Read this before Launching Your Next Udemy Course: Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer Jaime Brodie Made Over $10,000 using this method.


Jaime Brodie has been teaching kids yoga for 5 years now. She started shooting episodes 2 years ago, using a green screen. In the episodes, she takes kids on fictional adventures with characters like Pablo the Penguin and incorporates yoga movements into the story.

So, how did this Kids Yoga Teacher earn over $10,000 from her course during her first month on Udemy? Let’s find out!

Jaime, you have over 15,000 YouTube subscribers, and your most popular video, created just one year ago, has over 500,000 views. How did you get so many YouTube subscribers?  [Read more…]

Consejo Promo: Cómo Optimizar Tu Canal YouTube para Ganar Más en Udemy

YouTube_KarlTaylor2Este artículo forma parte de la Serie para Nuevos Instructores—dedicada a ayudar a los instructores recientemente publicados a conseguir su primera tanda de estudiantes. ¿Qué tiene de bueno crear un curso si no puedes compartirlo con los demás?

Si eres un instructor Udemy, lo más seguro es que: Tengas un canal YouTube. Puede que seas una mega estrella de YouTube con miles y miles de suscriptores, o quizás estés empezando con un par de cientos de suscriptores y unos cuantos vídeos. [Read more…]

Let’s make cake: How to analyze your Instructor Payment Reports


It’s time to promote your Udemy course. It’s not exactly a piece of cake, right? Well, I have news for you. The recipe to becoming a better selling Udemy instructor is in your Payment Report.

I’ll show you how to analyze your Payment Reports to determine exactly where you should invest your resources to help you bake a bigger cake this month.

FIRST: It’s important to know the difference between The Cake and The Icing.




The Cake is your base income. These are instructor-driven sales that you control. This is your predictable monthly income.

The Icing is your variable income. These are Udemy-driven sales that you have little control over and little predictability. It’s exactly why these sales are “The Icing on the Cake.”

Below is an actual instructor’s Cake. I’ll show you how to do a quick analysis to see what yours looks like.

Let’s start on your Cake Analysis. [Read more…]

How Chris Paradox got his first 1,000 students in 30 days on Udemy


Since publishing on Udemy, I changed my business strategy. I already offered a course on my site, and it went well. But I saw limitations with that. Udemy has all the funding and technology, and it makes sense to use Udemy’s platform rather than reinvent the wheel and do it myself.

Chris Paradox left his six-figure salary at a corporate job to find his life’s purpose. He started this journey living under a tree in a London park and distributing the paper. Afterwards, Chris joined a circus and lost his leg in a diving accident. Fast forward, and Chris Paradox is now an inspirational poet and speaker helping others find their life’s purpose. He teaches The Art of Meaning: Make Your Life Matter which now has over 1,200 students enrolled and 31 5-star reviews.

Before Chris Paradox published his course, he decided, “I want 1,000 students in my first month.” He applied the precise thinking he teaches in his course to help him enroll his first 1,000 students within 30 days of publishing on Udemy.

On Getting His First 1,000 Students

DL-ChrisParadox_Part1 [Read more…]

Share the Love! February Campaign for Udemy Instructors

ShareTheLove_emailheroBrad Hussey shared his love for design & development and earned enough in two months teaching on Udemy to take his family on a 25-day vacation!

Brad Hussey Testimonial

Are you ready to Share the Love like Brad and so many other Udemy instructors? Get ready for our February campaign! All month, we’ll share ways for you to Share the Love to new, potential students. On February 28th, we’ll select two Share the Love winners:

  1. Leader of Enrollments: the instructor who enrolls the most new students to Udemy through your coupon code
  2. Leader of Sales: the instructor who earns the most in sales from new students enrolled through your coupon code.

Both instructors will win a feature on our Main Banner and $100 to spend on a loved one. 

Are you in?? SHARETHELOVE using the tips below!

Tip from Brad:

Number 1

Post on Reddit: This one’s obvious, but worked like a charm for me! This one got me nearly 1K free students on my first course.

Tip from the Best of the Blog:

Number 2

Send an email to the people on your email list and/or in your network providing them with a free, discounted, or full price coupon code “SHARETHELOVE” to enroll in your course themselves and/or to share widely with friends, colleagues, etc. Previously, an instructor enrolled over 100 students when his friend shared his coupon code with his co-workers.

Steal this script!

Hi Anna… This month, I’m spreading the love and sharing my course with the people in my network and closest to me. Feel free to use this coupon code SHARETHELOVE to enroll in my course for (e.g. FREE, $5, $19, 50% off, etc.) and share it as widely as you want! For instance, you can email it to your friends or share it at work. I’d like to welcome as many people into my course in February who share my love for (e.g. Excel, web design, yoga, photography, etc.). I appreciate your love & support!

P.S. Here are photos Brad was kind enough to share of him and his family on vacation, courtesy of his teaching on Udemy.


One instructor earned $13,477 this week…

Holiday Blog PartnershipOne instructor earned $13,477 this week in 2012. 

That’s right—this time last year, a Udemy instructor teamed up with a popular blog for a holiday promotion, and the results:

$13,000 in sales…in one day!

Can you do this, too? ABSOLUTELY!

You may not be able to break the $13,000 record (or maybe you can!), but you can certainly give it your best before New Year’s.

Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide to get the best results possible from your holiday campaign.

[Read more…]

You’re Invited! 1st Annual Give Back, Get Back

1st Annual Give Back, Get BackWe’re holding our 1st Annual Give Back, Get Back, and you’re invited!

All over the world, individuals are giving gifts of food, clothing, encouragement, and Udemy’s Give Back, Get Back is to empower our instructors to Give Back the Gift of Education. In return, you Get Back the pride of sharing your knowledge with others.

So far, Scott Britton had 304 people from join his courses. He teaches the popular courses “Sleep Hacking” and “Master Gmail to be 10x More Productive.” You rock, Scott!

How do I participate? …It’s easy!

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Earn More from Your YouTube Channel—Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Sales Machine

If you’re a Udemy instructor, chances are: You have a YouTube channel. You may be a mega YouTube star with thousands upon thousands of subscribers, or you may be just starting out with a couple hundred of subscribers and a few videos.

The good news is: We have instructors with less than 300 YT subscribers who immediately drove over $600 in course sales from YouTube, and instructors with huge subscriber bases who drove $7,000 immediately in course sales. Wherever you are on the spectrum, use this guide to outfit your YouTube channel to help you become a Udemy Bestseller.


The Guide is broken into 3 Phases: The Single, Double, and Home Run—each containing step-by-step instructions. Complete all 3 stages to completely prepare your YouTube channel for Udemy domination.

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New Frontiers: 9 Unique Ways to Promote Your Udemy Courses


We held a contest in October challenging instructors to discover new, unique ways to grow their course enrollments and earnings. We received over 75 submissions. Congratulations to our selected Leaders Vanessa Van Edwards and Hitesh Choudhary for winning an iPad mini or flight anywhere up to $400!

Read their New Frontiers stories below!


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For Instructors: How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your Udemy Course

Google Analytics is a really powerful tool to track your Udemy course. Below, you’ll find a link to instructions on how to install Google Analytics on your course page and a video explaining how to interpret the data and make intelligent decisions about how to promote your course.

Install Google Analytics on your Udemy course page.

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