Quotes on Commitment: Make Your Dreams Come True

quotes on commitmentWhether it’s a person, a job, or another dream, there comes a point when you have to fully commit to the thing you’re pursuing in order for it to flourish to its full potential. If you’re struggling with committing to something or finding the inspiration to power through, quotes about commitment can help guide and lead you through rocky or confusing stages in your life.

Whatever it is you’re committing to, one this is certain, do it with your whole heart. The whole entire thing. <3 Learn more with this Udemy course on commitment.

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Spicy Pasta Recipes

spicy pasta recipesPasta for dinner is a comfort food that nourishes a hungry belly, fills you up and certainly helps save your precious pennies. Usually when you’re serving a big Italian dinner, you’re likely serving a mini-army, family, friends, friends of friends. That, is the wonderful thing about pasta. It’s easy to make and no one will go hungry, there’s always leftovers. You may find that, after the 10th time making spaghetti and meatballs….this month, your kids and your spouse are getting a little, well, bored.

Always delicious and always classic, but adding a little variety into your meal rotation isn’t a bad thing! So, how do you change it up? As they say, variety is the “spice,” of life. Pun totally intended. If you’re getting tired of your worn out marinara recipes, then why not try something a little different? Pasta is the staple, how you dress it, season it and sauce it is where the creativity comes in. Here’s a few delicious pasta recipes for you to try that will make your guests, family and belly super happy.

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Five Cheese Ziti al Forno Recipe

five cheese ziti al fornoA go-to, fail-proof recipe is definitely five cheese ziti al forno. While there’s a bevy of Italian dishes perfect for feeding big groups of people, or hungry families on a Sunday night, a baked dish like this one will be easy on your budget, your tummy and your happiness. When you’re entertaining, no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen the entire time. That’s a recipe for stress in the eyes of a hostess. So, having a dish that’s simple, easy and filling allows you to prepare a bit before hand to greet your guests at the door all the while, the food is cooking up in the oven. For your next dinner party, or hungry teenagers try out this recipe and let us know what you think!

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History of Jazz Dance

history of jazz danceWhen you hear the word JAZZ, almost instantly images of Liza Minnelli, Fosse, “Cabaret,” or even polished, long lines, tricks and triple pirouettes in music videos, or from primly rehearsed cheerleading teams. Whatever the image is that comes into your head, the truth about jazz dance is that it’s evolved into various branches, forms and styles since it’s conception. Dancing, as any creative expression is one that morphs and chances with time, trends and social, political and economical times through history. People have been moving their bodies as a means of expression for decades and the “how,” in which it all came about has a history long and varied.

Whatever movements you’re currently doing, like anything else; language, wine and neighborhoods, has roots and lineage that goes far back than the eye can see. To be great at anything, one needs to know their history. Whether you’re a dancer, an artist, a dance teacher, or just a passionate observer of dance, study the history of movement. Knowing the influencers, the main figures and the evolution of movement will not only make you a stronger dancer but a more passionate one. And that, is what it’s all about when you get on stage and leave your heart on the dance floor.

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Metaphor Poem Examples

metaphor poem examplesWriting and reading poetry is beautiful form of art and expression. It can be incredibly cathartic as well when you read a sentence that was written so poignantly you feel like it echoed all of your personal feelings and hit the nail on the head. There are several types of poetry, styles and forms and a common thread within all of it is the use of metaphor. The definition of A metaphor is “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.” Or rather, a comparison between two things in which you replace the name of the object for something more abstract or less literal. William Shakespeare was known for using metaphors in poems quite often, perhaps famously saying in Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare these to a Summer’s day?”

If you’re writing poetry, it’s an incredibly useful and essential tool for your poetry to flow in a beautiful and, dare I say, “poetic” way. If you’re learning how to write poetry or teaching a group of students the best way to use metaphors in poems, we’ve gathered some examples for you to examine and work with when you’re creating your own poems!

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Handwriting Exercises

handwriting exercisesIn the digital age with all of the typing and texting, it can feel like an odd and rare experience picking up a pen and writing. The art form, the structure, cursive? Forget about it! Finding the focus to write a Thank You card that doesn’t look like it was written by a 3rd grader can be tricky. The beautiful artform of handwriting is long lost and forgotten, unless we decide to make it a priority for it be otherwise. Remember when you were young and you took pride in writing a beautiful note or letter to a friend, when you could spend an hour perfecting your autograph and you’d certainly never turn in a paper with sloppy writing. As we get older, that perfectionism is lost a bit, it’s easier to text it. Or that’s the thought at least. Even with the convenience of technology, there’s nothing like receiving a beautiful handwritten note, from a close friend or even a casual acquaintance. It shows thought, effort and arguably, more connection than a “hello,” from an email.

In addition to improving your handwriting as an adult, it can be particularly difficult for children to get into the rhythm of using their pen and perfecting their strokes. Handwriting exercises for kids are plentiful and can be made fun, especially when the adult participates with them!

if you’re ready to improve your handwriting, there’s plenty of handwriting exercises for you, your kids, or students to try if you want to feel confident writing a letter, paper, etc. Pick up a pen, go shopping for a fancy new journal, pour yourself a cup of tea and practice some of these great handwriting exercises to get your writing looking beautiful!

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Acupuncture Meridians

acupuncture meridians

Whether you’ve tried acupuncture yourself, or just seen it pictured in photographs or on TV as a practice where one lays on their stomach while someone covers their body in needles (ouch! Or so you think…) there is something to be said for this incredible, healing and ancient practice. This mysterious practice is actually a key component to alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. To receive an acupuncture treatment for certain points, or meridians in your body will be stimulated with the slight penetration of a needle. Once the needle is in place in the proper meridian, or affected area the acupuncturist can apply heat and/or pressure. There are also several types of acupuncture; Electroacupuncture sends an electrical current through the needles to stimulate pressure points during acupuncture, Sonopuncture applies sound waves to the acupuncture points, Acupressure follows the same principle as acupuncture, but it uses pressure rather than needles, Moxibustion uses heat to stimulate acupoints and “Cupping,” which places heated jars or cups over the skin.

If you are able to look at a visual diagram or reference guide of the meridian points, you’ll notice the correlation between the physical body and where energy could pool and manifest. While we may not be able to see the energy, we all know what it FEELS like when it’s in our body. The “pit of your stomach,” or a “lump in your throat.” While our emotions are verbalized in these terms, they line up with meridian or chakra points in our bodies as well. Acupuncture has been seen as effective in everything from reducing stress, insomnia, and mental cravings to more serious issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and high blood pressure. Acupuncture has been known to treat a wide variety of ailments in various types of people and age ranges.

While there are certainly some doubts about acupuncture’s effectiveness, the Western view or mindset could accredit the positive impact by noting that acupuncture is actually stimulating the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to release chemicals called neurotransmitters and hormones. These chemicals dull pain, boost the immune system and regulate various body functions.

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Bodyweight Squats

bodyweight squatsGet up and get moving! It isn’t always easy scheduling the time to get to the gym, or your favorite spinning class. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get up while you’re watching your favorite TV and move your body for 15-20 minutes. Squats are one of the most effective exercises that you can go at home that strengthen muscle throughout your entire body. By gaining more muscle you also burn more calories throughout the day. For better mobility and joint strengthening, squats are a good go-to. While you’re primarily targeting your butt and thighs, you’re working your core, lower back and hamstrings as well. If you’re an athlete, squats are your new best friend. Want to run faster? Do squats. Want to jump higher? Do some squats.

When we sit for 8-10 hours a day at our computers, in the car and so on we shorten our hamstrings and compress our lower spine. A squat is one of the best exercises to turn on your endocrine system and get proper hormone functioning moving throughout our body. Boosting the muscles surrounding your knees and hips is a quick method to reduce your chance of injury when doing almost any activity. In terms of what happens on the inside of your body, squats improve the pumping of body fluids and stimulate your digestive system aiding in removal of waste, thus delivering nutrition to all tissues, including the organs and glands. If you have issues with your digestion, get to squatting!

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Decision Making Quotes

decision making quotesDeciding to decide, to move boldly into a choice without hesitation can be a daunting experience. It isn’t easy to choose, especially when you have a bevy of options presented in front of you. You can do the old fashioned pros and cons list, base your decision on the votes of your friends or family, or you can simply toss a coin. Whatever you do, the root of decision making often goes back to, “All roads lead to the same path.”

If you believe you can’t make the “wrong,” decision, but rather receive a valuable lesson if it doesn’t go as planned, then you’ll feel more confident making a decision. One thing is for sure, you can’t go on very long without deciding in one direction or another. It’s been said that you don’t make a decision, the Universe, God, or someone will make ti for you and wouldn’t you rather feel like you had a say in the matter? It’s common to feel conflicted when you have multiple paths to walk, a collection of quotes about decision making may help you find the inspiration you need to move in the right direction. Whatever you choose, follow your heart, trust your gut and go forth with confidence!

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Hebrew Quotes

hebrew quotesWhether you’re looking for a beautiful quote, or perhaps an idea for your next tattoo or DIY craft project, there are several amazing Hebrew Quotes that we’ve compiled for your pleasure. From Yiddish sayings, to Jewish Proverbs and a few biblical quotes these are words that will pull your heart strings, make you laugh and certainly make you think. The wisdom and humor could go on and on. Do you have any to add?!

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