advertising careersAdvertising is a form of salesmanship. It tells your buyers what is for sale in addition to your product or service’s features. Without advertising, consumers might not know of all the bells and whistles a product offers. For example, if you were to go to a car lot, you might see hundreds of cars of different makes, models and colors. However, would you know which one gets better gas mileage just by looking at it? More than likely, the answer would be no. As a result, any company that wants to sell needs advertising. So, this need provides jobs, and it requires people to make and place ads. If this is what interests you, check out this course that guides you through the basics around marketing communications, advertising and promotions. Read on if you are planning on pursuing one of the many rewarding advertising careers.

Account Manager

Your role is to act as the liason between your company and the client. This might or might be a customer-facing role. Some advertising agencies use account managers that work strictly through the phone. However, those might be entry-level positions. As you move up in account management, you might handle larger clients who need face time. You have to get your agency’s best work to your client, but also make the client profitable for the company. There can be a lot of back and forth work. You need to possess excellent listening and communication skills.

You oversee copywriters, art directors and other account managers to ensure the finished product is to your client’s liking, and also works out well for your agency. In addition, you need to have detailed knowledge of your client’s needs, industry and all facets of advertising such as creative, research, media and commercial publication. To your client, you are your agency’s representative. They will certainly have their own ideas, but they will also look for your advice and suggestions based on their desires. The median annual income can range anywhere from around the mid $30,000s to about $80,000, which includes commission and bonuses.

Account Planner

Someone needs to do research to determine where and when are the best places to advertise. As a media planner, you have a highly coveted and behind-the-scenes role to play. You also have to ensure that the client’s perspective comes to life through your advertising. You are continually working with your company to figure out exactly what keeps a client coming back for more. Also, you have to have a keen eye for what turns consumers on to a product or service. You need a head for business in addition to enjoying the media world and socialization.

Your agency constantly has to find new ways to attract consumers to your client’s offerings. So, you have to help them figure out new ways for detailing the features of products and services. You will research consumer psychology and behavior, competitive sales, customer information, brand-sales history, customer demographics and more. Try this course for extensive  resources for learning how to “get people.” Many account planners have a background in liberal arts with an emphasis on courses such as sociology, psychology and social anthropology.


Obviously, most advertising consists of words, don’t they? As a copywriter, you are tasked with crafting slogans. This role is situated in the creative department. Before you head for the hills in fear, don’t worry. When you start at the entry-level, you are hired as a junior or assistant copywriter. Therefore, not all of the burden of coming up with the world’s greatest slogan is left on your shoulders. You get to assist a senior copywriter with editing and proofreading ad copy in addition to writing the body of the copy. So, you are not completely off the hook. Nonetheless, if you enjoy creative writing that sells a product or a lifestyle, then this could be the perfect job for you! Agencies do not require a college degree, but it certainly is helpful. Also, it is beneficial to take courses in English, journalism and advertising.

Art Director (Junior or Senior)

What is an advertisement without the right font, colors or images attached to it? Am I right? This is where the art director comes in. When you first start out, you will be hired as a junior art director, and you can then work your way up to a senior position. You help to prepare rough lettering, paste-ups and layouts for print ads. You would also create storyboards, develop visual concepts and oversee filming for television ads. Is the show “Mad Men” starting to come to mind? For this role, you need to have excellent skills in basic drawing and design. You should also have good visual concept skills. This post discusses advertising design tips that really work! It also helps to have a degree from an art school, as well as a comprehensive portfolio.

Other jobs in the creative department include:

Public Relations Manager

Your job is to create an esteemed public image for your client and/or clients. Just think of all of the stars who have conveyed less-than-favorable attributes and circumstances. If they are part of the A-list group, they normally have a public relations manager to perform some damage control.

You could be tasked with writing press releases, as well as setting up sponsorship for an event to give a company a prominent presence within a community. Not to mention, your objective is to observe trends, and make sure your client is involved with trends that are positively viewed by the public. At the very least, most agencies require a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree makes you more competitive. Courses taken should include marketing, business administration, sales, economics, finance and statistics. The average salary is about $80,000 annually.

Interactive Marketing

This deals with the consumer finding your client’s website. So, instead of you reaching out to them, they are reaching out to you. However, that does not mean there should not be any advertising involved. Quite the contrary, in fact. You have to determine how to best highlight your client’s positives in a way and format that makes sense for the website. The objective is to get the client to stay and come back. Your job is to figure that aspect out. The good news is it gets easier with more experience and research behind you.

Online Advertising

For obvious reasons, web advertising gives businesses a wider and broader reach for current and potential consumers. To be successful, you must be a proficient webmaster. You might also need to have expertise with search engine optimization. Moreover, it is important to create ads that help build trust with consumers in addition to being placed in the right locations at the right times. One of the world’s largest online advertising platforms is Facebook, with a billion person reach. You might get a head start by taking this course on Facebook advertising.

Advertising careers combine art, science, show business and business rolled into one. So, it can be an extremely stimulating line of work should you choose to pursue it. Moreover, there will never be a shortage of companies needing advertising, large and small. How fun is it creating something out of an idea and watching it come to fruition? That is exactly what you will do, along with a team, when you work in the enjoyable field of advertising.

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