Famous Flute Players

Silver Flute IsolatedThe flute is probably one of the oldest instruments of all time and it is also the older woodwind instrument. And in fact, even though it is considered a delicate instrument, many of history’s most renowned players were men. Even today, famous flute players include men as well as women.

It’s hard to pinpoint the flute’s origins. Some say it goes as far back as the Stone Age, while others say its tradition began in the Orient centuries ago. The Ancient Greeks used a sophisticated line of flutes that included three to four holes. The early flutes, however, were end-blown flutes for the most part. Over time, the flute has developed into a transverse flute (held horizontally and blown in from the side). [Read more…]

Blueberry Wine: A Healthy Indulgence

blueberry wineWhen it comes to alcohol, there are very few selections that doctors say are good for you. Wine (in moderation) is said to have value, especially for older people who may have trouble with circulation.

Doctors are also likely to recommended blueberries. They are said to be loaded with antioxidants and also have the nutrients to improve memory. There’s more: blueberries also contain manganese (good for bones), fiber and vitamin C.

So now imagine the value of wine and blueberries together: blueberry wine!

Let’s go back to wine for a second. Because wine is typically made from fruit, it does have nutritional value. A good wine contains:

  • fluoride, which is good for teeth
  • manganese, an antioxidant good for the brain, liver and nervous system
  • potassium, which helps your hear beat
  • iron, important because it helps deliver oxygen to the brain
  • vitamin B6, which works to access energy in your system
  • vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, which is another antioxidant that also helps with the flow of oxygen
  • phosphorous, which works on strengthening bones, regulating hormones and aiding digestion
  • choline, a substance that helps with memory and liver function

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The Dominican Republic Culture

dominicanrepubliccultureThe Dominican Republic is the second largest island country in the Caribbean and is located on the isle of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti. The eastern 5/8 of Hispaniola is the Dominican Republic. It is a country rich in history and its physical characteristics are varied, from magnificent mountains to beautiful beaches, complemented by warm people. With such a storied past, the Dominican Republic culture is also one of its greatest assets. [Read more…]

Make Your Own Chocolate

make your own chocolateChocolate is probably the most popular confection in the world. There are so many excellent brands and varieties from different countries, it’s hard to pick a favorite. There is the American Hershey’s plain and simple milk chocolate, the luxurious flavors of Belgium-based Godiva, London’s Cadbury, the Italian brand of Ghirardelli, Lindt out of Zurich, Switzerland, and another Italian, Ferrero Rocher.

We make chocolate cakes, hot chocolate, chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding, chocolate-covered cherries and the nuts – name the nut and we cover it with chocolate. White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with caramel and peanut butter – don’t forget that great combination. We also have chocolate tea, chocolate martinis and even chocolate-flavored vodka. And there is also a chocolate facemask!

Yes, we have found healthy reasons to consume and use chocolate. In fact, over the last few years, dark chocolate has been named as a healthy food – it’s full of antioxidants, it contains fiber and minerals, it can stimulate the arteries to produce nitric oxide, which can help reduce blood pressure, and, are you ready for this – dark chocolate can increase brain activity. To get these benefits, you have to consume quality dark chocolate with a high level of cocoa.

Will our obsession with chocolate ever end?

Doubt it. But wait – what if you could make your own chocolate!

It’s definitely possible and once you get it down pat, maybe you can even turn it into a business. More on that later…

When you are ready to make your own chocolate, there are some intricacies involved that make it almost an art form. You have to learn how to temper the chocolate, how to store it and how to flavor it to your liking. Some of the ingredients, in fact, are not so easy to come by for some (depending where you live – rural or urban), but there are substitutes and even ways to use your microwave oven.

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The Benefits of Nigiri Sushi

nigiri sushiFor a lot of people, Sushi is a specialty food that they indulge in now and then. But for millions of people in Japan, it is a staple, and one that has many rewards.

Sushi is typically made of seaweed, seafood and rice, all of which have great health benefits. Proof is in the pudding, as the Japanese people have one of the highest average life expectancies of both men and women in the world.

The thing about sushi, though, is that you have to understand it to reap its benefits. If you don’t pay attention to how you eat it, it can be full of calories and fat, just like any other food. Also, there is more than one kind of sushi – the one we are going to examine a bit more closely is nigiri sushi.

A Little Bit of Background

Rice is the basic ingredient of sushi. To the first timer, it might look like ordinary white rice. But then again, does ordinary white rice stick together like that?

The rice used in sushi can be white or brown. If you really want to be health conscious, ask your sushi chef to make your pieces with brown rice. It has more fiber than white. Brown rice also has bran – that’s where the color comes from. It’s also high in manganese, rich in selenium (which fights cancer), is considered whole grain and promotes weight loss.

Before the rice is used to make sushi, it is seasoned with rice vinegar, salt and sugar. This mixture is called awase-zu, and when it is mixed with the rice, it makes it sticky and easier to make into shapes.

Different pieces of sushi have different ingredients – sometimes the rice and a piece of fish or shrimp are wrapped in dried seaweed leaves.

One way to learn about sushi is to take on the task of learning how to make it yourself. This course will demonstrate how to make your own sushi. The instructions are via video, so you can learn as you watch.

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Law of Attraction Tips

law of attraction tipsThe law of attraction is an unwritten and ungoverned premise that has been around for ages. Some even say it is in the Bible. There is, in fact, no scientific proof it actually works. However, tons of people subscribe to its principle, and there have been books, even films, made about it. It was once the subject of an “Oprah” show and still draws people to ponder its power and existence.

Most recently in 2006, the book “The Secret” came out and rekindled an interest in the law of attraction among the masses. This is a positive thinking concept, so it was apropos that so many people became fascinated with it since the U.S. and much of the world was in a somewhat depressed state, especially economically. [Read more…]

Portuguese Culture: A Tale of Two Countries

venus clams in tomato saucePortugal is a European country nestled on the Atlantic Ocean with only Spain as a border country. The Portuguese people have a long and colorful history, one that stretches across the waters and heavily into the massive South American country of Brazil. Yes, it’s true. In fact, Portuguese, not Spanish, is the official language of Brazil.

Portuguese culture has been inspired by a variety of influences, as the slim coastal country of Portugal sits southeast of France, directly east of Spain and northeast of Africa. The Roman Empire and the invasion of the Moors from Africa are examples of powers that have impacted the history of Portugal.

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Death By Chocolate Cake Recipe

deathbychocolatecakerecipeYou don’t have to be a chocoholic to enjoy a chocolate cake. There are myriad of variations, but the ultimate comes from seasoned bakers who cherish their death by chocolate cake recipe and only make it for special occasions.

Although you can use a boxed cake as a starter point, it’s really best for this to start from scratch. You might even want to make your chocolate from scratch. For an even tastier death by chocolate cake, use this easy and fun way to make your own chocolate. It’ll be useful for other delightfully delicious chocolate concoctions as well. [Read more…]

The Odds Of Spread Betting

spread bettingBetting is a huge past time, especially for sports lovers everywhere. It used to be “How much do you want to bet that the Packers beat Dallas?” But over the years, it’s gotten much more complicated and sophisticated. It’s not just about winning or losing anymore; it’s about by how much. In fact, your team can lose, but if you “beat the spread,” you can still win. Indeed, spread betting has become extremely popular and involves millions of dollars.

However, spread betting is also used in high finance, and yes it could cost or earn someone millions of dollars. It’s a kind of speculation that revolves around posting a bet (or bid) on the price fluctuation of a security or stock. Please note, however, that spread betting in the financial world is not legal in the U.S., although it is in Britain and most other countries that trade stock and securities. Ironically, spread betting in the finance world was invented by an American in the 1940s. It came to prominence in Great Britain in 1974 with the advent of spread betting on gold.

However, pundits believe that you can get around it as a U.S. citizen if you register a company offshore and use it to trade in markets, such as Britain, where it is legal.

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Learn Serbian For Business Or Pleasure

learn serbianMost Americans don’t think of Serbia as a travel destination or a place to do business. However, the truth of the matter is that Americans and Serbians actually share a deep commitment to independence. The country is steeped in a history that includes fighting foreign invasions, weathering assassinations and handling political intrigue. Sound familiar?

Once considered a danger zone, this country situated neatly on the border of Europe is now considered a democracy as well as a fascinating travel destination and even a place to do business. But before you visit or try to conduct business with the Serbs, it’s probably in your best interest to learn Serbian. And as you are about to find out, learning this unique language can work to your advantage in other countries, too.

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