At Home Leg Workouts: Get the Sculpted Look of Your Dreams!

Sporty slim woman practicing yoga pose for stretching her body iDoing some light exercise every single day is absolutely essential in maintaining your health and managing your weight. Leg exercises are often the most ignored for a wide variety of reasons ranging from people thinking that their legs get enough exercise just from walking, to not wanting to have over-developed leg muscles as they feel they are unattractive. In reality, daily light at-home leg workouts results in a toned and firm look that is attractive for everyone. For more information, check out this course, No Equipment, No Excuses” Home Workout.

Major Benefits of Exercise

Daily light exercise is very beneficial to your overall health in a number of ways as you are working your cardiovascular system and keeping blood flowing steadily around your body. This is helpful with preventing diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure. The increased circulation of your blood also helps to stimulate your brain activity and leaves you feeling uplifted and relaxed once you have completed your daily workout.

Regular exercise will actually boost your energy levels as the increased tempo caused by a workout delivers oxygen and essential nutrients into your muscles. This helps them to develop retain a greater reserve of energy allowing you to be more active with less effort. Daily exercise will also help you to sleep better and for longer as your body needs more time to process the internal changes being caused by the additional activity.


Lunges are a very versatile exercise as they work several different leg muscles simultaneously. To start, put your hands on your hips with your legs slightly apart and take a step forward using your left leg and lower your other leg down until it forms a right angle then raise it up again keeping your back straight and only utilizing your legs muscles the entire time. This will help to shape both your legs and your behind and by doing this 30 times for each leg every day you will notice your muscles starting to get more tone.


These are very simple and can be slightly uncomfortable the first few times until your body becomes more flexible due to the exercise. The method is to sit in the middle of the floor with your back completely straight, yours hands flat on the floor and your head level. Then extend your right leg out along the floor and with your left leg bent put your left foot flat on the floor. Once you are in this position, you want to push the top part of your thigh down using only your leg muscles and hold it against the floor for no more than 10 seconds then relax and repeat. Your aim is to complete this exercise 10 times a day for each leg but as mentioned in the beginning it may take some time to build up to that many repetitions.

Thigh Raises

Keep the same position that you were using in the previous exercise, and this time instead pushing down your straight leg you want to raise it horizontally about 15 centimeters from the floor and then hold it straight in that position for about 10 seconds before lowering it again. The aim is also to be able to do 10 repetitions of this daily for each leg.

Heel Raises

This is an exercise to loosen up and strengthen your calf muscles and has very quick results. What you need to do is just to stand very straight with your legs slightly apart. Next, you want to raise your body up, so you are standing on your tip toes. Keep in this position for a few seconds then go back down again. Repeat this 20 times daily, and you will soon feel the difference.


This is another multiple muscle exercise that gives you effective all round toning for your upper legs and behind and actually has its origin in ballet training. To perform the exercise, stand up straight with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart and turn each foot outwards slightly while slowly lowering your body about 15 centimeters without bending your back and then up again. For best results, try to do this at least 20 to 30 times a day.


Most commonly associated with weight lifting, squats can also be done without using weights as a simple leg exercise rather than one for the entire body. The theory is basically the same as you need to stand with your feet apart, your arms firmly at your side and gently lower your body down in much the same way as if you were going to slowly sit in a chair. One you are at your maximum lowest point without losing your balance, slowly start to raise your body up again until you are standing up straight. Repeat this exercise about 15-30 times a day.

Pillow Squash

This is an exercise to improve your inner thigh muscles and involves sitting on a chair with your hands by your sides, your back and your head straight. Now place a pillow between your things and hold it there using only your thigh muscles. Once you are set, you then want to squeeze the pillow as hard as you can with your thighs and make sure that you can feel every muscles in that part of your leg straining with the effort. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then release. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times

When you finish doing these exercises, you will really feel the burn from muscles that have been underused until now. After a few days, any soreness will fade away, and you will start to notice a new lease of life not only in your legs, but in your overall outlook. This is because the effects of just this simple amount of targeted exercise makes an impact on all areas of your body. If you have had any issues with your legs in the past make sure to speak with your health consultant before engaging in these daily at home leg workouts. Once you have received the go ahead, to continue with your body transformation, you should enroll in these Udemy courses, Finally Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership and How to Stop Binge Eating. For more at home workouts, read this Udemy blog, Your Bodyweight Exercise Routine.