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android button styleWhen it comes to developing apps, at some point you will likely be required to create a few buttons. A button in an android app can be anything from something a user presses to simply turn the app off or a way for a person to control a character in a game. There are several ways a developer can use a button for their application. Fortunately, for anyone who wants to become an app developer, creating a button isn’t very difficult. You can create one with a few lines of code, and it can virtually do whatever you want. There are even ways to develop buttons for your app that doesn’t require any coding or programming at all. It all depends on how you want to create your button.

If you really want to get into app development, you can always take a class to gain a bit more detailed information on what it takes to create one. Udemy offers several courses based on app development, including its Learn Android App Development from Scratch course. This course takes any beginner who has never done Android development and walks them through the process step by step. Both experts and beginners can learn a thing or two from this course.

Creating Your Button 

Creating your very own button in Android is simple, and you will be able to do it in no time at all. The first thing you need to know how to do though is create an Android app. If you don’t know how to make an android app, don’t worry. There are tons of helpful places you can find to teach you how to create one. Once you learn how to create an application, you can use an Android software development kit. This helpful little kit will get you started with creating your app buttons.

There are two types of buttons you can create in Android. The first type of button you can create is a standard button, which is labeled with text. The second type of button you can create is an image button. An image button is represented by a picture instead of just text. It’s important to remember these two types as they are represented differently when you program. The text button is represented by the set of code android.widget.Button and the image button is represented by android.widget.ImageButton.

Once you start getting the hang of programming, you can do a lot with your apps and your buttons, but as mentioned before, there is an alternative if you simply want to create an app and not use any code or programming at all. The Udemy course Make Your First Android App in 60 Minutes FLAT with NO code teaches you about everything you need to know to not only create an app, but how to do it without writing a single line of code.

You can quickly make simple applications, but the more advanced ones may take a little extra time. If you want to jump right into app development and see what it is all about, then this is the perfect course for you.

Stylizing Your Button 

Now that you know about creating buttons, you can explore styling buttons. Basic buttons in Android can be rather boring. They are usually grey, rectangular objects with standard black text in the middle. You can make your buttons larger, more dynamic, and colorful with a bit of styling help. You can do this with some coding. There are various ways you can style your button. One such way is to change the color of the background or replace it. Below you will be shown how to create a custom background that can hold in three different pictures or colors for your button, which represent when the button is pressed, at default and focused.

To do this you will insert the following code into a new res/drawable/ directory XML file.

This gives a definition to your button and tells it the three states that it will be in. Now all you have to do is insert your images and add the xml file to the background of your button. You insert your images on your own. Add the XML file for your custom background by pasting this code in your button.

android:background="@drawable/button_custom"  />

If you don’t like this type of code, you can program your Android apps with different languages. One of the simplest and most versatile languages to use is C#. Try the course Learning Android App Creation with C#, which teaches you how to create all sorts of Android apps with the C# programming language.

Exploring Different Styles 

Above you saw just a small example of what you can do to style your button. There’re many other things you can do to Android buttons to make them stand out. One thing people like to do is change a button to look like the buttons on a video game controller, which can make playing a game on tablet or phone a lot more like playing a traditional game. You can learn how to create a user interface for video games as well as how to create video games from scratch with the Introduction to Mobile Games Development course offered by Udemy. If you’re interested in games or just app development, then it’s well worth trying out.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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