Circular Reference in Excel: Stop Running in Circles

circular reference in excelWhen working with Excel formulas on a daily basis, chances are you’re getting some problems from time to time, but if you were to make a top of the most frustrating errors Excel throws at you, circular reference errors definitely get a spot on the podium. What makes these errors so annoying is that Excel just tells you that you have a circular reference somewhere in your formula, without any indication to where it is or what you can do about it; basically, it’s just like getting lost in the desert and having someone approaching you just to say something along the lines of “Hey, I just want to let you know that you’re lost. Bye now.”

Fortunately, circular reference errors are fairly easy to track and fix, and this article will teach you how to do just that; if you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel formulas, check out this online course.

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The Circular Argument: A Deception You Don’t Need

circular argumentA circular argument is not something you’d want in your reasoning process, as it can instantly void its validity. What makes circular arguments so dangerous is the fact that, while they don’t have any real arguments to support them, they usually look like they do, thus making it hard for some to identify and avoid them.

This article will focus on teaching you how to identify, understand and avoid circular arguments, but if you want to make your whole reasoning process infallible, check out this online course.

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Setting up a Wireless Network For Your Home: The Secure Way

Open laptop with digital tablet and white smartphone. All with iSetting up a wireless network is no longer a task only for the technical-savvy people anymore, considering the fact that everyone has at least a laptop, tablet or smartphone that has wireless connectivity. Let me start by saying that setting up a wireless network for your home is not rocket science if you just need to access the Internet from all your devices, and this article will teach you how to get everything up and running in no time. However, if you need to set up advanced features such as port forwarding or configuring a home NAS server, things can get a bit more complicated.  Luckily you can take this online course and learn both the basics, as well as more complex aspects of networking.

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Advantages of CAD: 5 Reasons to Go Digital

Construction drawings. Desk EngineerWhen working as an architect, one of the most important traits to have is the ability to visualize the finished product in your mind, before you even draw the first line of its blueprint. Once you start working on your blueprint, things become even clearer in your mind, and you get a pretty good idea of how the final product will look like; but what do you do when you need to share that idea with someone that doesn’t have the spatial visualization ability you have? This is where computer-aided design (CAD) comes into play, as it gives you the ability to create a 3D sketch of your product, and show everyone how it will look and work before actually building it.

There are multiple software suites that can be used for computer-aided design, but when it comes to engineering or architecture, AutoCAD is the most popular software suite for this task, used by professionals all around the world, and this article will help you understand some basic advantages of using this software and similar ones. You can get started with AutoCAD by taking this online course.

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Importance of Science: Understanding Our Past, Present and Future

importance of scienceCan you imagine a world without science? You wouldn’t have to worry about being late to work or finding your car keys because, well, jobs and cars wouldn’t exist. You would be living in a cave or a rudimentary built shelter, at best, wondering whether you’ll be able to hunt something for your next meal, or get killed and become some wild animal’s next feast in the process. The moment that early humans decided to take action into securing their survival marked the birth of science, as that’s the moment when they started asking themselves two vital questions about the world surrounding them: “How?” and “Why?”.

Basically, that’s exactly what science is about: understanding how things work and why, and the answers science gave us so far allowed us to survive, ensure our survival and improve our lifestyle in the process, so I don’t think it’s exaggerated to say that science is the most important element of our existence. If you want a proof of just how awesome science is, check out this online course on geology and you will learn about the origins of our planet, how it was formed and why it is in the form we know it today – starting from billions of years ago, all the way up to the present day.

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Lawyer?

how long does it take to become a lawyerPlanning on becoming a lawyer? If you fancy the idea of putting on a suit and showing up in court, I hope you also fancy the idea of countless sleepless nights spent studying and a six-figure debt, because that’s what following legal education basically means. The idea behind this article is not to scare you into dropping out of law school, but rather make you aware of what you’re getting into for the next seven years of your life.

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URL vs URI vs URN: The Science Behind The Terms

url vs uriQuick, what’s the difference between a URL and a URI? What about a URI and a URN? If you’re just a regular person, with no passion for computers, and you don’t know the answer, it’s not that big of a deal; however, if you’re an aspiring web developer or a network administrator and don’t know the difference between the three, you’d better read this right away, before anyone finds out.

Leaving the joke aside, I’ll be brutally honest and tell you right from the start: if you’re just the casual web surfer type, learning about Internet terminology might not be of much real use to you, except maybe to impress your non-technical-savvy friends over a beer at the pub. However, if you’re a web developer, learning the difference between a URL, a URI, and a URN can be quite useful on the long run, and also serve as a good starting point prior to taking an online course and becoming a professional web developer. [Read more…]

How to Get Rid of Adware and Keep Your Data Safe

how to get rid of adwareYou’re just browsing the Internet, like you do every day, and all of a sudden some ads just start popping up. The fact that these annoying popups managed to sneak past your ad-blocker app is the first sign that you’re not dealing with your everyday ads here, but rather something more serious. It is only when you start closing them down that you notice just how serious the problem is, as they simply refuse to close. If this scenario sounds familiar, chances are your computer is infected with adware. The good news is that adware is fairly easy to get rid of, and this article will teach you how to do it. The better news is that, once your computer is clean, it is easy to keep it that way – this online course on digital security will teach you all about it. 

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Photoshop Batch Resize: Get Things Done Faster!

photoshop batch resizeSo you’ve finally decided to learn Photoshop – congratulations! The software is so powerful that it can transform every photo into a masterpiece, so I’m sure you’re more than eager to get started. However, while there are a lot of resources out there that will help you master Photoshop in no time, such as this online course that reveals some Photoshop secrets used by professionals, they usually try to cram in so much information about the complex feature of the program that some basic operations are left out most of the times. One of those basic operations is the batch resize option, which will come in handy when you want to prepare multiple files for editing. This article will teach you how to resize multiple files and prepare them for editing – all in one go.

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4 Windows 7 SSD Tweaks For Greater Speeds and Longer SSD Lifespan

windows7ssdtweaksWhen it comes to upgrading a computer, opting for a solid state drive is by far one of the best decisions you can make. Not only will your operating system and programs start a lot faster, but you will also get rid of those annoying sounds a mechanical hard drive usually makes. If you’re using Windows 7, chances are that the operating system is doing its job pretty good already – after all, it is considered to be one of Microsoft’s most successful operating system to date; however, despite the innovations it comes with, it still needs some tweaks in order to play nicely with your brand new SSD. In case you’re new to SSDs, this article will be the perfect starting point, as it will walk you through the basics of solid state drives, and all the necessary tweaks you need to make for optimum performance; if you’re also new to Windows 7, check out this online course and you will become a Windows 7 expert in no time.

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