Information Processing Theory – Become a Better Negotiator

information processing theoryWho would you rather have sitting across from you at a negotiating table – a top corporate lawyer or an online game maker? Your odds will be better if you choose the corporate lawyer. Today, game makers, computer scientists and economists spend a lot of time studying game theory and how players in a game process information. Game makers understand information processing, and the negotiation process is all about information processing. If you are sitting at a negotiating table, you will want to have the same strategic advantage – that is, an understanding of information processing theory in the negotiating process. In an process, a lot of intelligence can be gleaned by how someone reacts to information.

Successful negotiators start thinking about the motivation, cognition and information processing of their opponents before negotiations start. In the Negotiation process, it is important to understand modes of thinking and preparatory tactics. Inexperienced negotiators react as information is presented. Experienced negotiators watch their opponents to see how they react to information, and the timing of the reaction. The next time you are in negotiations, consider how information is being processed and used throughout the process. In other words, think like a game designer. Game designers use information processing theory to anticipate every move of a potential player. This training makes them unmatched at a negotiating table.

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Asian Squats to Improve Health, Flexibility and Balance

asian squatProfessional Chinese basketball players are doing it, businessmen at a restaurant are doing it, children at a playground are doing it, and pregnant women in a line up are doing – it’s the Asian squat! While most non-Asians find it difficult to do the Asian squat, Asians learn the squat as young children and continue to use the position daily throughout their lives. Squatting is not only comfortable; it also promotes physical health. This simple seating position can help you be fit for life. Worldwide, more and more people are learning this beneficial exercise. We review how to do the Asian squat with comfort.

If you do not do squats or exercises that work the same muscles, you may initially find it uncomfortable. Asians are not more anatomically predisposed to do squats than Westerners. All it takes to do Asian squats is practice. Practice improves flexibility.

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Neuroplasticity Exercises – Brain Workouts to Enhance Performance

neuroplasticity exercisesWhen was the last time you worked out your brain? One of the most exciting science developments of recent years is the discovery of the plasticity of the brain. For a long time, scientists believed that the brain stopped developing during childhood. We now know that the brain continues to make connections between neurons throughout our lives. American neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel won the 2000 Nobel Prize in neuroscience for this discovery, which is behind many medical advances, including changing the way we treat learning abilities, mental illness, stroke victims and mental degeneration in diseases such as Alzheimer’s. More and more neuroplasticity exercises are becoming available to improve brain functioning. Whether you want to power charge your memory or treat a learning disability, you can easily find a brain program, exercise or game available on the Internet.

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Tactile Imagery That Stimulates the Reader’s Imagination

tactile-imageryThe Gross-out … [is] the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror … [is] the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm … Terror … [is] when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…

Stephen King, the master of gory description, never leaves out tactile imagery in his captivating descriptions, as is evident in the crime writer’s above description of the three types of terror. Tactile imagery relates to the sense of touch. It is one of the seven types of sensory images used to create description in writing. The other six are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory and organic.

In writing, the ability of the author to use imagery effectively will determine the reader’s impression. It is the writer’s job to stimulate and form the reader’s experience. Imagery helps out by forming a picture, eliciting emotions and creating an experience. Whether you are writing for children, copywriting, romancing your novel or want to know how to write short stories that sell using tactile imagery effectively is an important device for engaging your readers.

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French Knot Embroidery – Create More Elegant Needlework Designs

french knot embroideryThe French knot is a deceptively easy embroidery stitch. It has a reputation of being the enfant terrible of embroidery stitches, but it is undeserved. It is sometimes mistaken for the Colonial knot but we think the French knot is more elegant, n’est-ce pas?

The French knot has served many purposes in embroidery for centuries. If you visit a textile museum, you will quickly see how this small, simple knot has been a staple of design in art work, clothing, crafts, and in many more places. In addition to arts and crafts, French knots can be found on aprons, sheets, table cloths, and quilts. In the mid-twentieth century, French knots came out of the domestic closet and started to appear more widely in the fashion and art worlds. This elegant knot never goes out of fashion. [Read more…]

Mexican Spaghetti – A Hot and Spicey Dish for Every Occassion

shutterstock_176994950The Italians have some real competition in the kitchen. When it comes to pasta, the Mexicans have proven that they have more Latin passion. Mexican spaghetti looks like the Italian dish but with a hot twist. How hot? That depends on the recipe you choose. A sprinkle of Chile pepper or a touch of tabasco sauce will add some spice to your spaghetti. A good helping of Chile peppers and you will have a dish that is hot, hot, hot!

When cooking Mexican food, you want to use authentic Mexican ingredients for the best results but also consider what fresh local produce is available. The healthiest approach is to cook simply in season. Fresh local chile peppers will provide a tastier sauce than imported vegetables. Although if you have a taste for superhot chile peppers, you may have to go with an imported Mexican variety.

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Interval Ear Training to Improve Your Overall Musicianship

interval ear trainingDo you have an ear for music? The best way to test your ability to identify pitch is through interval ear training. An interval is the distance in pitch between two notes. Even people who believe they are tone death can learn to identify pitch. Like learning the words to a song, pitch can be learned with practice. You may even develop perfect pitch.

Ear training is a good way to learn or sharpen your knowledge of music theory. After basic music theory, intermediate music theory introduces semitones, intervals, and the major and minor scales – the musical toolbox of ear training. Learning intervals is the first step to learning how to hear chords in music.

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Celtic Knot Meanings: Design Ideas and Inspiration

celtic knot meaningsLike their design, Celtic knots seems to have no beginning and no end in our lives. They appear in the earliest cave art and are everywhere in our daily lives. They decorate religious objects, architecture, fashion items, furniture, book designs and business cards. Celtic knot meanings have become so important that many people wear these powerful symbols everyday in jewelry and tattoos. Their enigmatic, maze-like patterns have always been a source of fascination. Avoiding this endless source of design inspiration due to the seeming complexity of Celtic knots is a mistake. Whether you are learning how to create amazing designs for web or how to start a global fashion brand, Celtic knots will provide endless design inspiration.

Is it the significant meanings or enigmatic designs of Celtic knots that are behind their longevity? The answer is both. The earliest Celtic knots, in fact, had little meaning but instead served a functional purpose in art.

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Master French Transition Words and Speak Like a Native

french transition wordsIf you have plans to sit in French cafés this summer sipping espressos and discussing French philosophy and literature, connect your ideas in the language of Molière with the right transition word vocabulary. Transition words are used to connect ideas between paragraphs and sentences, and within sentences. They lead the reader from point to point. Many different types of relationships are made through transition words. These powerful words and phrases help us compare, contrast, emphasize, and illustrate ideas. Even if you only have basic conversational French, you will sound like a native speaker if you know French transition words. More accurately, to make transitions, we use both transition words and phrases. Many transition phrases are conjunctive phrases made up of two or more words and ending in que. They introduce subordinating phrases or clauses, which alone do not constitute a complete sentence. [Read more…]

Cognitive Bias Modification – A Positive Mindset in 15 Minutes a Day

cognitive bias modificationSince the world’s most famous psychotherapy patient Anna O. invented ‘talking cure’ therapy while being treated by Sigmund Freud’s colleague Josef Breuer, talk therapy has been the workhorse of psychotherapy. Poor Anna O. ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Talking helped her identify the causes of her hysteria, which Freud related to her father’s illnesses, but her negative thoughts continued to haunt her. Today, Anna would have received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help her change those negative thought patterns. Talk therapy has evolved to the extent that we can reprogram our minds and change negative thinking to positive thinking. Cognitive bias modification (CBM), a form of CBT, allows you to transform your thinking with an app or online in just 15 minutes a day.

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