s emotions and reactions during conversation. With some scientists claiming that 80% of communication is non-verbal, telephone conversation becomes an important skill because we are limited to hearing a person’s tone and words without seeing their physical reactions like the emotions on their face to what we are saying or their interest in our product as they look it over. However, we still expect to connect well with the person on the other end of the line even if we can’t see them. In business this is especially important as we need to communicate well with the people we are working with and the clients we have in order to maintain the relationships that will lead to success and sales.

Telephone conversation is a great tool both professionally and personally. The first step is getting a firm grasp on the English language. There are many ways that American’s express themselves using phrases that don’t translate word-for-word with the same meaning. Knowing these phrases and styles of communication will help you have successful telephone conversations. Take time to understand English idioms and expressions used in business so you can have a successful telephone conversation with a business colleague, potential client or customer.

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Successive Approximation: Steps Toward Behavioral Change

successive approximationStudies of psychology have given us many insights into animal and human behavior. Due to the experiments and observations of psychologists and scientists we can know better how to best coach teams, train our pets and shape the behavior of our children. One of the theories that is commonly used to shape behaviors and train our pets is successive approximation. In its most basic sense, successive approximation is a series of rewards that provide positive reinforcement for behavior changes that are successive steps towards the final desired behavior.

Have you ever wanted to train your dog to do tricks beyond sit, stay and come? You can teach your dog to do many fun and exciting tricks using just a few great snacks and successive approximation techniques. Have you ever wanted to teach your pre-speaking child to use children’s sign language so they could communicate with you before they could speak? You can do so using successive approximation and your child could be telling you when they are hungry or thirsty even before they can say the words.

Successive approximation is a successful behavioral change theory that has been studied and applied in various settings, from research labs to families and substance abuse counseling.

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Transition Management: Your Guide to Building Sustainable Systems

transition managementTwenty years ago nobody was using cellular telephones. There was no such thing as an app or FaceTime. We didn’t maintain long-distance relationships via cameras installed on wireless devices and we didn’t see anything like a hybrid car on the road or plug-ins for them in parking lots. These are all examples of major transitions in society that have shaped our culture – or will shape our culture – and have replaced previous versions of technology. These technologies and widespread advancements like solar power, recycling, and even legalizing marijuana require a plan to help steer the change and control the influences of that change. The plans that are established to help influence our ever changing systems of society make up the theory of transition management.

Transition management is commonly associated with sustainable development and works to consider the geo-politcal relationships, economics, ethics, policy and trade-offs that are necessary for large scale sustainability efforts.  In the very fluid world of sustainable development, new theories, practices and ideals come on to the scene and need a lot of influence in order to make them viable. Most of us do not consider the thought, planning, logistics and work that must go in to encouraging something new to take root and become part of society. These transitions from “old” ways of doing things to “new” ways of doing things take time and effort from a lot of people at various stages of integrating the new practices.

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Goat Milk Soap Recipe and Other Fun Soap-Making Tips

goat milk soap recipeWe all like a feel good lather in the shower with a bar of soap that doesn’t dry out the skin, that is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for us, and helps us wake up and take on the day feeling confident, clean and fresh. One of the best ways to get this great feeling of cleanliness and luxurious lather is by using goat milk soap.

A simple goat milk soap recipe can be made at home with easily found ingredients and tailored to your preferences. Milky soaps have a few additional challenges to non-milk soaps, but nothing you cannot overcome with a little information and insight. Soapmaking doesn’t have to be hard or confusing, you can easily learn to make soap with any kind of milk and have much success in home soap-making endeavors.

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