Apple’s Swift and the Power of the Marketplace

On June 2nd Apple surprised the tech world announcing its new programming language, Swift.

On June 5th, Rick Walter, an IOS developer, after 3 sleepless days of experimenting and learning released a course on Swift on Udemy. Two weeks later Ryan is now teaching over 4,000 students and updating his course continually as more information becomes available.

On June 10th Tutotores Kimo Informatica, launched the world’s first Swift course in Spanish.

This impressively short turn-around time demonstrates the power of a marketplace of amazing everyday experts around the world. No University could so quickly learn and launch a course on the latest trends, but real world experts see the market forces at play and are eager to teach their fellows around the world.

Swift is just another example of great instructors teaching relevant courses in a quickly changing landscape of tech and culture. Charles Hoskinson and Brian Goss began teaching their course Bitcoin – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto in April 2013 when very few average Americans had heard of Mt. Gox or the cryptocurrency. The first law enforcement events, which brought bitcoin into the mainstream for many Americans, occurred in May 2013. Microsoft Office launched Office for iPad in late March 2014 and by early May Infinite Skills was well on their way to producing a course making clear all of the differences between the desktop and tablet versions.

We here at Udemy take pride in our amazing instructors with deep expertise in their fields. It’s these instructors who are able to respond to the latest trends in mere days to share their learning with the world.