Cognitive Function Tests – Prepare in Advance for Job Assessments

cognitive function testIf you want to put your job search on target and snatch up your dream job before your colleagues or classmates, master the career assessment process. Most job application processes today involve assessment tests, and many are done online before you even meet a company representative. Cognitive function tests are the most commonly applied assessments. Most companies use cognitive assessment tests to evaluate potential new hires. The basic measurement of a cognitive test is the intelligent quotient of a job application. Cognitive assessments also test reasoning capabilities, types of thinking, and other cognitive abilities.

Smart job searchers are using free online cognitive function tests to assess what career is best for them, together with enrolling in courses such as Career Mind Mastery: Bring Who You Are to What You Do. There are literally hundreds of free tests on the Internet to help you map your career path.

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Chinese Vocabulary for Business – Language Landmines to Avoid

chinese vocabulary“Up your bottoms!” toasted the Chinese host to his English business guests. Of course, he meant to say “Bottoms up!” according to Wikipedia, which cites this embarrassing word blunder as an example of Chinglish. This language slip may also explain why the Chinese prefer to have meetings in Chinese. To prepare for your Chinese business meeting, it is easy and convenient to start to Learn Mandarin Chinese Online. As an English speaker doing business in China, you should also be aware of a few basic language traps to avoid offending your business partners, or worse, losing a deal.

Most people learn Chinese using Pinyin – a Chinese writing system that uses the Western alphabet to spell Chinese words phonetically. Pronunciation is more challenging. Chinese is a tonal language that uses four tones to distinguish the meanings of syllables with the same spelling. For an introduction or quick review, refer to Chinese Phrases: Learning the Basics.  This article also provides a good overview of key travel phrases for the airport, directions and hotel.

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Creative Intelligence to Enhance Your Business and Personal Life

Back view of businessman drawing colorful business ideas on wallClass reunions are always full of surprises. The boy with the lowest grades is now running a multinational company, and the class valedictorian hands you his business card and tells you he is still looking for work. IQ has only a small influence on success in life. What matters is how you apply this intelligence. Multiple intelligences influence how effective we are. In addition to cognitive intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence and creative intelligence matter, among other forms of intelligence. The ability to recall many chemistry and biology facts is no predictor of whether you will one day mix up the cure for cancer in a test tube and save lives. Some of history’s most successful people including Nobel laureates showed high creative intelligence from a young age. Taking a course in how to enhance your use of creative thinking could be more useful than an MBA.

Creative intelligence was recognized in medieval times as the gift of artists and writers. It remained primarily in the domain of the arts up until recent decades. Today, creative intelligence is recognized as an important skill in all facets of life. In the business world, creative intelligence – also called innovation — is one of the most sought after skills.

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Engagement Cakes And Unique Engagement Food Themes

engagement cakesAfter taking courses in dating for men and success in online dating, you have finally met the girl you want to marry. You pop the question. The wedding and honeymoon plans are sketched out in one exciting evening planning your future together. It is the engagement party you cannot decide on. After looking at dozens of engagement cakes together, you cannot agree on one.  Never mind the plans to go to couples therapy. Once you choose a theme for your engagement party, it will be easier to decide on the right engagement cake

Chocolate Engagement Cakes

Chocolate, as the elixir of love, is a perfect theme for an engagement party. Chocolate cake is a natural choice as an engagement cake, alongside chocolate fondue, truffles and other cocoa-inspired delights. Double-double chocolate would be a hit with this crowd. A touch of liqueur adds romance to a chocolate cake. Amaretto chocolate cake, or dark chocolate cake with Cointreau and a citrus icing ooze romance.

Romantic garnishes can set the right mood. Sprinkle real rose petals on top of the cake. Cherries are a loving touch. Chocolate sculptures are a hot party trend. Have chocolate sculptures of the couple created and placed on the cake. Or how about chocolate stilettos to drink the champagne out of? A chocolate piano that plays the couple’s favorite love song will romance the crowd. With icing, food color and a little creativity, you can make any romantic garnish you can dream up. To learn how to make basic decorations such as appliques and flowers, enroll in Cake Decorating: Winter Anemone Wedding Cake.

Be daring and try a non-chocolate cake. A white champagne cake is the perfect complement to your chocolate menu. Create a champagne and chocolate engagement party theme. The easiest part will be finding chocoholics to help you celebrate your engagement.

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18th Birthday Cakes That Celebrate the Passage to Adulthood

18th birthday cakesEighteen is a special birthday for you and your son. It is the year he leaps to independence in so many ways.  It is his graduation year from high school. And in September, he will be off to college. In some jurisdictions, he will be able to legally drink alcohol and drive a car. He will be a free man, but you still have full control over what flavor of birthday cake he will bite into on his 18th birthday.

Naturally, you want to mark this passage from teenage hood to adulthood with a special cake. The Oreo double chocolate cake now seems too childish. You even consider enrolling in Cake Decorating for Fun and Profit and making a super special cake yourself. You ask your son what he thinks of white chocolate mocha. It sounds like a Starbucks drink he quips. Lemon chiffon? Too girly. What cake can you bake for this independent-minded young man?

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Content Targeting to Bring Your Customers to Your Virtual Door

content targetingContent targeting is a more precise way of targeting ads to the desired audience. Also known as contextual advertising, it delivers ads to content pages based on the keywords in advertisements and content pages.  In standard paid inclusion advertising, search queries are matched to advertisements.  By focusing on content, content targeting can provide a better return on advertising dollars.  It is a faster, better, smarter approach to internet marketing.

If you are one of the 94% of businesses who make $500 or less online a month, then it is time to step up your content marketing efforts.  All the major search engines use content targeting, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many of the references in this article refer to Google’s AdSense network. If you need a refresher on internet marketing and the place of content marketing in your overall program, review online marketing from A to V.

When content targeting was first introduced and the ad world was still cozying up to it, there were concerns over the return on investment. Would I as an advertiser have to spend $12 to sell a $5 stick of lipstick online? The content targeting market has matured, and advertisers have identified the most effective strategies. Here is what they have learned.

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How to Get Rich Young – The Success Strategies of Entrepreneurs Under 40

how to get rich youngWould you like a template on how to think and grow rich? There is no shortage of lists of the wealthiest people on the planet. We are fascinated by the rich, and when they get rich super young we want to know everything about them, including what they eat, how they think, and even their genetic makeup.

Sifting through all of the rich lists, some clear trends emerge on how young entrepreneurs get rich. The young technology paladins are always ahead of or making the trends. When MySpace was hot, they were there. Social networking – bright, young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg owned this space. Ingenuity is a key trait. In iPad apps – ingenuity and intellectual curiosity have proven more important than a programming degree. We cannot provide data on the gene pool of the nouveaux rich but another interesting trend does emerge. Many entrepreneurs have developed a passion for an area through parents and grandparents. Some have even turned old family recipes into multi-million dollar businesses.

While there is no clear template on how to get rich, these young entrepreneurs reveal some well-trod paths to becoming successful.

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Seventh Chords – Learn the Harmony of Jazz and Classical Music

seventh chordsWhen it comes to piano players, the seventh chords are unlucky in love. Most piano players learn the triads – the foundation of a chord — but fewer attempt mastery of the seventh chords.  This oversight is like learning to sing a great aria but not showing up for opening night. Once you learn the triads, the seventh chord is only one note away. If you want to play some funky jazz pieces of Oscar Petersen or soaring arias of Puccini, you need to court the seventh chords.

To form a seventh chord, we make the triad chord and apply a seventh interval. So before learning the seventh chords, you need to know the triads. You may want to brush up with some easy piano basics. Triads have three notes, or pitches, that span a fifth interval. Seventh chords have four notes that span a seventh interval. Once you know the triads, you only have to locate one more note, one third above the fifth interval, to complete a seventh chord.

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Fuzzy Logic – A Tool for Managing Uncertainty and Complexity

fuzzy logicIn all domains, from marketing to engineering we need to deal with uncertainty to invent, create, solve problems and make decisions. Fuzzy logic is a logic system that is helping us do all of these things better by programming systems to think as humans do.

Since the 18th century, probability theory has been a favorite tool for measuring and managing uncertainty. It tells us how probable an event is to happen within a set of possibilities. Students in most disciplines are encouraged and often required to learn probability concepts and counting techniques. [Read more…]

Body Language Signs of Attraction – How to Read Hearts

body language signs of attractionBillions of dollars in books and advice are sold on the secrets of dating. The secrets of dating are really about understanding human behavior – the gestures, facial expressions and body language signs of attraction. The secrets of body language are no longer a secret. As this tale of two social interactions shows, anyone can learn the body language of social interactions.

James approaches Eva, smiles, leans forward slightly and asks, “May I get you something to drink.” Eva responds positively and James returns with the drink. Retaining a polite distance, James then asks, “Would you like to play the memory game with me?” Eva responds positively, and they enjoy an hour of game playing together.

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