Meoisis Phases: Plant and Animal Reproduction at the Cell Level

meiosis phasesIn eukaryotic cells, like those found in animals and plants, meiosis is a type of cellular division that is required for sexual reproduction. Meiosis shouldn’t be confused with mitosis as both are processes that divide the cell. In mitosis the cell duplicates itself to create a daughter cells and does not occur in sexual reproduction. In meiosis the cell actually divides into new cells called gametes (or spores when appropriate) and happens only during sexual reproduction. Meiosis occurs in two stages, Meiosis I and Meiosis II, both of which undergo a series of phases to complete the division. For an introduction to biology check out this course.

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Modal Verbs: Express the Function of a Verb

modal verbsAs if English wasn’t hard enough to learn, modal verbs complicate things even further. There are a lot of irregularities in the English language that can be confusing to students learning it as a second to their native tongue. We don’t have genders like a lot of languages, instead we stick with “a” or “the”; we have 12 tenses most of which are never used; and we have so many similar words that often get mixed up like accept/except, bear/bare, and their/there. English and other Germanic languages, however, utilize modal verbs to help express a function and are vital to gaining command of the English language.

If you’re new to English, check out this grammar rules and tricks course to give you the edge you need to succeed.

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Osmosis in Plants: What Does it Mean?

osmosis in plantsPlants rely on the nutrients and water in soil to survive. In order for water uptake to occur, plant cells undergo a process called osmosis. You may have heard of osmosis in biology class because of its important role in the survival of plant life. So how does osmosis actually happen and why is it so important? In the course biotech basics learn all about cellular growth, development and processes like osmosis.

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Cell Specialization: A Fundamental Process of Life

cell specializationHumans, plants and animals are all made up of millions of tiny cells that perform different jobs to achieve different goals in the ultimate fight for survival. Without cells, life wouldn’t exist. There are such things as single cell organisms of which organelles are the sole components. Organelles include mitochondria, golgi apparatus, vesicles, nucleus, cytoplasm and lysosomes. cytoplasm However, we, much like many living things, are multi-cellular creatures and rely on all of the organelles and a myriad of cell types for survival. Cellular specialization is the process that determines what type of cell a zygote will become. In the course Biology 101, learn more about organelles, single celled organisms, multi-celled organisms and cellular development.

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Summer Jobs for Teachers: Bountiful Options for a Fufilling Summer

summer jobs for teachersIt’s finally here. The time of year when teachers can take a much needed break from lectures, designing curriculum’s, crazy kids and endless paperwork. Maybe lounging at the pool all summer isn’t your idea of a good time – and that’s okay. What can you do during the summer to enhance your skill set as a teacher, have fun and make some extra cash? There are a ton of options but I’ll cover a few of the best here. As a teacher it’s important to know how to reach the students, in the course teach anyone, anything, anywhere you can learn how to best engage students – no matter where your summer takes you.

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How Much Should I Feed My Cat: Cat Food 101

how much should i feed my catFirst time cat owner? When you find that perfect furball to be an addition to your house you want to make sure you’re caring for her right. One of your first questions is probably going to be: how much should I feed my cat? This is not only a good question, it’s a very common one (even for previous cat owners). You don’t want to feed your cat too much or too little, so what is “just right”? In the Happy Cat Course find out tips for bringing your cat home and caring for it properly.

So the breed of cat doesn’t really matter, what does matter however is the age of your cat, weight, activity level, whether or not the cat is pregnant or nursing and the type of food you plan on feeding your cat (wet or dry). The brand of food you end up choosing will also make a difference as denser high quality dry food will contain more nutrients than say a lower quality food will. Thus, you would need less of the higher quality food to give your cat the nutrients it needs than in a lower nutrient rich food.

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13 Famous Hip-Hop Dancers

famous hip hop dancersWith shows like So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent we’ve seen some pretty amazing footwork cross our television sets. It’s no wonder that hip-hop is gaining more cred than before and not limited to city streets and underground hip-hop clubs. Hip-hop is a collection of urban dances that includes a foundation of breaking, locking and popping.  In the course Locking, learn how to “lock” easily and like a pro. There are of course a plethora of derivative street styles including jerkin’, twerkin’ and krumping that have made their way through the urban hip-hop dance scene. [Read more…]

Function of a Vacuoles: Storage Sacs for Survival

function of vacuolePlants are crucial to the survival of us all. Without them there would be no life on earth. So how do these guys stay alive themselves? Ecological relationships between plants, microbes, insects, humans and other wildlife conspire to keep the world spinning around. Plant biology explains how these green friends function and what biological mechanisms contribute to their existence. One of the most important elements of the plant make-up is the vacuole. Vacuoles are found both in animal and plant cells but they are much larger in plant cells than animal cells. In the course an Introduction to Biology learn more about the plant and animal biology basics.

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Equivalent Units of Production: A Work In Progress

equivalent units of productionEquivalent units of production is a rather arbitrary tool – unless you’re in process costing or run a large manufacturing business in which case it’s completely relevant and you should keep reading. Cost accounting (the umbrella accounting concept above process costing) is essentially organizing and recording costs associated with a business. This includes overhead expenses, cost of goods and services, fixed asset depreciation, loss return on investments and so on to make sure your ledger doesn’t end up in the red.

An expense to keep a close eye on in any profitable venture is the cost of goods and services. This is to say the amount of money that is spent in order to produce the good or service being sold. It’s sometimes referred to as COGS for short. In an Introduction to Financial Accounting you can learn more about COGS and accounting in general.

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Cost of Goods Sold Formula: Calculate Business Income

cost of goods sold formulaIn business accounting there are several statements that help a business owner determine the health of their company. Interpreting the financial statements can be confusing and double-checking for accuracy can be frustrating. The cost of goods and services is the overall amount of money a business spends to provide their goods or services. The operating income covers overhead expenses like rent, utilities, taxes and payroll.

Knowing how much is spent on goods and services is vital to analyzing your gross profit, your profit margin and net income. Knowing how much you made on your goods and services is even more important. Learn how to interpret financial statements in this online course.

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