Menstrual Cycle Stages – Empower Your Life

menstrual cycle stagesI remember in the seventies when I was a young girl, the topic of periods or menstrual cycles were not considered polite conversation. We learned about these subjects in whispered conversations in the bathroom or dorm rooms from girls who barely knew more than we did. Women’s health and empowerment has come a long way since then, and rather than being a subject to avoid, young girls these days have the benefit of being taught how these cycles work and how to use food and exercise to empower themselves throughout the cycle.

If you’d like to learn to empower yourself, learn all about Biohacking Your Menstrual Cycle course and learn how to biohack how you exercise, what you eat and how you feel during each phase of your cycle. This course will teach you the basics of each cycle phase and you will learn which foods, and what types of exercise, is best for each phase. This course covers biology basics so that you really understand what is happening in each phase. You will learn how hormones affect your mood and mental energy. The course offers you advice on how to turn this knowledge into a powerful way to tap into these stages to make your life more fun and productive.

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Social Entrepreneurship Ideas – Profits and Purpose

social entrepreneurship ideasSocial entrepreneurship has become a buzzword in terms of many industries lately. As entrepreneurs and organizations realize that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive, but in fact, mutually beneficial, hopefully this form of business will become the norm for most organizations and industries. The bottom line is that social enterprises are born from the same basic needs as ordinary businesses and organizations. An entrepreneur is adept at spotting a need and finding solutions to those needs and almost all needs have social origin or purpose as their root cause.

What sets a social entrepreneur apart is the ability to balance profit and purpose in a way that allows the profit to support the purpose. If you are interested in the concept of social entrepreneurship, enroll in the Social Entrepreneurship: An Introduction course. This course offers twenty-eight lectures that will help you understand what social entrepreneurship is. It will teach you the skill sets and frameworks you need to become a change agent. It will help you strengthen the evaluation and planning skills necessary to become a social entrepreneur and organizational leader. You will improve your practical knowledge about social innovation and enterprise leadership, and you will join a global community of instructors and students who are all learning to change the world.

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Business Brokers – Uniting Buyers and Sellers

shutterstock_98445446If you are thinking of buying a business or if you are in the process of selling your business, then you may want to invest some time and effort into finding the right business brokers to represent you and your needs. Business brokers possess a special set of skills and qualifications that enable them to aid you in attaining your goals in terms of buying or selling your business. A business broker has the tools to evaluate a business and the potential value of a business. There are a number of different financial models that can be used to value the organization. If you are interested in learning more about the different financial models available, enroll in the essential Financial Modeling Program now. This course will introduce you to the basic concepts involved in financial modeling and you will learn the art of constructing an integrated financial model from scratch. These skills are highly sought after and essential for sound decisions with regards to planning, investment, finance and valuation. This course will teach you to systematically analyze an organization from various standpoints to ensure that the valuation is objective and correct.

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The Project Implementation Plan – A Blueprint for Success

project implementation planA project implementation plan is essentially a blueprint for project success. It is a plan setup to ensure the successful implementation of a project. Project implementation plans are created to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, and then implemented correctly. The concept seems simple enough and depending on the project and resources involved, it can be a fairly simple process but the scope, goals and participants involved in the project can make the creation of an implementation plan quite complex.

If you are new to project planning or project management and you are interested in exploring the field of project management, get to know the Basics of Project Planning and join hundreds of students who are learning to harness the power of project management in their organizations. This course contains lessons to help you understand the basics of project planning and will provide you with a good foundation for future project management training. It briefly explains concepts like Gantt Charts, dependencies, baselines, progress tracking and top down planning.

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Prestashop vs Magento – Choose the Right Platform for You

prestashop vs magentoMost websites are about commerce in one form or another. Whether it’s to broaden the reach of your brand, to get your products or services out there, or to provide content about what you do, most companies have realized the power of the internet as a marketing and sales tool. The majority of companies are starting to realize the potential of online sales too. Choosing the right store application for your online sales and marketing can however be tricky. Opencart, Prestashop, Magento and Zen Cart are just a few of the thousands of online store applications available and choosing the right one for your business may seem intimidating at first. This article offers a comparison between two of the top online store management systems available today to help you select the best application for your business and for your online store needs. If you are new to internet marketing and sales, Learn How to Build Ecommerce Website From Scratch now. This course is a step-by-step guide to setting up an ecommerce website from scratch. It will teach you what the ecommerce framework is all about, and you will learn all about shopping carts and how these systems function. You will learn to set up a website and then you will learn how to add products and services to your shop. The course will teach you how to set up payment gateways and the course teaches you how to handle things like shipping, taxation and sales. The course will help you master the top open cart shopping systems and it will take you from setup to live to ensure your shop is ready for sales.

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Magento Tutorial – Setup Your First Ecommerce Store Easily

magento tutorialAs a small business or startup, finding the right eCommerce solution can be a make or break situation for your business. With limited resources, creating an ecommerce solution that is both functional, cross platform enabled and reasonably priced may seem like an impossible task. However, Magento offers all of these features and more. If you’d like to jump right in and start your own online store, then sign up for the Magento from scratch – Open your first Shop Online – step by step course and join hundreds of entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of Magento for their online eCommerce needs. This course includes twenty-nine video tutorials designed to take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your Magento store online. You will learn what Magento is and the powerful features it offers. The course will show you how to navigate the Magento dashboard to set up your store. You will see how to add categories and items to your store. You will learn to set up your checkout options, how to adjust your tax settings, how to select various shipping and payment methods. The course will also guide you through adding pages to your store, changing layouts and adding links to your NavBar. You will be shown how to manage your customer base, how to manage your users and set permissions, and how to use product ratings and customer reviews to help boost your online sales.

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Opencart vs Magento – Choose the best eCommerce Cart for You

opencart vs magentoAre you looking for the perfect ecommerce solution for your startup or small business? Look no further than Opencart or Magento. These powerful ecommerce solutions offer all you could possibly wish for in an ecommerce solution and more. We will take a look at these two solutions to help you decide which solution is best for your business. If you want to learn how to set up an ecommerce store from scratch using Magento, then join thousands of students and Learn the basics of how to Setup an Ecommerce Store now.

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PMP Online Training Benefits For Obtaining Your PMP

pmp online trainingProject managers have become an integral part of organizational success. Obtaining the prestigious PMP certification can fast track your career in terms of career prospects and success. Knowledge of project management principles and ideas can help you ensure the profitability and success of your organization. However, taking time off to study for this certification is often out of the question. For those who cannot take time off work, PMP online training offers a viable alternative to allow you to obtain this certification without leaving your day job. In fact, your job may be a source of experience and practice while you study.

If you are interested in starting your PMP training online, then take a look at the Project Management Professional (PMP)® course now.

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How Much Food Should I Feed My Puppy and How Often?

how much food should i feed my puppyThere is nothing quite as rewarding or exciting as bringing home your own little puppy, but the excitement and joy comes with its own set of responsibilities. The health of your puppy, and your dog as an adult, depends to a large degree on what you feed your puppy. Since puppies seem to be happy to devour almost anything they find and as much as they can find, it can feel a little intimidating to decide what you should feed your puppy and how often you should feed him. Naturally, the breed, age and size of the puppies will determine how much you should feed your puppies, but there are also some guidelines on how much to feed your puppies, and when to feed them. If you don’t have your puppy yet, then you should consider signing up for the “Getting a dog” course to help you decide which puppy is best for you.

The Getting a dog? Plan for success course offers twenty-seven lectures designed to help you prevent impulse decisions regarding getting a dog. You will learn where you should get your dog from to best suit your lifestyle and circumstances. You will learn how to analyze your circumstances to help you decide what type of dog suits your best. You will learn what to look for in puppies and what traits to look for in adults dogs to ensure the dog you choose suits your particular lifestyle. The course will teach you all the warning signs to look for to avoid puppy mills, and how to avoid unethical rescues and shelters. The course will teach you how to create an action plan for your new puppy’s first month at home.

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Microeconomics Study Guide – Law of Demand Explained

microeconomics study guideMicroeconomics is part common sense or logic and part pure learning. The rules of microeconomics form part of our everyday lives. Think about how we react to price changes at the local grocery store. The more the price goes up, the less we want to buy as consumers.  As prices increase we buy less and less of a given product. But in terms of the company selling the product, the higher the price goes, the more the company wants to sell to cash in on the profits. This concept is part of supply and demand in microeconomics and the concept forms the basis of some of the most important microeconomic fundamentals. For an introduction to demand and supply analysis in Microeconomics for CFA purposes, enroll in the CFA Level 1 Economics course. This course will introduce you to the analysis of demand and supply. It will teach you how to understand consumer demand and it will teach you about demand and supply from the organization’s point of view. [Read more…]