American Pronunciation: Tips to Help you Master American English

american pronunciationAmerica has been the leader in IT and technology industries for many decades. Anyone who wants to gain entry into the world of technology should be able to communicate clearly and effectively. Acquiring this skill can mean the difference between being offered a position in an American organization or successfully concluding a deal with an American company or not. The Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy course will teach you how to pronounce difficult English sounds and words. The course is focused on students who do business in the US and Silicon Valley. The course is aimed at reducing accents quickly and offers a number of practice materials that will help you improve your American accent.

English is spoken in over 70 countries and most of those countries have developed their own accents. In fact some countries, like Britain, have more than one accent. This makes speaking English with the right accent incredibly difficult. As a native English speaker, writer and editor, I have even experienced difficulty in understanding some English accents like the Welsh and Scottish accents for example. Although these languages are all called “English” sometimes they sound like completely different languages, depending on the accent.

There are, however, a number of ways you can improve your American accent. Here are some ideas you can use to improve your American accent to learn to speak clearly and concisely in a way that American’s will be able to understand.

1.       Make Use of Videos and Podcasts

2.       Use online Dictionaries

3.       Practice as Often as Possible

4.       Take Advantage of American Media

Make Use of Videos and Podcasts

Depending on your field of interest, there are a number podcasts, videos, and other training materials that are available for free via sites like YouTube. Videos and Podcasts or audio training materials in your field of interest will help you to hear how industry specific words are pronounced and used in common business type scenarios.

It is important not only to learn how to speak with an American accent so that your target audience will understand you, but also to learn the vocabulary and specific phrases and how they are spoken. Free Podcasts discussing your industry and industry specific topics are a great way to get used to the way Americans use the language.

You can only really learn an accent through simulation or copying others. Videos are particularly helpful because you can actually see and hear how the word is pronounced by the speaker. You can pause YouTube videos so that you can try to copy the speaker’s pronunciation. Once again, industry specific videos will not only give you the opportunity to practice general pronunciation but will give you the opportunity to practice saying industry specific terms.

The American English for Success in Business course will teach you how to master spoken English to advance your career.  The course will teach you how to pronounce the sounds of American English and the course offers work-related vocabulary and expressions to teach you how to accurately use these words and expressions within a business context. The course will give you the confidence to participate in meetings, present your ideas accurately and allow you to win over customers and colleagues.

Use Online Dictionaries

There are a number of online dictionaries that can be really helpful in learning and mastering an American accent. The Learner’s Dictionary compiled by Merriam-Webster for example offers a number of different resources that will help you improve your pronunciation and help you to acquire an American accent. The site offers pronunciation exercises and a vocabulary list. The great thing about this resource is that you are able to look up a word and then listen to the pronunciation of the word in an American accent. The resource is also available as a kindle download and app so you can learn anywhere, anytime.

The Macmillan Dictionary also offers resources to learn how to pronounce words using the American accent. The dictionary allows you to search for words as well as words and phrases and then select the audio file associated with those words or phrases to be able to hear and learn the American pronunciation. This dictionary also offers an app so that you can learn and practice your American pronunciation on the go.

The How to speak like an American: Part 1 course will teach you how to pronounce all vowel sounds using standard American English. Students are given the opportunity to attend live sessions and their progress is evaluated as they work through the course. Assignments are recorded to provide students with valuable feedback with regards to their pronunciation. By the end of the course, students will be able to pronounce short and long vowel sounds and diphthongs with confidence and clarity.

Practice as Often as Possible

The key to learning a new language and mastering pronunciation, is practice. There are a number of websites that allow you to connect with other students interested in learning language and these sites are a virtual gold mine to help you practice your language skills and pronunciation. for example allows you to connect with other students who are interested in learning a new language. The site connects people with a view to practicing speaking a new language. The site allows you to find American students who will help you with your pronunciation.

The American Accent Training for East Asian Professionals course teaches students to pronounce the sounds and sequences of American English. The course is aimed at East-Asian professionals who want to learn to speak with an American accent. The course includes video lectures and lessons aimed at students from China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan to ensure that this group of students learn to pronounce various terms using an American accent. The course offers personal feedback to students to help them improve and to monitor their personal progress.

Take Advantage of American Media

American media is available throughout the world. CNN, American movies and songs are available almost everywhere and these can be used as resources to help you perfect your American accent.

If you love singing, then why not sing along to your favorite American songs? Singing is a great way of practicing pronunciation and it can be lot of fun too. Watching American movies and television can also be a great way to pick up the American accent. Make watching an American channel like CNN everyday as part of your learning experience.

The Speak Fluent Business English – Volume I course will teach you some of the most common idioms used in American business English. The course includes conversations between native American English speakers that includes five new expressions per conversation. The course then teaches you what these expressions mean and how they can be used in a business context.

Why You Should Persist and be Proud of Yourself

Trying to learn a second or third language is difficult. Be proud of yourself for your effort to learn a new language and never give up. Speak the language as often as you can. It is only through practice, and actually speaking the language, that you will be able to monitor your progress. Take any feedback from others as constructive criticism and as an opportunity to improve and learn.

The American Accent Training for IT Professionals teaches students how to communicate clearly and effectively in American English. The course offers over eight lectures and more than three hours of video content that will teach you how to communicate with American listeners. The course includes the pronunciation of over one hundred common IT words and it also includes the pronunciation of common abbreviations and brand names used in IT.