Art Lessons for Kids: A Whole New World of Imagination!

Little Girl PaintingWe all want our kids to learn new things, explore stuff and indulge in activities that can help nurture their creativity. Whether it’s learning a new hobby, drawing and painting, reading exciting books or picking up a sport, kids need an all-round development to fully achieve their intellectual and creative potential. Parents need to provide an atmosphere of learning to their kids so that they develop their curiosity and naturally enjoy exploring things around them. Learn the art of parenting with this course.

There are numerous extra-curricular activities that children can be exposed to right from their formative years; the more a child learns, the faster his or her brain develops leading to greater logical, verbal, visual and interpersonal intelligence. Teaching the art of drawing and coloring is one of the ways parents can uplift their children’s creative inquisitiveness and intellectual development. Apart from art lessons, once can teach their kids fun activities like photography, cooking, craft work, dancing, singing and more. Read ahead on how to nurture your kids’ learning process and turn them into smarter human beings.

With the increasing influence of technology in our lives, children today are left with very less opportunities to observe and explore nature, dig into their imagination and visualize new concepts. Television rules our lives with unending series of cartoons, soaps, sitcoms and reality shows providing us with round the clock programs. Children naturally emulate their parents and they too get hooked on to the ‘idiot-box’, which can drain out their emotional and intellectual potential. Parents must understand that kids not only need physical nourishment but also avenues to express themselves, which will help them become socially independent and responsible citizens. This course shows how to go about positive parenting using the laws of attraction.

Drawing, Painting and Craft Projects

The father of lateral thinking and author of the famous book, Six Thinking Hats, Edward De Bono, in his thoughts on creativity said,

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting

Introduce art lessons to your kids to enhance their creativity and help them think out-of-the-box. Through drawing and painting, children can be encouraged to express their thoughts and give wings to their imagination! Apart from learning the arts in their school classrooms, kids enjoy exploring with colors; so enroll them in short courses that will teach them the basics of subject composition, color harmony, contrast, understanding perspective and learning how to draw different objects and even human figures. Courses structured in a proper fashion go a long way in developing the children’s observation and concentration skills.  This course is a great place for some neat art ideas for kids. Here are a few projects you can do with them, or better yet, get them to do.

  • Holiday fun: Encourage them to paint on a recent holiday theme; whether it was a summer vacation at the beach or a visit to the zoo, children will enjoy expressing their stories with a paintbrush!
  • Cards for all seasons: Small kids also feel a sense of pride when they make colorful birthday cards for their parents and siblings from scratch, with paper and colors available at home. Encourage them to make birthday cards, festive cards and any-other-reason cards for friends and family.
  • Paper mache: Get your to make paper mache dolls, or a nativity scene. They can even try making animals or their favorite cartoon characters.
  • Story writing : For kids who are more verbal than visual, try getting them to write creative stories. This course is an amazing way to get them started on mystery stories.

Gift your children with books and art projects that have plenty of ‘how-to’ lessons, which will keep them engaged and active leading to their overall creative development. Engage them in paper mache classes, after-school painting or drawing classes etc. to not only help them pick up a hobby but also provide them with a platform for collective learning with other children too!

Photography Projects for Kids

Photography is an art kids can pick up from even as small as 3 to 5 years of age. Parents can inspire their children to pick up the camera and engage them in various photography activities like scavenger hunt, story building, basic composition and more! Here are some of the various familiarization activities that photography classes for kids are normally structured around:

  • For 3-5 year old kids – Introduce your child to the world of photography with a child proof camera that will open their doors of imagination to a whole lot of fun. Photography courses normally teach young kids to learn the colors of different things around them and take pictures of various objects that are of a certain color, or have the letters of their names etc. This awakens the child’s curiosity and also helps develop his or her visual and spatial intelligence.
  • For kids aged 6-10 years – While the smaller kids find fun with familiarity, children of this age group can easily pick up the basic skills of photography like how to fill the frame, using negative space, rule of thirds, leading lines, tackling lighting by using back-lighting, window lighting etc. From composition and skill building to playing photography games like scavenger hunt wherein the kids are asked to photograph certain items around the house, there are a whole lot of things to be learned from photography classes. Parents can also tell their kids to create a story out of the photos they have clicked or create their own blog too!

Whether they are young or little older, kids benefit a lot from photography as it enhances their creativity, improves their observation skills, provides a way to express themselves. Your child can take this course tailored exclusively to help kids learn photography.

Food Projects

Did you food can be used to make pretty interesting art projects? Kids can get pretty restless during the holidays and summer vacations; a fun way to get them busy yet help them learn new things is to enroll them in kids cooking classes. There are many easy workshops and little group cooking activities that will not only help the kids develop new skills but also make new friends! Kids can have fun making cupcakes, pizzas or decorating cakes and biscuits etc. In some of the classes, children are also encouraged to feed the poultry or goats, explore the kitchen garden for herbs or pay a visit to a nearby chocolate factory too!

Older kids can pick up basic knife skills, bread-making process or learn how to bake etc. Classes are normally an hour long and filled with informal sessions wherein kids get to interact with others of their age group and talk about their food passion. Check out this course on artistic fun cooking with kids. You can also encourage their kids to show-off their cooking talents on holidays like Halloween, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day by allowing them to display their creativity with food. Parents are often amazed to see their little ones becoming more responsible around the house, helping them with kitchen chores or creating a new recipe for their mums and dads! Cooking classes are also a great way to teach important things like time management, cleanliness, innovation etc. to young kids and teenagers.

While there are a number of fun activities for children to identify and develop their creative skills, parents must remember that they serve as role models to their kids. Hence, whatever little time they may find, it’s equally important for them to show interest in the activities that their children are involved in. Here are a few tips for parents to help nourish their kids’ development:

  • Child development is not just centered on getting good grades at school; kids must also become socially independent, inquisitive to learn new things and develop intellectually as well as emotionally.
  • Allow your kids to explore and experiment, encourage them to ask questions and appreciate their efforts at the right time.
  • Help them develop their concentration power, time management skills, take interest in their school work and create an atmosphere of sharing positive thoughts, having good discussions etc.

In today’s age of the internet, play-stations and smartphones, it’s quite challenging for parents to nurture their children’s all-round development. Competing with video games, never-ending cartoon shows on TV and mobile apps, parents are always on the look-out for innovative and creative development courses for their kids. In such a scenario, arts and crafts, cookery classes, photography and other such hands-on lessons can really help children step out into a whole new world of imagination and creativity!