Audition Tips for Actors, Models and Everything In Between

audition tipsA big day is coming up. Whether it’s an audition for the lead in your favorite play, an opportunity to be on the cover of your favorite magazine or the ability to be a guest star on a popular television show, you’re going to need some confidence, poise and originality. After all, you’re going to need to stand out of a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people! While this can be intimidating, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare yourself so that you don’t blend into the crowd. Between knowing how to present yourself, being quick witted and intelligent when someone asks you questions and feeling confident about your abilities, you’ll be right on your way to stardom. By following these simple audition tips, you’ll be landing gigs in no time!

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The Initial Preparation

Before showing up to any sort of audition, make sure you read the flyer or any other notices you have received about the big day. Are you supposed to wear something specific? Should you come with your hair up or down, should you be wearing any makeup? Should you have a monologue memorized, or two? Are there specific questions you’re going to answer that you need to prepare for? There are tons of questions you need to ask yourself before showing up unprepared. The second you walk into a room, the judges are going to feel your energy. If you’re anxious about standing in front of them and all of the sudden your mind goes blank, they’ll notice. This is why it’s so important to know what they expect before you get there. The more prepared you are initially, the better your performance will be. Another important note: if you can choose your audition time, make sure you don’t choose one at the end of the day. How would you feel if you had to watch hundreds of sub-par actors, models, etc try to appease you all day? Judges start to get grumpy and irritated the more time goes by, so unless you are the next Keira Knightley you should try to get an audition close to the beginning or middle of the day.

Presenting Yourself

The way you initially present yourself can make or break your chances of succeeding. Have you just woken up from a late night partying, your hair a mess and makeup still caked on from last night? Chances are, you’ll be out of that audition room before you even get the chance to show the judges what you have going for you. While you don’t want to over-step your boundaries and appear a lot more hot-headed than you really are, it’s important to be friendly and cheerful and have a good outward appearance.

  • When you enter the room, enter it with grace and poise. No judge wants to see someone enter a room slouching and dragging their feet. While you don’t want to seem too robotic, it’s important to walk with your shoulders naturally back and your head held high – not looking down at your feet.
  • Smile and greet everyone! Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with all of the judges. They’re humans too, and they’ll appreciate your kind nature. Starting off on the right foot with everyone is a great way to make a wonderful first impression.
  • Don’t make excuses – about anything. The judges don’t want to know that your dog is getting surgery or that you were up all night because of your noisy neighbors. You’re in there to do the best you can do under whatever circumstances you are dealing with, so push through it all and let your best side shine.
  • If there is no specific dress code, be yourself. The judges want to know that you have your own personality. After all, your personality is going to help you succeed. While you should be wary of going overboard in a direction that isn’t suited for the part (i.e. too many black clothes and chains when you’re auditioning for a play about a bubbly sorority girl), it’s important to let your personality shine through. A general rule: no costumes, please.

The Interview

There will hardly be an audition where you don’t get asked at least a handful of questions about yourself. While the judges are looking for your talent, they are also looking for your ability to answer questions intelligently and succinctly while letting your great personality shine through. One of the most important things to remember is not to overthink things! Don’t ramble on about stories that aren’t directly related to the question and if you stumble over your words, don’t try to start all over again. Any mistakes you make are noticed far more by you than by the judges. Speak honestly, eloquently, and keep it conversational. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The judges want to know that you are genuinely interested in this opportunity, so ask them whatever questions you may have about it.

Building Confidence

If you enter an audition room with no confidence, you are severely hurting your chances of getting the part or the gig. If you don’t believe in yourself, how are others going to believe in you? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready to take on anything that the judges throw at you.

  • Show up at least 15 minutes early to your audition and give yourself time to relax. If you take a little time to meditate before facing the judges, you can recollect yourself and remember that you wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t believe that you could.
  • Your body language says a lot about your self confidence (or lack thereof). This goes right back to the way you present yourself. If you present yourself as someone with a lot of confidence, you’ll feel like someone with a lot of confidence.
  • The same goes for the way you dress. If you shower before your audition and dress in clean clothes, you’ll feel more presentable. The more presentable you feel, the more confident you will feel.
  • Smile smile smile! Force yourself to laugh. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, and there is truth behind that statement. If you can learn to laugh at yourself, you’re on the right path to feeling more confident. And if you’re feeling nervous, forcing yourself to laugh can help ease your nerves.
  • Stop wallowing in self pity and get out into the world! If you’re feeling inadequate in any way, it can seem easy to sit on your couch and watch reruns of Friends all day. But where will that get you? Nowhere. If you feel inadequate, do something about it! Take a public speaking class, join an improv group, or pick up a new hobby. The more you accomplish, the better you’ll feel.

It’s All About You

Let your stresses and fears melt away. This is your day, and you’re going to take it by the horns. You’ve dressed nicely, you’ve practiced in front of the mirror, and you’ve taken a few deep breaths to ease your nerves. If you love yourself, the judges will love you too! As long as you’ve spent time preparing, there’s nothing going against you but yourself. Don’t let fear or lack of self confidence hold you back, the perfect gig is just one audition away!

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