Are Self Help Books The Right Way To Help Your Students?

self help booksIf you’re like me, then you’re a kid in a candy store when it comes to personal development. From books like The Power of Now to 7 Habits, voracious self help junkies know that if they want another dose of positivity, they can head on down to their local bookstore and get a self help book to keep them grooving. I’m all for a medium that supports your growth as a person. But in this modern, age, I question whether self help books are the best way to communicate self help wisdom. I far prefer going through self help material that is multimedia-driven and interactive. The most successful self help teachers these days are turning to online learning platforms like Udemy to teach self help that truly impacts their students.


Video Courses Lead To Greater Understanding Than Self Help Books


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the top self-help teachers out there are turning to video and multimedia to share their knowledge. Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins may have gotten famous through their initial books, but these geniuses of self help know that personal change does not come through self help books – personal change comes about as a result of taking action.


Reading a self help book can make you feel better in the moment. It can give you a momentary boost of confidence or self esteem. But nothing beats actual person-to-person, multimedia interaction for actually understanding the self help material and then putting it into practice.


When a person puts down his self help books and instead takes a self help video course on Udemy, they now interact with the material in multiple ways – both through audio and visually. This gives you the opportunity to reach different styles of learners. With a book, you primarily appeal to visual learners. But with a video course, you can appeal to both visual learners and auditory learners who learn by listening. This one change alone results in greater understanding.


Interactive Learning Results In Students Taking Action


Not to mention, when you want to suggest an exercise for your students, a self help book is often clunky and ineffectual. I have seen countless self help books tell the student to put down their book and do an exercise. But what often happens is that student just ignores the exercise, thinking that it’s not that important for them. That student will simply read on to the next chapter. As a self help teacher, you know that the cause of growth in a student is that person taking action for their own benefit. And if you don’t put the knowledge you read into practice, then it is rendered essentially useless.


It is for this reason that an interactive online video course through Udemy is a far superior method for teaching self help than through self help books. When you teach a self help course on Udemy, you can walk your students through exercises step by step. When it’s time for them to do an exercise, you can tell them to pause the video and take the necessary action now.


What’s more is that you can explain how important it is to do the self help exercises. You can make it clear to the student that if they do not do the exercise you suggest, then they will miss out on a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and transformation. As a result, the interactive learning style of the online video course facilitates the inner work that a person needs to do to benefit from self help.


The Problem With Teaching From Self Help Books


One of the biggest problems with attempting to teach through a self help book is the reach that you will have with a student. As a self help instructor, you need to take a step back and evaluate the self help landscape. You need to think about the material that you teach, and about the best way for you to reach as many students as you can, as deeply as possible.


The unfortunate truth about self help books is that they are a dime a dozen. It is extraordinarily difficult to write a self help book that actually stands above the fray and positively impacts the lives of thousands or millions of people. There are tens of thousands of self help books in marketplaces like Amazon, and the only way for you to stand out from the other thousands of self help teachers out there is if you get a favorable review from Oprah or some other cultural influence (for example, a New York Times book review).


Writing a self help book is not enough. You could have the best material in your self help book that the world has ever seen, but if you don’t know how to get that book in front of readers who will actually sit and engage with your content, then all of that effort related to creating your content will not result in people changing their lives.


With Udemy, Your Self Help Students Are Waiting For You


What you need is a teaching platform where students are already actively looking to interact with self help material. Self help books will get lost as a tiny needle in a massive hay stack. But a well-prepared self help video course on a platform such as Udemy benefits from the millions of students that already use Udemy to learn about, well, anything. There are courses on Udemy from graphic design to confidence building, and everything in between. And once a person takes a course in one area, they want to take courses in other areas that pique their interest.


Self help is one of the biggest topics where people are actively seeking out advice and counsel. If you want to teach self help, then don’t sell yourself short with self help books. Instead, teach a self help video course on Udemy and make the positive impact you know you are capable of. You’ll get more students, and these students will interact with your material to a greater degree than if they just read your book. Don’t wait, and sign up to teach at Udemy today.