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android screencastAndroid Screencast will allow you to do many things with your Android device and allow you to do some programming for Android. With Screencast you can log onto your Android device with a web browser or your desktop computer to control your Android phone or tablet. There are a lot of Screencast tool apps that work as a screencast app and allow you to do all sorts of helpful things. You can make videos, presentations and project your Android activities right onto a laptop or computer. You can also log onto your Android and operate it. Sever technology will allow you to log onto a customer’s computer and make changes and repairs to the computer using your Android device from half a world away.

Free Android Screencast Tools

There are several Screencast tools you can use on your Android device to do fun and productive things. These tools are: Android Screencast to get you started, Android Projector to show presentations on computers, Android Shot to take screenshots, Android Screen Monitor to monitor the screen on the Android device and @Screen that will show your Android device on a computer screen. Plus you can use server technology to log onto your Android phone and use it without anyone knowing you’re using your phone.

Android Screencast

Android Screencast is an app that you install on your Android phone or tablet that will allow you to give a computer control of your Android device. This is app is very helpful if you want to work on your phone using a mouse or keyboard. This app will work with your computer operating system whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux.

Android Projector App

The Android Projector will allow you to show apps that are running on your Android device on your computer. It works with Windows and Mac. It has options to run in landscape or portrait views and you can operate it with a mouse or keyboard on your desktop or laptop computer.

To use, download the app and install it.

Android Shot App

The Android Shot app (aka Ashot) allows you to take screenshots of your Android device’s screen by using a laptop or desktop computer and its mouse and keyboard. You can go full screen mode to help when giving a presentation, do image scaling, rotate the image and you can install APK on a handset.

To install, you first need JDK 1.6 or higher installed on your computer system. Then you need to install Android SDK on your computer system.

Run SDK and select available packages on the left side of the screen.

Expand the Android Repository and check Android SDK Platform Tools.

Expand 3rd Party Add-ons then Google Inc Add-ons and check Google USB Driver Package.

Click Install.

Then close the SDK Manager and connect your Android phone.

Next it will ask you to install the driver, so download the Google driver and install it.

You will then have to activate USB Debugging for Android. On your Android device, go to Settings>Applications>Development and check USB Debugging.

Now you should be able to run Android Shot.

Android Screen Monitor

Android Screen Monitor gives you a way to monitor the screen of your Android phone or Android tablet so you can keep an eye on what is going on with it. This is a helpful tool that allows you to debug your Android device. It works by connecting to adb on port 5037 and transfers images to your computer continuously. It will rotate and scale images plus save images as PNG.

What you need to use Android Screen Monitor is JRE (JDK) 5 or 6 and Android SDK installed. After that you can install Android Screen Monitor.

Android @Screen

The Android @Screen app will allow you to show your Android device’s screen on your computer or laptop’s screen. To use Android @Screen first you need to install Java, install and configure Android SDK, install your device’s drivers on your computer and enable USB Debugging. Then you download and install Android @Screen.

Learning More About Screencast

If you have a mac and are interested in learning more about screencast then you might want to take some courses to get up to speed on using screencast. There are also courses for any computer system that will work with Screencast.

VNC Viewer for Android

This is software that is not free but could be extremely helpful for people that need to control a computer remotely using an Android device. VNC viewer will allow you to log onto a computer that is running VNC compatible server technology. Once you are logged on then you can do anything on that computer that you could do if you were sitting in front of it. But with the VNC Viewer, you can be on the other side of the world. This software can be of great use to people who are offering tech support, but are traveling without their normal computer. Their Android device will be all that is necessary to work on their client’s computer.

Droid VNC Server

Droid VNC Server is an open source and free app to use. It will allow you to work on your Android phone even when it is not with you at the time. With this app you can create a screencast, take faster screenshots, help out other Android users and use your phone without anyone knowing it.

To use the Droid VNC Server you first have to install VNC Viewer on your computer. For Windows use RealVNC, for Mac use Chicken of the VNC and on Linux, Remote Desktop Viewer is already installed with Ubuntu.

Next you need to get your Android ready, so scan the QR Code below to go to the page to download Droid VNC Server. Download and install the Droid VNC Server app.

VNC Server Page

VNC Server Page

On the computer, open the VNC Viewer and type in the IP port that is listed on the VNC Server home screen. Put in your password if prompted to do so and then you will see your Android device.

Some helpful navigational keys on your keyboard or mouse:

Right click > Home

Typing anything  > Pulls up Google search

Del > Go back

End > Puts phone to sleep

Esc > Go back

PgDn > Call

Holding PgDn > Redail last call

PgUp > Menu

Home > Home

Screencast Video Recorder

This app costs $3.99 and is available in the Google marketplace. If you want to try it before you buy it then you can download the demo version that will work for 24 hours.

What the Screencast Video Recorder does is record the screen of your Android device. This is very helpful for tutorials and other presentations you might give on the use of your Android phone or tablet. It will work on Samsung S3 if you set the recording mode to High. It won’t work on Galaxy Nexus nor Tegra 2/3.

This app will also let you review previously recorded videos right on the device, which helps with editing and knowing instantly if you have to do the recording over again.

If you own a Tegra device then you will want SCR Screen Recorder, because it is the one app that will work with a Tegra. SCR Screen Recorder will work on other devices also, so if you have multiple Android devices and Tegra this will be the app you want to be able to record your Android screen in video format.

With the free version you are limited to three minute screencasts. The videos will also have the company logo watermarked on the videos. The recorder will collect anonymous data from your usage in order to find bugs and to help users learn to use the app.

The paid version of SCR Screen Recorder is $4.99 and gives you unlimited video lengths and no watermark on the videos.

Using Android Screencast

Android Screencast gives you a new world of working with your Android devices. You can give presentations on computers and laptops and it also lets you record what is going on your Android device’s screen to make video tutorials. You can also use screencast server technology to log onto computers using an Android device and also to operate or repair the computer. The server technology also allows you to use a computer to log onto an Android device to use it or make changes. If you’d like to take some courses to learn more about how to use Android Screencast on your Android phone and tablets they are available right here on the Udemy website.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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