Normal Distribution Example – Games of Chance

normal distribution exampleThe news is full of accusations of the rigging of casino games and electronic games. When gamblers play slot machines over a long period of time, they expect to at least break even. When they do not, they may suspect the game is rigged. Some of us get lucky and win the jackpot during a short trip to Las Vegas, but this is not the normal experience of most players.  Introductory statistics can show us what the outcomes of a fairly played game of chance should look like. [Read more…]

How to Draw a Lion Face

How to Draw a Lion FaceThe lion is one of the most frequently drawn animals. It appears in early cave art of the stone age and is a recurring symbol in ancient cultures. In many cultures, from ancient times to today, the lion has been portrayed as one of the most powerful and revered symbols – from the Sumerian lion deities to the gigantic sphinx of Egypt.  Today, the lion continues to figure prominently in heraldry and the coat of arms of many nations.

In lion imagery throughout history, the lion has been most often portrayed as the protector – as proud and silent, or roaring and ferocious. In our portraits of the king of the jungle, we will endeavor to capture the true nature of the lion. We will draw him as proud and silent, and then we will draw him ferocious and growling.

Lessons in portrait drawing can teach you how to draw a lion’s face with more detail and expression. Drawing the lion’s face is very similar to drawing a human face.  Getting the positioning of the head and proportions right is fundamental to the proper placement of the features. Understanding the basic structure of the facial features will allow you to more easily transition, for example, from a narrow human nose to the lion’s wide nose. For beginners, drawing cartoony characters and animal caricatures is a great way to learn the basic shapes and placement of facial features.

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Easy Drawings Step by Step

easy drawings step by stepIt is a rainy day and you have a house full of restless children. Teaching drawing will keep them busy and entertained. Maybe you harbour a secret desire to be a Pixar animator yourself.  Or your husband always wanted to be Charles Schultz, the Charlie Brown and Snoopy animator. With these easy drawings step by step tips, the whole family can realize their artistic ambitions by the end of the day!

Drawing simple characters is a good way to learn the basics and secrets of drawing. Creating an art school for kids is easy and fun. We have developed three easy drawing projects to fill the day. If you can draw circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles, you can do these drawing exercises. [Read more…]

Calories Burned Running a Mile

Calories Burned Running a MileWhether you are 20 or 60, it is a good time to get out your running shoes, according to cardiologists.  Marathon running was found to reduce cardiovascular risk in amateur Boston marathon runners in a study by the Massachusetts General Hospital.  While training for the Boston marathon, a running group aged from 35 to 65 years old showed improved cardiovascular health.  Other studies of ultra-marathoners, however, have shown that too much exertion is bad for the heart.

Of all aerobic exercises, running burns calories the most efficiently. The number one goal of runners is to count calories burned running a mile.  In pursuing this goal some runners expend too much energy. For long-term good health, it is essential to pursue exercise and weight loss via nature’s way. More and more tools are available to help runners maintain a balanced and healthy running program.

If you want to know how many calories you have burned running a mile, there’s an app for that! By tracking your calories burned, you can make adjustments and improve your workout efficiency. Mobile technology is making it possible to fine-tune your running program even more.

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Painting in PhotoShop – A Game Developer’s Toolbox

painting in photoshopWith the explosion in gamification of work and play, game developers are the fastest growing users of digital paint programs. As the advanced features offered by digital painting programs grows to meet user needs, the competition has led to a flurry of comparison reviews. The problem with these tit-for-tat reviews is that they overlook the community of expertise which develops around software. In artistic domains, this expertise has far more value than, say, knowledge of a word processing program. For game developers, the legacy of expertise that has developed around PhotoShop has made it one of the most valuable tools of the trade.

The Game Developer’s Brush and Palette

PhotoShop holds its own on features and functionality alone. Most users require a foundation in digital painting fundamentals in PhotoShop to take advantage of all it has to offer. While at a glance, PhotoShop provides comparable functionality to other digital painting programs, once you start painting with Photoshop, it quickly becomes apparent why artists are loyal to this leading painting tool.

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How to Copy and Paste on Android

How to Copy and Paste on AndroidMobile application development has come a long way. Like many road warriors, you have made your iPad, the new mobile office. There is only one problem: copy and paste – one of your most used features – is just not up to snuff.  Copy and paste functions have been buggy in OS software and applications.  Today, they have come a long way.  If you know what you are doing and the best apps to do it with, you can copy, paste, and share with abandon.

Most users have found that the trick to how to cut and paste with Android is to use both the OS function and third party apps for backup and added features.

How to Copy and Paste on Android

Cutting and pasting in Android is easy. Two options are available. The most commonly used is Android’s built-in cut and paste function. The second option is to use Android applications. Many of these applications come with extra features and functionality.

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One-Minute Meditation to Stay on Top of Your Day

One-Minute MeditationThis tale of two meditators emphasizes the importance of making meditation part of your daily life, not a twice-weekly workout. Eva used to work three jobs for half the year and spend the rest of the year in India on a spiritual quest. At break time, she never joined the other employees – she continued to work. The office manager Ed, on the other hand, found nirvana in three 10-minute, meditation breaks per day.  Ed was always the friendliest and most positive employee while Eva was the most unapproachable – so much work, so little time before the next pilgrimage to the land of gurus.

If we were to check in on the lives of Ed and Eva today, which one of these former office mates would you expect to find in better health? Unfortunately, Eva had a mild heart attack before she reached 50. Observing the different lifestyles of Ed and Eva may give you a different perspective on Western-style meditation. The idea of living a high stress lifestyle for half the week and then driving for 20 minutes to a one-hour yoga class seems absurd. Wouldn’t you rather be more like Ed and live in the zone? What if you could do 1-Minute Meditations each day and get all the same benefits as a trek to India?

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How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Photos

There are over a quarter of a trillion user photos on Facebook. That is about 35 photos for every person on the planet. A whopping 350 million photos are uploaded per day, and competing with your pics for Likes. So how do you compete for the 4.5 billion Likes posted to Facebook each day – which is almost the same number of content items posted (posts, comments, photos, videos, and status updates)? If Facebook were governed by a socialist regime, you would receive 1 Like for each item, including photos. But you are not a socialist and you are trying to promote your business on Facebook. Not to worry, there are many ways to get photo Likes on Facebook.

The first step is to ensure your Facebook page is optimized for making friends. Making friends is how you generate traffic and get Likes. Viral Facebook Traffic  is an online Facebook marketing course that ensures every aspect of your Facebook presence is working for you. Follow the tips and tricks for setting up your pages, cover image, profile, special pages, events, and special offers. Start by identifying your market and developing your Facebook marketing strategy. Test your site and integrate analytics to monitor how well you are doing. Once you are doing your very best to make friends, you can focus on these tips for how to get more Likes for Facebook photo albums.

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How Does Facebook Suggest Friends?

how does facebook suggest friendsFacebook’s friends suggestion can produce some unlikely chums. Funny anecdotes abound. Several days after being fired, a Chicago woman was asked to friend the man who fired her. Another woman had the woman who stole her husband of 22 years pop up as a new friend. One gentleman was asked to friend his ‘domestic worker,’ which he did,’ only to find out she was complaining daily about the bad working conditions on her Facebook page. While we can find humor in these stories, it does make one wonder, how does Facebook suggest friends?

This was the question recently asked by a woman called Miranda on a chat board. The South American woman was surprised to have the ‘love of her life’ pop up as one of her Facebook suggestions.  She met him on a summer vacation in Southern France.  Unfortunately, when she returned to school in the fall, her great love turned out to be a summer fling. Now here he was on Facebook 10 years later. Was he stalking her? Did he want to see her?  he immediately friended him, and waited, and waited…Only to be jilted once again. He never responded. Her rejection turned to revenge…Against Facebook. How did Facebook get his name? They live on separate continents and have no mutual friends. They had not communicated in 10 years. Facebook must have hacked her e-mail list, she concluded.

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8 Creative Drawing Ideas for Personal Development

creative drawing ideasFor many people, drawing is a method of creative expression and relaxation. Drawing can also be a personal development tool. Betty Edwards taught us the true potential of drawing in her classic book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Our education system emphasizes the left hemisphere of the brain, she argued, while ignoring the attributes of the right hemisphere of perception, intuition, creativity and imagination. By activating our right brain, drawing sharpens our perception of the visual and verbal information in our daily lives.

These eight creative drawing ideas put the right brain to work while exploring personal development themes. Basic drawing abilities in people and characters will help you on this visual personal development journey. Online training such as Anatomy For Figure Drawing and Comics could be the start of your animation career. Master the basics in drawing body parts, facial expressions, and emotions; and creating 3D effects. Even if you draw stickmen, you can enjoy creative and personal growth from these activities.

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