HTML5 Animation Tutorial – Animating Elements with CSS3

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With the release of HTML5 and CSS3, the humble group of “display languages” have been transformed into a powerful set of tools to create interactive, dynamic and responsive websites. Animation using HTML5 and CSS3 for example, has transformed the way developers can code and create great animations that load quickly and play easily. This HTML5 animation tutorial will show you how to animate divisions using style and formatting tags to create animated divisions in your web pages.

If you want to learn how to create your own powerful websites from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3, check out the the Web Development by Doing HTML5 CSS3 Complete from Scratch course now. This course contains 49 lectures designed to teach you to create your own complete website from start to finish. You will learn what a website is and what elements are required for a complete website. You will be taught the basics of HTML and HTML5 and then the course will teach you advanced HTML5 to ensure you understand how to take advantage of the powerful features available in HTML5. The course also covers CSS and CSS3 and how CSS3 can help you to build a stunning looking website that responds to various browsers and devices.

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Excel 2013 Online Tutorial-Harness the Power of Excel Online

excel 2013Excel 2013 comes with built in cloud services. For those who don’t know what that is, quite simply it means no more documents left behind, left at home or multiple versions of one document gumming up your PC. Storing your files in your OneDrive folder means your files are really being stored online on the server you have been assigned by Microsoft, so any files stored on one drive are stored on the “cloud” and you can log into your  account and access them from anywhere in the world at any time. Cloud storage also means you can share links to your documents in the cloud to allow others to work on your documents, without having to synchronize the changes that each person or team member makes to the documents.

If you want to learn about the amazing new features offered by Excel 2013, check out Excel 2013 For Dummies Video Training, Deluxe Edition and join thousands of students who are learning to use the new Excel features. This course includes 109 lessons that will teach you everything your need to know about Excel 2013. You will learn how to launch and navigate worksheets, how to enter data and how to use the AutoFill features to get Excel to fill in data for you. You will learn about formulas and how to use them in your worksheets. The course will teach you about Pivot tables and charts and how to sort and filter data sheets. You will also learn how to save and share worksheets via SkyDrive.

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Mudbox vs Zbrush – 3D Sculpture Software Comparison

mudbox vs zbrush3D character modeling and the ability to create 3D models for use in games, television or film is fast becoming a very lucrative career option. 3D modeling applications like Zbrush and Mudbox offer artists and developers amazingly powerful tools that enable creators to quickly and efficiently produce whole new worlds that dazzle and enthrall games and moviegoers all over the planet.

Learn 3D Digital Sculpting with Mudbox and join thousands of students learning to harness the power of Mudbox to create awesome 3D models and artwork. This course includes 76 lectures that will teach you how to create a model in Mudbox from start to finish. The course will teach you the basics of the Mudbox software and it includes lessons on the Mudbox menus and how to use them. It contains lessons on Mudbox sculpting tools including the sculpt, pinch, grab, flatten, spray and the other sculpting tools. It also includes comprehensive lessons on how to paint your sculpture once the model has been built. It will teach you to work with advanced features included within the application like working with layers, filters and sculpture extraction.

Now let’s get into the different Mudbox vs Zbrush features so you can decide which is best for you.

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Character Modeling Skills for Awesome Character Creation

Fun squirrelGone are the days of Pong with a flat paddle and oddly shaped ball. Gamers are expecting engaging, realistic characters in their three dimensional, animated gaming environments. With software like Maya and 3DS Max that aid the creation of all sorts of imaginary creatures, gamers certainly are entitled to games that really set the imagination on fire.

If you would like to learn to create 3D games and characters, check out this course to Make 3D Animation, Games, VFX – Making Sense of Maya now. This course is designed to help beginners and more advanced students to create a complete animation in Autodesk Maya. The course offers 35 lectures that will help you make sense of Maya. It demonstrates the workflows needed for 3D projects and shows you how each stage fits together to form a final, fully automated scene. The course covers the basics of 3D animation and will teach you basic models and materials, basic frame animation and rendering techniques to ensure your project looks great.

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HTML5 Table Tutorial – Create Amazing Tables in HTML5

html tablesWorking with tables in HTML5 has become more powerful due to the new HTML5 table tags and other elements available in HTML5. This tutorial will show you how to create and format your own tables using HTML5 table tags and elements. If you need to get your HTML5 skills up to speed in a hurry, check out the acclaimed HTML5 Beginners Crash Course and join thousands of students who are learning to harness the power of the new HTML5 tags. This course contains 46 lectures designed to turn beginners into competent web developers. The lessons start with HTML for newcomers, and the lessons will teach you all the tags and HTML elements you need to know to create your own HTML5 webpages. The course also covers how to use the HTML canvas and drawing elements. There are also lectures on geolocation, local storage and forms and will also includes lessons on how to add audio and video to your webpages. Let’s move on to table creation.

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Top HTML5 Mobile Frameworks for Mobile Application Development

html5 mobile frameworkThe demand for mobile apps and apps for android devices is sharply increasing at the moment and if android and smartphone sales are anything to go by, then the demand for these types of apps is set to increase even more. The demand for apps has led to a number of open source HTML5 mobile frameworks being released to help developers to develop their apps quickly and efficiently. If you would like to enter the world of app design, check out the Developing Mobile Websites course now and join hundreds of students who are learning to design mobile websites using HTML5. This course offers 81 lessons that will teach you how to design great looking websites that will look good on iPhones, Android devices or laptop computers. It will teach you how to use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other tools to create responsive interactive websites. You will learn how to create sites that adapt their layout to the device the client is using. The course will also teach you how to use CSS media queries, how to implement CSS media queries, and how to harness the power of mobile friendly HTML5 features and JavaScript enhancements.

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HTML5 Tutorial – Web Design for Beginners and Freshers

html5tutorialforbeginnersThe latest standard in HTML is the release of the powerful HTML5 version that allows web designers and programmers far more freedom and power in terms of creating websites that are both visually stunning and interactive. This tutorial will cover what you need to know to get started in HTML5. If you want to get a jumpstart on your HTML5 tuition, check out the HTML5 for Beginners course now. This step-by-step course will teach you how to design your own elegant blog site using HTML5, teach you how to code using HTML5 and CSS3, and how to wireframe your site. The course shows you how to design an HTML5 form for your website, how to incorporate graphics and import multimedia into your site to create an interactive experience for your users.

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Comic Book Heroes: Cheat Sheet, Facts And Figures

comic book heroesComic books have been around since the early nineteen hundreds and their popularity continues to grow and increase. There is a constant stream of new movies, videos and television series based on our comic superheroes and although the medium may have changed a little over the years, the popularity of superheroes continues to fuel our imaginations.

If you would like to learn to create your own characters, then sign up for the How to Draw Stylish Ladies with Adobe Flash course and join over two hundred students who are learning to create characters in Adobe Flash. This course consists of five sessions: The Basics, the Body, Hairstyles and Heads, Expressions, Hands and Feet, and Final Pieces. In the Basics section, you will learn about vector illustrations and the simple approaches to drawing and illustrating in Adobe Flash. You will learn to use and mold shapes to illustrate basic heads and proportions. The Body session will teach you how to draw and create clothed bodies.

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Chakra Colors – Using Colors to Balance the Chakras

chakra colorsTantric tradition teaches that there are seven levels, or energy points, found on the body that allow an exchange of energy between the physical body and the spiritual body. These points represent the intersection between body and mind, or matter and mind, and according to eastern philosophy, the health of these points is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Each chakra is associated with a sound, color and symbol. Colors and sounds are both examples of vibration. Vibrational medicine is based on using vibration or vibrational energy, to help improve health through the removal of energy blockages within the chakra system. Color therapy, meditation and mantras are all believed to be part of energizing the chakra systems to support health and improve various conditions associated with the blockage of energy.

If you are interested in the chakra system and would like to learn more about each chakra and how to balance the chakras, the 7 Day Yoga Routine: Increase Energy & Balance Your Chakras  is aimed at the beginner and will teach you about each chakra and how to balance it. The course is based on a holistic approach to energy healing. It will teach you how to balance the chakras through meditation, yoga postures, journal writing and breathing techniques.

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Inattentive ADHD – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

inattentive adhdThe diagnoses of ADD and ADHD are reaching epidemic proportions with an estimated 20 percent of young boys being diagnosed with the condition. Society is becoming more and more stressful and ensuring our children can cope with the demands of society and the classroom is essential. Children with ADHD and inattentive ADHD may be at a distinct disadvantage where it comes to paying attention and learning.

If you would like a comprehensive breakdown between ADD and ADHD, Learn about Attention Deficit Disorder with this course now. This course explains the symptoms, causes and dynamics of ADD and ADHD. This course also discusses some of the common myths associated with ADD and ADHD. The course outlines research done on ADHD and the course will introduce you to a new system of care called ADD-Care.

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