Fiction Genres

Little girl walking up stairs to the magic book landThe term fiction describes any work of art, most often a novel or story, in which the primary events and plot points are creations of the author. In other words, fiction deals with what is not real, the creative and the imaginary. Fiction can be found in novels, short stories, poems, films, television, and any other creative outlet. There are many unique and specific fiction genres, characterized by the fiction’s content, tone, intended audience, There are also many subgenres, falling under the umbrella of a larger or more widely known fiction genre. The following are examples of fiction genres, with explanations as to their conventions, and examples from well-known fiction works. If you want to become more familiar with fiction writing, or with literature in general, this guide will give you a basic understanding of the many kinds of fiction.

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Different Types of Bread

different types of breadBread is one of the first foods that humans began preparing for themselves eons ago. It is a staple for tons of meals and recipes, and knowing how to bake is an invaluable skill. Knowing how to bake bread is helpful when preparing all kinds of baked goods, including cookies, pastries, and cakes. This list of different kinds of bread will teach you about how many varieties of bread exist, and how they differ from one another.

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Bachata Songs

bachata songsBachata is a popular Latino musical genre. It has also gained worldwide renown due to the popular form of dancing associated with this music. The genre is most popular in the Dominican Republic, where it originated, but also in Cuba, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and parts of the United States, though it is listened to and appreciated on a global scale. Since its development in the early 1900’s, Bachata has become an integral and treasured part of the culture in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America.

If you are interested in Latin American musical and dancing traditions, familiarizing yourself with the Bachata genre and its popular songs will broaden your knowledge of this exciting and dynamic music.

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Figurative Language List

screenwriting tipsFigurative language is language that is used in ways that differ from the literal connotations and definitions of individual words or phrases. Figurative language is used to imply concepts and meanings that are more complicated than those that can be conveyed with literal language.

There are many different methods, called figurative devices or literary devices, by which figurative language can be used. These are very often found in literature, and identifying figurative language is an integral part of literary analysis. Furthermore, being familiar with figurative language and figurative devices is important for writing as well as reading. This list of figurative devices will introduce you to figurative language.

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Vietnamese Phrases

vietnamese phrasesVietnamese is the official language in the Asian nation of Vietnam, located on the Indochina Peninsula in the southeastern corner of the continent. Interestingly, it is also recognized as an official minority language in the Czech Republic. Vietnamese is the native language of nearly eighty million people around the world, but it is primarily spoken by the Kinh people of Vietnam. It is also the second language of many Vietnamese citizens, who speak a variety of other Asian languages.

It is classified as an Austroasiatic language, and is the most widely spoken language in the Austroasiatic family, by a large margin. The Austroasiatic languages are spoken throughout Southeast Asia, including regions of Bangladesh, India, and southern China. Of these languages, Vietnamese is one of only two that are recognized as official national languages, the other being Khmer, which is spoken in Cambodia. [Read more…]

Learn Tagalog: A Beginner’s Guide

learn tagalogTagalog is the primary language spoken in the nation of the Philippines, a chain of islands located in the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. Tagalog is spoken as a first language by about twenty-two million people throughout the world, concentrated in the Philippines, and by roughly sixty-five million more people as a secondary language. Tagalog is referred to as an Austronesian language, a class of languages that are spoken in the geographic areas of Southeast Asia and Oceania, as well as Madagascar and Taiwan.

Austronesian languages are spoken by nearly three hundred and ninety million people worldwide, mostly distributed among the island regions of the South Pacific. Tagalog is a fascinating language, very different from both Romance languages and Slavic languages, which are more commonly studied by English speakers. If you are planning to travel to the Philippines, studying Austronesian language conventions, or just interested in learning Tagalog, this introductory guide will help you with your study of this language.

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Best Mixed Drinks For Men

best mixed drinks for menA lot of men tend to have a problem, while out drinking at bars, which never even occurs to most women. This problem is the age-old conflict between how great fruity, typically “girly” drinks taste, and how un-macho it is to be seen drinking some frozen pink concoction served in a hurricane glass and garnished with a flower. Many men are at bars trying to mingle with women, and they see these kinds of drinks as a roadblock, however small or unimportant in the long run. This probably explains why most of the time, men are seen drinking beer and little else. If you’re a man and you’d like to branch out, from beer to more sophisticated cocktails, both in bars and at home, then this list of the best mixed drinks for men is perfect for you.

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Best Mixed Drinks: Never Go Thirsty Again

best mixed drinksA lot of us don’t know very much about where alcohol comes from or how it is made. This can make it very difficult to decide what to drink when presented with a plethora of cocktail options at a restaurant or a bar.

This introduction to mixed drinks, with examples of the best cocktails and descriptions of popular liquors, will help you out of this common situation.

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Chocolate Lasagna Recipes

chocolate lasagnaChocolate dessert recipes are incredible common. Chocolate is perhaps the most popular ingredient in dessert foods. Learning to bake with chocolate will allow you to prepare a variety of dessert treats. One popular dessert, chocolate lasagna, incorporates several different sweet layers, resulting in a sugary version of the popular dinner dish. Mastering these chocolate lasagna recipes will improve your baking skills, allowing you to create more complex and sweet desserts.

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Russian Composers

ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - JUNE 22: The Church of the Savior on SpiAs the physically largest country in the world, with a current population of nearly one hundred and forty-five million people, and a history dating as far back as the fourteenth century, Russia has contributed immensely to nearly every field or cultural aspect you can think of, including dance, painting, architecture, literature, science, theatre, and especially music. Russia has produced some of the most influential classical music composers in history, all of whom are renowned and recognized throughout Russia, the European continent, and the rest of the world.

This introduction to Russian composers will familiarize you with the artists whose work contributed to this immense country’s rich musical traditions. Their compositions are still celebrated and emulated within the classical music genre today, and their legacies are an integral part of the Russian national and cultural identity.

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