advantages and disadvantages of televisionTelevision can be a great source of entertainment. But, as all our mothers have told us, too much can rot your brain. Is that really true? Sure: too much of anything is bad for you! That said, television has many advantages in addition to its disadvantages.

Many people love television so much that they make their careers out of it. A great example of this is a TV anchor. These people not only get to be on television, but they get to present the news and current events to people, which is a great advantage in television. You can learn about TV anchors and what it takes to become one with this course. In it, you will learn how to use a teleprompter, general studio basics and how to make your appearance ready for the camera.

Advantages of TV

Let’s look at some of the best reasons to watch television!

Out of all the channels out there, many of them have educational programming that can benefit you and your family. The Public Broadcasting Servie (PBS) is a great example of this type of educational programming. PBS offers a lot of children’s programming in the mornings and afternoons. Fun and informative shows for kids include “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “Sesame Street,” “Arthur,” “Sid the Science Kid” and more. For adults, PBS offers educational and intriguing programs such as “NOVA ScienceNow,” “Charlie Rose,” “Frontier House,” “This Old House,” “Monthly Business Report” and more.

Perhaps you have heard that phrase thrown around lately, especially with the series finale of “Breaking Bad” happening in 2013. What people are referring to when they say “the golden age of television” is that television creators are invested in producing shows with interesting stories and characters. Acting on television is no longer looked down on in Hollywood and lots of big-name actors are signing on to mini series and television shows. The most recent example of this is Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starring in HBO’s mini series, “True Detective.” The show was a hit with both critics and viewers, with Emmy buzz for the show’s creator and actors.

Another example of actors who typically work in movies making the switch to television is Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in “House of Cards.” The show is executive produced by David Fincher, who is primarily known for his work in films such as Fight Club, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the upcoming Gone Girl. A lot of the switch has to do with streaming services like Netflix offering original programming. The shows are releases all at once and fits the binge-watching model that has entered our culture. Other examples of these types of television shows include “Game of Thrones,” “Orange is the New Black” and “Mad Men.”

With television shows and news programs coming in at 30 minutes or an hour per program, watching television is an easy way to unwind. You can easily fit in 30 minutes or an hour of television before bed, after work or on a lazy weekend afternoon. It doesn’t take up too much of your time and you can spend a short amount of time relaxing and being entertained. This form of entertainment fits nicely in our go-go-go lifestyles. It gives us something to entertain us or something to think about with enough time to go about our daily lives.

For those who like stories, television is a great way to feed that side. It can also inspire creative types who might be interested in getting into television in the future. For those who would like to dabble in television, we offer this course, which teaches different filming techniques for television.

Disadvantages of TV

Not everything about television is good. Here are a few reasons you might want to turn yours off.

Having choices is nice, but having too many choices may not be as nice. Having 300 hundred channels could be a luxury, or it could be a bit unnecessary. How many channels do you actually watch? Is it worth the money you pay? It can be hard to keep up with everything that’s on TV and with other viewing options like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, deciding what to watch and where to watch it can be overwhelming. But, if cable TV is your thing, we have a course that can help train you to install your own cable television. You can use this new skill to get work for some extra cash or turn it into a full-time job.

While the news can be informative and help you learn more about our world, country or city, it can also be skewed as well, depending on the conglomerate (the entity that owns the media companies) and its views. Key examples of this are cable news channels such as Fox News or MSNBC for example. Both have been accused of leaning to far right and too far left on the political spectrum. In order to navigate the media landscape, you have to be a little skeptical and of course, smart. Use your common sense when it comes to watching these channels and get your news from multiple sources to make sure you are getting the correct information. To learn more about the media, its role in our culture and how it influences us, you can read this blog, which offers information about our relationship with the media.

There’s a reason why reality television is called a ‘guilty pleasure.’ It’s because people don’t want to admit to enjoying it. Many reality TV shows do not provide anything stimulating intellectually and poor behavior by its contestants is encouraged. Over the years, there have been hundreds of people looking to get famous through reality television, many times, ruining their reputations or potentials to obtain a full-time job. These are some of the downfalls of participating in this kind of television.

If you are thinking about getting involved in reality television, we offer this course, which lists 10 things TV personality Schatar Sapphira learned before starting in reality television. Included in the course are lessons about the business of reality TV, as well as how to conduct yourself during an audition.

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