Alpha Male Body Language: Dominating the Room

alpha male body languageAlpha is the first letter of the greek alphabet. In English, alpha is roughly translated to first. Who wouldn’t want to be first? It’s no wonder they call the the alpha male the top dog or the leader of the pack. If you want to learn how to dominate the room, I’ll tell you some tips about the Body Language of the Alpha Male. Then, after you’ve tried these body language tips, check out our course on Alpha Male Empowerment.

In social creatures, like animals and humans, the alpha is the highest ranked member of the community. Alphas usually gain their status through physical force or through social mastery of the group. They get first access to food, mates (women), and other activities. Other members of the community will show respect towards the alpha, so as not to challenge him.

When we’re talking about the 2014 alpha male, what this means is that the alpha male is generally the leader of the pack and the life of the party. They are the men that women flock to at the bar. The alphas are the high school quarterbacks and corporate CEO’s. The rest of the school or the rest of the corporation will lay down backwards for them to make sure the alpha’s needs are met. The alpha is rarely, if ever, challenged and if they do happen to be tested, they always prevail. So, how do you know who the alpha is? Pay attention to the body language of the group and the alpha male should be evident.

Body language is often more revealing than the statements a person makes. Many interviewers could spot a good candidate without hearing a single word from them. Women can spot confidence from across a crowded room. Generally, my motto is to fake it till you make it! So try these body language tricks to appear confident and the actual confidence will come along. You can master your own body language after taking a look at this course on the Secrets of Body Language. For more tips on how to exude power, try our course on Confidence Building.

Let’s start with your stance. When you stand, you should stand tall with good posture. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart or wider, you want to take up as much space as possible. When you enter a room, you might want to stand in a place where your back is against the wall and you are facing out of the room. When standing, you should not sway from side to side, or lean to one side or the other. The centerpiece of being an alpha is how to hold your chest. Your chest, throat and crotch should be exposed and strong, not covered by your hands, other objects, or by being slumped forward. By opening up your chest, throat, and crotch area, you are demonstrating that you are not afraid of an “attack” because no one would dare challenge you.

Now for your shoulders and neck, keep them upright and strong, while at the same time being back and relaxed. You want to appear sure of yourself and sturdy, but not tense. Time runs on the alpha male’s clock, you should not be rushed or uptight. Your neck is strong, powerful, and high, but it is also relaxed. You are conveying strength and power, with a combination of ease and comfort.

The alpha male does not generally cross his arms, his arms are open wide, trying to cover as much space as possible. Your hands might be on your hips with your elbows out and to the sides. Your hands are not in your pockets and they are not in front of your power points, the chest, throat, or crotch area. Do not hold anything in front of yourself. For the ultimate power position, clasp your hands behind your back. When your hands are in your pockets or fidgeting, it gives off a vibe of uncertainty and insecurity.

Keep your head held high, with your chin up. Your eyes should look straight ahead or higher. Your head always follows your eyes, so that your head points in the direction that you are looking. This will give you the look of great confidence and poise. You will look as though you know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it.

When you walk in and out of the room, you want to be sure you are not hurried or clumsy. Your walk should be slow and controlled. You walk according to your own schedule and should not be rushed. Take long strides and walk with ease. Take the lead when entering or leaving the room so that you are the first person from your group that is in and out of the door. Walk as though you are the center of attention in the room and you soon will be.

The alpha male leads the pack and controls the conversation in a group. He will purposefully stand or sit taller and higher than others in the group. When he looks at others, he will stare and demand attention, but not reciprocate this attention. He should never break eye contact first, others should be the first to look down submissively. He will feel free to make contact with others and touch them, however they are not free to do the same to him. Effectively, he is controlling the group and the situation. Control and power flow from confidence and poise, so when you demonstrate control over the group, you are climbing your way up to becoming the alpha.

I’ve given you some tips to help you raise to the top of your group, now its your turn to put them to use! Once you’ve gained status as the alpha, women will begin seeking you out more often for that special date and men will begin looking up to you for guidance and acceptance. For more help getting the girl, look a our course on Social Skills Training.