Asking for a Raise: Earn a Raise Before You Even Ask for It

askingforaraiseThe world of business changing. Walk into a booming company’s office like Google or Apple and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any executives walking around in suits. What you will find are brilliant individuals who care everything about talent and little about anything else.

Until the startup boom, being a business professional meant climbing the corporate ladder. This included chumming it up with the right people, dressing sharp, and possibly stepping on some heads in the process. Though Millennials have taken some heat when it comes to work ethic, we are responsible for one of the biggest shifts in big business since the invention of the suit.

There is some truths to the harsh criticism Millennials endure; we often expect a raise before we prove our worth.

I’ve been there before.

As a typical 20-something American, I felt I put in the work as a student, intern, and had enough job experience to be compensated comparable to other digital marketers my age. This is flawed logic for multiple reasons.

1.     Comparing yourself to others is no way to go about life. The only thing you have complete control over is yourself.

2.     Earnings are named as so for a reason. You get paid for doing a job. Put yourself in the position to do the best job possible and you will climb the ranks ultimately increasing your compensation.

3.     Working purely for compensation isn’t going to take you far; passion and hard work will.

Of course this is not what we want to hear, but life isn’t easy. Put the principles above into practice and it will be nearly impossible for your employer to deny you when asking for a raise. Even more importantly, you will ramp up your resume and become an indispensible asset to your company. If they don’t compensate you for being a rockstar at your job, another company will.

Find a way to make your career meaningful to you. Make it a challenge. Make conquering that challenge a passion. Modern Internet provides an unfathomable wealth of information including access to top players in every field. Master your craft by reading or taking online courses. Did you know you could listen to lectures from premiere universities like Stanford and Harvard for free? I’d be willing to bet a dedicated individual could pull enough online-resources to provide themselves with an education that parallels degrees from top universities; and this is coming from and Education major who values traditional education immensely.

Knowledge isn’t something restricted to a classroom. Read one career related article a day, take one online course per a quarter, and look at your career as part of your life and you will be coasting toward a successful career. Don’t work to live OR live to work. Just live and make your career part of your life that happens to be a lucrative hobby. If you buy into this and self educate, the money will come to you.

Allan Blocker is the Social Media Manager at, the marketplace place for apps, gadgets, and Mac software deals.