advertising slogansFrom “A diamond is forever” to “For everything else, there’s MasterCard,” many of the world’s most famous advertising slogans have remained staples of popular culture for decades after they were introduced.

Crafting an advertising slogan that’s both memorable and related to your product is a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. With these six tips, you’ll learn how to write a slogan that sticks in the mind of your audience and strengthens your brand.

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Keep it short

Some slogans are long, but the most memorable ones are always short. From “Just do it” to “Think Small,” the most effective advertising slogans have never included more words than they needed to.

The scarcity mentality to writing is essential for crafting great slogans, since great slogans aren’t meant to explain your product or service, but simply remind people that it’s available.

Does “Just do it” tell you about Nike’s latest shoes or its commitment to worldwide athletics? Of course not. But it’s short enough to remember while reminding you of the brand, and that’s what matters.

Want some other examples of simple advertising slogans that work extremely well for their companies? Read our blog post on examples of slogans for catchy slogans from Apple, Wal-Mart and other leading brands.

Use simple language

Slogans are forms of mass marketing – marketing designed to appeal to the largest possible audience. Because of this, they need to be short enough to remember and use simple language that anyone can understand.

The great slogans of advertising history – from “Finger lickin’ good” to “Connecting people” – always use simple language. They don’t use superfluous words and they never, ever replace a simple word with a more flowery one.

When you’re writing an advertising slogan for your business, pretend that it’s going to be read by 10-year-olds. The language should be simple enough to be understood by someone of any educational level, but descriptive enough to sell your product.

It’s tempting to be clever when you’re writing copy, but clever is rarely the style for optimal sales. Keep your language simple but descriptive and focus on function, not flowery language or penning the perfect pun.

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If possible, make it rhyme

Do you want to make sure your slogan sticks in your audience’s collective mind? If memorability is your goal, convert your promotional slogan into a catchy musical jingle, complete with rhyming lyrics.

Although jingles have largely gone out of style as radio advertising has declined in effectiveness, they remain great tools for getting your message out and helping the public remember your brand.

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Be consistent

There’s more to a great advertising slogan than just shortness and simplicity. For a slogan to achieve its job, it needs to make your target audience remember the right aspects of your brand.

Apple’s famous slogan, “Think Different,” is one of the best in marketing history. But it isn’t the best because it’s short and simple – it’s the best because it tells the world about Apple’s dedication to thinking about everything from a different perspective.

Porsche is another example of a company with a slogan that’s short, simple and still completely consistent with its values. In four word – “There is no substitute” – it tells you about its culture of achieving excellence, no matter what the cost.

When you’re writing an advertising slogan for your business, remember that it’s far more than just a catchy marketing phrase. It’s an embodiment of your brand in just a few words – a phrase that’s consistent with the rest of your image.

Consistency, whether it’s consistency for the lowest prices or the highest quality, is the key to building a brand that lasts. Learn how to create a consistent brand, from slogan and logo to your product with Secrets of Successful Branding.

Stress your values

Every great slogan stresses the values of its company. Volkswagen’s famous “Think Small” slogan summed up its entire design philosophy – that, in engineering, less is more – in only two words.

“Just do it” is a wonderful slogan, and it’s wonderful precisely because it has almost nothing to do with what Nike sells. Nike sells shoes, but its slogan doesn’t sell any of its shoes’ features – it sells the thrill of achieving sporting excellent in Nike shoes.

Advertising slogans don’t just sell products – they sell cultures. When you’re writing a slogan for your company, think about how you can convey your culture – whether it’s a culture of excellence or creativity – in as few words as possible.

Don’t know what your company culture is? When you’re small, it’s easy to think that you don’t have a company culture. Learn how to create a company culture that goes far beyond branding in our course, The 101% Brand: How Your Corporate Culture Creates Your Brand.

Make it memorable

It should go without saying, but advertising slogans need to be memorable in order to be good. A slogan like “Eat our food” is simple, short and consistent, but it’s such a boring phrase that it’s unlikely anyone will remember it, let alone your brand.

Treat your slogan writing like a brainstorming exercise and try hundreds of creative ideas before you settle on a final choice. Memorable slogans take time to create, but that time is well spent when they achieve the branding results you wanted.

Is getting into a creative mindset difficult for you? Learn the secrets of thinking up new ideas and brainstorming advertising slogan ideas in our blog post on the best strategies for brainstorming marketing slogans.

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